Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 129

This episode was a whole lot of crazy, and had me at the edge of my seat because Yuushou’s card is my mind the entire time. It wasn’t until he agreed with Reiji that I figured he must be on the Lancer’s team, but his explanation was confusing as hell. It was also kind of a joke how long it took him to get involved, especially since his ‘trump’ card was in fact an illegal (defective) card that would force an end to the duel altogether. And all I could think of was, ‘GEE, WHY DIDN’T YOU DO SO SOONER?‘ Initially he was going to use the card against Leo to restrain him from, but at this point it wouldn’t matter if he did because all Leo has to do is give orders and they will all be screwed over anyways. ygo-arc-v-ep-129-img-0028So instead he used it on Yuuya, which I actually ended up agreeing with the use more because Zarc was in full control, and he was about to do something that both Yuushou and Reiji knows Yuuya would be burdened with regret. And on top of that, the card would have no use of saving the girls whatsoever. But what I still don’t understand is why he didn’t just do something, or anything, while Leo and Reiji were duking it out – NOT TO MENTION, WHY DOESN”T ANYONE NOTICE THAT IT’S THE GIRLS SAFETY THAT IS TRIGGERING ZARC?! FREE THE GIRLS = YUUYA AND YUUTO CALMS DOWN AKA ZARC (MOST LIKELY) WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO EXPLOIT THEIR RAGE. WIN WIN SITUATION, BUT OF CORES NOBODY THINKS OF I THAT WAY! (They never do in stories, in general). It was a waste of precious time and opportunity and I have no idea how Reiji alone is supposed to save the girls while taking care of Reira who appears to be unconscious.

There was a bit of hype built up last week that the girls would do something, maybeeeeee magical, but NAH, we ain’t got time for that. They simply prayed in hopes that Yuuya and Yuuto will respond, but unfortunately for them Zarc is just too powerful and he just keeps getting more and more intense. I don’t know what is going to happen to them now, I am going to be beyond pissed if Ray gets revived. Look I am sure Ray is a cool girl and all, but THESE GIRLS HAD LIVES OF THEIR OWN! I hope someone will mess wiht the machine because just as Reiji said (this guy is preaching the truth and thoughts of the audience): Leo is a Demon, for using people lives as fuel for the machine. (Who also applauding for Reiji here?)

Speaking of spoiling plans, it looks like Yuugo’s and Yuuri’s duel will be intervened as well- and thank god for that because SOMEBODY gotta do something to stop the other duo. It will be Kaito and Edo stepping up to the plate, and right now they seem to have a gist of what’s going on (as to, something isn’t right) and Sora is likely to provide more information for them to work with. Not sure what is going to happen to them, especially since Yuugo is being possessed right now. I wonder if Yuugo will end up teaming with Yuuri, or will it really end up being 3 VS 1 (Kaito, Edo, Yuugo VS Yuuri).

ygo-arc-v-ep-129-img-0005And of course we gotta talk about Reiji. This guy had it real rough this episode. Being talked down and mocked by the man who had left him. Being called a second-rate Businessman and Duelist. Leo is such an asshole. But Reiji continued to be strong, kept on having faith in Yuuya, kept encouraging him to stay strong. It is truely thanks to Reiji’s convictions and words of sanity that seemse to have prevented Yuushou from doing anything stupid (like siding with the Professor). It makes me so happy to see such a range of Reiji’s emotions and be so full of life and determination after one hundred and twenty episodes! Now with the duel forced to a close, I wonder what Reiji will do to try to save the girls. Time is running out and the girls are in deep trouble as their bodies are beginning to fade and are losing consciousness… Dear god, I am seriously worried about them.

Random Note of the Week: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RURI’S REACTION, “YUUTO IS REALLY INSIDE OF HIM!” :D  Look how happy she is just knowing he is really there. I think she is more excited about him than her brother.



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12 Responses

  1. TFL says:

    Im surprised that you didn’t bring up Leo condescending Reiji since that to me was one of the most fasicnating parts of the episode. Kinda called it last week with the will of Ray, did you notice that half the bracelot girls were out of character in this episode? Serena praying seems to go against her character though this is more forgivable. The laughably OOC one is Rin with her voicing her belief in people she completely does not know and praying for said people.

