Brave Witches Episode 4: If You Want to Fight, Get Stronger!


I love cute things.

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  1. Wanderer says:

    I really missed this show as well. It didn’t help that Long Riders also took the same week off, so two of the series that I’ve really been enjoying were AWOL on the same week.

    I’ve actually been thinking since episode one that careful and efficient use of magic was going to end up being key for Hikari. When she does her “crossing the sea” magic exercise, I noticed an important difference between the time she failed onscreen, and the time she succeeded (and it’s continued every time she’s succeeded since then). The first time she tried it she was making big magic circles on the water: larger around than she is tall. She didn’t need all that space since she was landing dead-center of the circle, and it clearly burned through her magic too fast, because by the third one she couldn’t maintain it and fell through. The first time she succeeded, though, and every time since, she made small magic circles, just big enough for a single foothold. She didn’t waste power where she didn’t need to, and she achieved success.

    I’ll admit, though, I didn’t predict how how Rossman’s training could translate into helping Hikari fly properly until they actually said it, so no points for me there. ;) This is still quite a risky thing for her. She’s conentrating all of her magic into Chidori in order to fly, so she could easily end up in a situation of having to choose either fly or shield, and not be able to do both. She’s going to have to train her dodging skills to the max, that’s for sure.

    But at least now she’s no longer a strategic drain on the unit. She is capable of being useful, even if it’s dangerous for her.

    Also, I really liked Kanno this time. It took me a bit to realize that she had chosen deliberately, pretty much from the start of the episode when Nipa woke her up, to play the antagonist to Hikari in order to keep Hikari angry enough to keep pushing. That was some well-handled reverse-psychology on her part, and it did exactly what they needed. It’s really touching that she cared enough to do that.

  2. You and Wanderer have said everything that really needs to be said… So I’m just here to continue playing the enthusiastic newbie.

    The glorious Hikari shines ever brighter! :D I’m almost done with the original SW and quite like it, but I LOVE this!

    Seems her stamina does count for A LOT when she knows how to distribute her magical energy just like her biological energy. I mean, I’m surprised she didn’t falter AT ALL when she began shooting, though, she wasn’t trying to make uber-accurate shots like on the training course…

    It makes me want to hold out for that “TRANS-AM” (as much as that was a joke) or for her to possibly be someone who can moves in bursts, or boosts off of shields projected from her Chidori to move around too*. Her familiar is a squirrel and although it’s called ‘Fuso Squirrel’ on the wiki we really don’t know what species it is. If she could glide at high speeds between those bursts she might even be able to put up shields. Only time will tell.

    I wonder if this Contact Eye is a sign of Neuroi energies and Witch energies being similar or able to resonate somehow. I’m sure the series as a whole, as ‘World Witches’, has gone slowly but surely into more detail behind them over time through the books. In fact, given what I’m about to watch Mio attempt to do in the final episode of Strike Witches it may not be all that far-fetched.

    *The fact that this is the ‘World Witches’ comeback series and all still pretty new aside, I’m holding out that Phat isn’t showing off her Parfom figure yet because of something to do with her ability/ies. Maybe they don’t even know it of it/them yet…

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