Magic-kyun! Renaissance – Episode 5 [I Just Can’t Ignore You, Senpai!]

The next step in the preparations for the Hoshi Festival is to sort through the student opinions submitted to an official opinion box, and start acting on the ideas submitted. Teika is summoned to the principal’s office, so it’s up to Kohana to sort through the opinions with some help from Kanato.

One of the opinions submitted is that the students would like to know who is on the committee, so Kohana orchestrates a photoshoot with all the committee members. Even Teika, who is as cold and irritable as ever, is eventually captured on film with a smile. Later during a scene between Monet and Rintaro, we see that these pictures were made into an “introduction poster” for students to look at.

A conversation between Juri and Kohana tips the latter off to Kanato having an upcoming recital. Kanato insists that he still has time to help Kohana with all the opinion box submissions, so the two get right to work. The first is for the festival committee to hold a “consultation” session where students can get information vlcsnap-00010
on how to apply to host a table or event, like a cafe or a food stand.

Afterwards Kohana and Kanato meet with many students to resolve various conflicts. They zip back and forth all over campus throughout the course of the day. Later that evening when Kohana is walking back to her dorm, she happens to pass by a music room where Kanato his practicing his cello for his upcoming recital. His sparkles look like beautiful golden strands.

At lunch the next day Kohana tries to tell Kanato that she will resolve the last issue on her own, but she caves as soon as Kanato tells her that it’s a ghostbusting mission. So that evening they head out to investigate together. Kohana feels awful for still needing Kanato’s help (because she’s stereotypically a huge scaredy-cat), but he tries to reassure her that he’s helping her because he genuinely wants to.

As they wander through the seemingly-empty building, the two talk and Kohana gets to know Kanato a little better. Kanato tells Kohana that he’s used to having a lot of responsibility on his shoulders because he’s been taking care of his younger siblings since he was young.

Just then the battery in their flashlight dies, and they hear some noises coming from elsewhere in the building. One thing leads to another and it’s revealed that the “ghost” Kohana and Kanato are investigating is really Todo-sensei on patrol. Oops! Too bad they didn’t find this out before throwing salt at him and spraying him with a sanitizing spray…  ^^;;

At another festival meeting the next day, we see that Kohana came up with the idea to write an article about the ghostbusting incident and make it into a bulletin for the students. Even Teika has a couple of positive words for their efforts. Louis points out that Kanato’s recital is around the corner, and everyone on the committee convinces Kanato to stop helping with the festival until after his recital is over.

vlcsnap-00031After the meeting is finished, Kohana and Kanato are left alone. Kohana offers to help Kanato with anything he may need, so Kanato asks if she will sit and listen to him play the song he plans to play at the recital. It’s a beautiful song and it’s clear Kanato is very gifted with the cello. As he plays, Kanato’s insert song starts playing and the two are transported with his magic to a beach where they play in the water. Afterwards they hide from a rainstorm in a makeshift shelter, and from there they go soaring through the sky together hand-in-hand.

Back at the school, Kanato tells Kohana that if they’re working together, they can put together the best festival ever. After the credits, we see Kohana pull Kanato’s jacket up over him as he naps on the couch with his cello nearby, and he wakes up and gives her a heartmelting smile.

My thoughts: Hnnng, goddamn it I’m such a sucker for redheads. Kanato is definitely my favourite bishounen of the series. ^_^v   Seriously that last smile post-credits? I think my ovaries exploded.

The impression I got from this episode was a little different from the previous bishounen-of-the-week episodes. In both Aoi and Louis’ features, I got the feeling that there was a mutual affection/attraction between Kohana and the two guys. However in this episode I got the impression that Kanato was more attracted to Kohana (in a romantic sense) than she was to him. However that leaves room for their relationship to develop later in the series, though this is a reverse harem with only twelve episodes so I doubt that will happen. Boo. *pout*

Next week looks like Monet’s episode, which I’m not thrilled for because I’ve never been a fan of shy, meek characters. Not my type, you know? But hopefully Kohana can still recruit him onto the festival committee.



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