  2. Yugioh Fan says:

    One, I’m glad Yusho didn’t join Leo, thank goodness.
    Two, I’m pretty sure the others know seeing the girls in danger is causing Yuya to lose control, that’s why Declan(Reiji) told Yuya to stay strong, so once Leo was defeated they could save the girls and therefore save Yuya and Yuto from Zarc. That was there plan when they challenge Leo, they wanted to save the girls, but in order to stop the machine they would have to get past Leo, and of course like any Yugioh series the only way to get past someone to get to something or someone is by beating them in a duel.
    Three, I love Declan(Reiji)’s growth. When I first met the guy I had mixed feelings, he was incredibly skilled(so if Leo is beating him, that speaks a lot about his skills), but he was also a jerk, like when he insulted Yuya during there duel in episode 50 and 51. Then I really started hating him during the start of the Synchro arc, when he let his Lancers compete in the Friendship cup, despite knowing what happens to those who lose, when I saw that I was like “You idiot, how is this going to stop Duel Academy, your sending your elite Lancers down to a horrible underground facility, you monster.” But since then, during the 2nd half of the Synchro arc and the Fusion arc, my views on Declan(Reiji) really changed seeing how much he cared for his Lancers and little brother, with all he did to help and the great speeches to the Lancers before they invaded Duel Academy. Declan(Reiji) may do some questionable things, but in the end his heart is always in the right place, and that makes me happy.
    Four, REALLY LEO. Declan(Reiji) and the girls were getting through to Yuya and Yuto, helping them regain control, so your in-genius plan was to speed up the fusion of the 4 girls, there by making Yuya and Yuto more angry letting Zarc regain control. Every new episode, only further proves how stupid and pathetic Leo is as a villain and in his plan.
    Five and finally, seeing Lulu(Ruri) happy about Yuto made me happy. Luto(Ruto) shipping for life, I love it!

  3. Wow, Reiji being nerfed that bad, Leo confirmed a shit final boss, Yuzu’s fetish about “Yuya” went insane, and a certain “Entertainer” ruined EVERYTHING… God I HATE this episode with a burning passion! >:(

    • A reminder that Yuya & Yuto’s resolve to hold back Zarc was thrown out the window because Leo pissed them off by forcibly fusing Yuzu & Ruri back into Ray IN FRONT of them.
    • Earth… Fire… Air… Water… Long ago, you could destroy cards with battles or effects, but everything changed when Leo negates that established logic.
    • LOL Reiji helped his father… By accident… Betrayal confirmed?
    • Meanwhile at the Yu-waifu tubes… Yuzu just couldn’t stop bitching about “Yuya”.
    • Wait, the machine’s power is only at 20% after all this time?! Hope Leo’s got all the stall in the world right now.
    • We got Tribute summoning… Why must the Yu-waifus treat this like an impossible revelation?
    • I haven’t seen D/D/D Hell Armageddon FOR AGES.
    • Good call Reiji for ditching that self-destructing Contract spell.
    • …Wow Reiji got out-keikaku’d HARD… Though Leo’s Fusion Trap is really situational & weird.
    • Leo’s Fusion Pose MUST be on point, or else he won’t be the “role model” of the Academia. XD
    • Behold ladies and gentlemen, Leo is the REAL Keikaku King. You ain’t shit Reiji.
    • Again Leo, you’re a fucking hypocrite because you want Yuya DEAD and yet you let Yuri LIVE.
    • Hold up… Leo’s Fusion is a FUSION PENDULUM?!! Why was this not stressed earlier?! But I, for one, am super happy that Leo actually used it considering Yuya is the one debuting 2 Xyz Pendulums and one Synchro Pendulum in the show. On the other hand… Why Yuya doesn’t have a Fusion Pendulum yet considering Fusions make up most of his Extra Deck? >_>
    • …Are you fucking serious…The Arc-V reactor’s power level is STILL at 30%? Yawns…
    • Yuya finally remembered that Action Cards existed.
    • This is ONE of the rare occasions I’m actually fine with Yuya relying on Action Card bullshit because I want to see Leo get his shit wrecked by none other than the “demon” he inadvertently “created”.
    • “Action Cards are the Lancers’ style.” And yet the last and only time I’ve SEEN you use them Reiji… was like episode 12 or 13… How could you qualify as the Lancers’ leader with such bad example?!
    • For fuck’s sake, it’s been 129 episodes! When will the show stop pretending that Yuya’s Pendulum-pendant is completely irrelevant to the plot?!
    • Zarc has arrived children… It’s time to YABBA-DABBA-DIE!
    • “That’s Yuto’s dragon.” Y’know, it’s bullshit that it took Yuzu until now to remember that Yuto exists.
    • “Yuto is really inside him.” LOL Am I the only one who laughed at the fact that Ruri is a fujoshi? XD
    • Love this nuke effect, but wouldn’t it be miles better if they just give Raging Dragon the effect to SEND cards to the Graveyard?
    • LOL Betrayal accidentally achieved. Git gud Reiji. XD
    • It’s times like this that looking up the opponent’s card on their duel disks would’ve been useful.
    • Yuzu, it only matters if they win. In what emotional state they’re in upon winning is totally irrelevant.
    • Remember when Yuzu, Serena, Rin & Ruri actually did shit instead of #Praying4Yuya?
    • HAHAHA Leo got knocked right back on his throne.
    • Intrusion Penalty?! Could it be?! The Man… The Myth… The Legend… YUSHO SAKAKI! :D
    • Geez, that Continuous Trap’s effect is literally Swords of Revealing Light on steroids!
    • If it’s invalid, shouldn’t it just NOT work? How does it process all the cards Yuya pulls out of his ass?
    • Wait… WHAT?!! GOD-FUCKING-DAMNIT YUSHO!!! Why would you cockblock this big boss duel?!! Yuya is about to beat Leo (and Reiji) to a pulp and you ruined EVERYTHING in the last second!!! >:(
    • So does this means Leo gets another chance to duel in the future or not? If not then fuck Yusho.
    • On a side note: It’s really absurd to see Leo almost lost the duel SO EASILY. As much as I want Yuya to pulverize him, watching Leo being curb-stomped with such ease now gives me the impression that he might be the among the weakest big bosses in Yugioh history.
    • “Yuya is not a demon…” How dare Yusho say that as he dooms the Yu-waifus to oblivion and pins Yuya to the wall with an illegal exorcism Trap.

