Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 122

A/N: The RAWS have been fixed and the subs are back in action! Initially I was going to double post each for Ep 122 & 123 and Ep 124 & 125. But seeing how Ep 123 Subs have not been released as soon as I anticipated it to, I am just going to go ahead and publish this as a stand-alone. Once we are all caught up again, schedule should be back to normal.

I wonder if the technical difficulties break was actually what I needed. Coming into this episode, I had virtually forgotten what everything that had happened in the previous episodes, so it gave me a chance to kind of ‘Reset’ and start on a clean slate. Had I watched this a few weeks ago, I probably would still felt mildly frustrated and be extremely nit-picky about the details. I am telling you this because I actually enjoyed this episode. I think I subconsciously went in with the mindset of simply watching it, much like I would when I casually watch shows. I laughed a lot, continued to be baffled over just how messed up Academia’s teachings and philosophy is and it’s fair to say it was fun to watch.  I would say my favourite part was how Yuuya’s Guard Dance card was used along with the stark similarities of the Duel Monsters playing a game of Splatoon on the field. (No seriously, that’s the first thing that crossed my mind when Yuuya brought out the blank canvass and the paint guns). Jack also had some fun lines as well, I was particular a fan of how he referred to BB’s fortress upgrade from a Doghouse to a Stable. It was also extremely satisfying to see Jack silence the Academia Students with his sheer power. They were sprouting all sorts of bullshit such as “CARD THE PROFESSOR” for the sake of the lesson, (what the actual !@#$!?) – they pretty much did that the entire episode. In fact they were worse than the Tyler Sisters, they were a tough nut to crack when it comes to entertaining them. Once Yuuya brought out the sparkles and rainbows that seems to have done the trick, but they are still siding with the Professor.

Yuuya managed to connect with BB once he realized BB didn’t actually want to hurt people, and it isn’t long before we can confirm this because BB is actually extremely frustrated and upset to have been dragged into Academia’s warfare, against his will. He doesn’t actually want to hurt people, but they drilled it into his brain, how he must kill/card others in order to survive. We saw that in action today as Professor Sanders was able to spare himself by pressing BB’s buttons to prioritize killing Yuuya (as per Professor Leo’s orders – which also confirms, LEO WANTS YUUYA DEAD. Wow… is Yuuya that big of a threat to the project, or maybe they need him dead for it to work… ANYHOW, YUUSHOU WILL NOT PLAY MISTER NICE GUY WHEN HE HEARS ABOUT THAT!).

ygo-arc-v-ep-122-img-0021Yuuya however was able to win and win in the way he wanted to, by creating the circumstances which BB had to end it himself. I won’t lie, it was actually quite touching to see BB kind of be set free. The whole build-up to Yuuya forgiving BB and giving him hope that he doesn’t have to hurt anyone was genuine. BB’s tears and the look in his eyes at Yuuya’s sparkly performance said it all. It was that glimmer of hope he has always been looking for. But most importantly, I appreciated how BB was remorseful for his actions, in a believable way. I also wanted to point to how Yuuya’s connection with BB’s was actually quite valuable because I don’t remember Yuuya actually telling us the audience what he experiences when he puts on the goggles. And we learned today that when he did that, he makes it so all the hurt and pain he is experiencing is taking place in another world that is not his own. This is actually quite ironic given the circumstances of the whole plot involving the dimensions. For BB, his version of Yuuya’s goggles was his Fortress, the armor he uses to safeguard his heart from all the hurt and pain he not only receives, but is ordered to inflict on others.

Now with the battle concluded, Yuuya and the remaining survivors of the Lancers + Jack must move on. However it appears Yuuya just may be going separate ways as Sawatari is defenseless, Gongenzaka is injured and the rest are carded, leaving Jack the only one to defend them. Knowing Sawatari though, he will probably find a way to hijack/take one of Academia’s duel disk so he can hold his own. But Yuuya is being led to a trap, supposed the Queen- which is worrying to me since the first character that comes to mind is none other than Yuzu. Furthermore the student which Yuuya is being led by is also a victim to the creepy-dude’s Parasite, so yeah… yikes.

Lastly right in the beginning of the episode we saw that Shun had collapsed. Looks like he had pushed himself so that he could help save Ruri, so now the girl is on her own looking for help. I am not sure if the Parasite is still a threat, but this could possibly mean since Yuzu, Selena and Rin are Out of Action, Ruri will finally get the chance to shine on her own. I’m hoping this will be the case because there has been a bit of a pattern with Yuzu being separated which then resulted Selena having some time to shine. For Rin’s case, it looks like she will most likely be ‘shining’ in her brainwashed state, unless Yuugo or perhaps even Ruri manages to free her.


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42 Responses

  1. elior1 says:

    eva didnt you said you will do double review?

    • Eva says:

      I provided an explanation above, but I guess you you missed it.

      “A/N: The RAWS have been fixed and the subs are back in action! Initially I was going to double post each for Ep 122 & 123 and Ep 124 & 125. But seeing how Ep 123 Subs have not been released as soon as I anticipated it to, I am just going to go ahead and publish this as a stand-alone. Once we are all caught up again, schedule should be back to normal.”

      Since I had the entry done, it was bugging me to leave it so long with Ep 123 still yet to be released. I was expecting it to come out as MonoSubs had implied it would, but it appears something have caused them to fall behind schedule again. Double Entries ultimately depends whether or not the entries have already been released on if had fallen behind, or had a back-to-back / bundled release, or sometimes, delayed because of a REALLY SHITTY EPISODE (like Ep 123, the one everyone is groaning about.) If it’s as bad as everyone is making it out to be, then I will likely do a double post on it just so that I don’t have to write a lot for it.