    The infamous KAITOFUCKER intrudes the Hype Steel Cage match along with Edo. This pisses Yuri off and gives him the opportunity to shank 3 people at the same time with his new Fusion dragon. The Shanking has just begun!

    • 75chaosflare says:

      I don’t see what to expect when the girls literally have nothing else to do.

      “Remember when Yuzu, Serena, Rin & Ruri actually did shit instead of #Praying4Yuya?”
      Correction, Yuzu was basically the only one that did something individually before getting shafted thanks to sheer laziness from the writers, Serena for all her time was a reckless idiot that did nothing but cause more harm than good, Rin/Ruri were only seen from flashbacks and only did something when they were brainwashed and Rin got the better half of it by beating Yugo where Ruri was wasted potential.

      “Yuzu, it only matters if they win. In what emotional state they’re in upon winning is totally irrelevant.”
      Unfortunately it does depending on Yuya being an insane psycho demon and even if he won there was no guarantee that Leo would keep his end of the bargain. Problem is it’s somewhat poorly portrayed.

      It’s already established that Reiji’s a terrible leader of a team that’s a poor excuse of a team. The Signers from 5D’s without a doubt make a better team than them.

      • Let’s see the dueling record of the 4 Yu-waifus for this whole 2016:

        Yuzu: ZERO duels! The last time she dueled was back in episode 83 (year 2015!) when she tag-teamed with Sora against the Security fodders, not to mention that’s the last time we’ve seen Melodious monsters in the show (thus far). Her last truly MEMORABLE duel (and IMO her best duel in the show) was against Enjoy Chojiro in episode 69! Afterwards… we both know what happened as Yuzu keeps getting located to different castles. Well, she DID try to duel on two occasions, but the first attempt was cockblocked to hype up Asuka’s debut, while the second attempt was foiled due to the bracelet warping Yugo away. Now that she’s in the tube, I really don’t think she will duel in this year unless the writers prove me wrong.

        Serena: Much like Yuzu with Melodious, we DON’T see any new Moonlights this year. Again, her ONLY truly memorable duel was against Yugo (who’s in sync with Yuya), then she was subsequently drugged and dragged back to the Academia… which granted her the ONLY duel she had this year… with Parasite monsters instead of Moonlights. Of course there’s no chance of her stopping Yuya & Yuto going Zarc and slaughtered her with Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon.

        Rin: The only Yu-waifu passable this year. She may have only dueled once, but her debut duel against Yugo was epic with those Wind Witches, and it’s really fitting for her to hand Yugo his first loss in this show… then she proceeds to do nothing.

        Ruri: I originally had much hope for the prettiest & sexist Yu-waifu but god she was a major letdown. Perhaps the debut of Rin hyped me up a bit too much, that duel against Shun was a farce where she clearly WON but the writers decided to award a mercy victory to Shun instead just to promote Raidraptors, not to mention her Lyrical Luscinias are the most garbage archetype of the Yu-waifus. Against Yuya/Yuto, she followed the footsteps of Serena to spam those filthy Parasites… and got roasted by Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon. No hope for her to win even ONCE in this show… :/

        • 75chaosflare says:

          By all means, I understand what you mean and the writers clearly shafted Yuzu for the sake of laziness otherwise she would have dueled a long time ago especially with her still having a duel disk. Serena in all honestly doesn’t matter because she used cards that weren’t from her deck, and Ruri really doesn’t deserve any attention with all the hype that was built up into her since day one all for her to pretty much be just Shun’s sister and Yuto’s eye-candy without any actually character.

  4. elior1 says:

    this was great episode i enjoyed it. also without spoiling i have to say the summery of 131 surprised me what going to happen

  5. 75chaosflare says:

    I find it funny how Yushou’s able to explain the purpose of the plot and the Ray counterparts(even though Yuzu’s bracelet at this point is the only one that does something) while making Leo even more of a moron.

    I always thought it was more of a first time this ever happened. Back in Standard they had a simple “Error” when said function wasn’t allowed to be used and a penalty starting Battle Royale that damaged people participates that interfere and CrossOver Penalty that damages any player that interferes as long as Cross Over Action Field is played. However, what Yushou used was kind of a first time that ever happened during a duel in this series or in the franchise and can be argued as a lazy way to discontinued the duel.

    In all honestly, it doesn’t matter much to me because the show would end up finding some ways to take up as much time before the show ends.

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