      • aramire77 says:

        People hates episode 123 that much? I don’t think it’s bad… In fact, if I have to choose between this episode and episode 123, I prefer episode 123. Maybe because I’m not a fan of Asuka like the people you mentioned…

        • Eva says:

          I’m not particularly a fan of hers’ either, so if that’s the case I might be okay. We shall see!!!

        • People hate how Asuka was poorly handled as in GX… Which is hilarious because the Fusion Dimension is frequently hailed as the harbringer of conquest and annihilation and yet the returning GX characters (Asuka & Edo) are so badly treated. Edo is one of the Pro-Duelists in GX, but he didn’t even have ONE single win in this show! Asuka, nuff said, she’s always the “rescue me” girl. :p

      • firestorm says:

        Only Asuka fanboy hate the episode 123

        • And Japan is FULL of them, which explains their disgust of episode 123… >_>

          • Yugioh Fan says:

            I don’t know if that’s a legitimate reason to hate an episode because of what happened to a character, don’t get me wrong what happened in 123 did hurt some of my enjoyment of the episode, but not so much that I absolutely hated it. It was still an okay episode, in fact if I ranked all the episodes since we got to Fusion in episode 113, from my favorite to least favorite, it would go:
            1st: A tie between 124 and 125
            2nd: 119
            3rd: 113
            4th: 117
            5th: 116
            6th: 123
            7th: 114
            8th: 115
            9th: 118
            10th: 120
            11th: 121
            12th and last: 122
            So while I though some of episode 123 wasn’t great it still wasn’t the worst episode of the Fusion arc, the BB stuff is defiantly worse.

      • marsh381 says:

        Essentially it all gets better at 124 and judging by the preview summaries for eps up to 130, things are finally escalating. Cuz hell, Edo barely did anything noticeable but even he had better screen-time than she did. TBH I felt that Jim Cook should have been integrated into Arc-V instead of Asuka if this is how she’s going to be treated (and it wouldn’t have been hard because he uses fusion monsters) Regardless, I was hoping for either Cyber Angels or Fossils to be printed and I’m happy with Cyber Angels. Because when was the last time a female lead in YGO actually got her deck printed and became meta-ish? (Aki doesn’t really count because Synchro Plants just utilized a few plant-tuners)

  2. Thomas Cochran says:

    Why don’t you just watch the subs on [EDIT: Please do not link feature unofficial stream sites] we are you even getting your subs?

    • Eva says:

      I follow a specific sub group *(MonoSubs) to make sure the translations I am following are consistent. I have learned from previous experiences that using multiple different sources for translations, can often lead me to confusion due to inconsistency of word and names choices, and so on forth. So while I am well aware of alternatives, especially on streams, I follow a strict policy to ensure I don’t get mixed up.

  3. I don’t care what others will say, I absolutely DESPISED this episode!!! And I’ve got the Internet to back me up:

    Top 10 worst nico ratings of all time:
    Arc-V 122 – 6.1%
    BTOOOM 6 – 7.6%
    Arc-V 121 – 8.8%
    Arc-V 118 – 10.3%
    Arc-V 19 – 13.6%
    Arc-V 120 – 13.8%
    Arc-V 123 – 14.6%
    Kumamiko last episode – 16.1%
    Valvrave last episode – 18%
    Arc-V 119 – 19.2%
    BTOOM 6 was an infamous episode where technical difficulties resulted in the episode having no visuals whatsoever, but Arc V is now literally worse than 22 minutes of a black screen. (Also it’s funny that we used to blame Synchro arc for Arc V’s failings (especially its pacing) but the most hated episodes are mostly from the Xyz/Fusion arc, especially the 4-EPISODES FILLER Battle Beast duel.)

    Seriously, I’m 100000000% DONE with Yuya’s Egao bullshit and everytime he starts to spread this utter nonsense I keep yelling “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!” I liked it when Yuya was summoning Odd-Eyes and going “further than just Pendulum summoning” by going Xyz/Fusion/Synchro to jizz out Fusion/Synchro/Xyz monsters that were really cool. But now his duel style is just like “EGAO!!! I DREW THIS ONE AMAZING CARD IN MY DECK THAT NO ONE HAS SEEN BEFORE AND IT DOES THE EXACT THING I NEED TO DO TO WIN!!!!” That alone ticked off the entire world!!!! Additionally, Battle Beast and his holy bible of BS card effects just got way out of hand. Like seriously, you have JACK ATLAS obliterating everything in a sea of inferno, but Battle Beast comes in saying “LOL CANT DO THAT SCRUB!!” and just.. I got really annoyed when RDD Tyrant wasn’t able to just topple everything and get this irrelevant stuff over with faster.

    Now onto the commentary:

    • Battle Beast is gonna rape (card) Sanders for instructing him like an animal…
    • OH BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!! Stop saying that Battle Beast is the Academia’s strongest duelist.
    • The students are actually OK with Sanders about to get carded, so they’ll still shout “GLORY ON THE ACADEMIA!!!” like a bunch of retarded fools WITHOUT the need of brainwashing. >_>
    • Assault Fort is about to burn Yuya out, so Action Card bullshit FTW as usual… :p
    • I need Double Resonator! Turning other non-Tuners to be Tuners is gonna be OP in Synchro decks!
    • So the entire field is nuked-OH COME THE FUCK ON!! THERE’S MORE?!! Here comes another beyond broken continuous spell taking the place of Assault Fort. ONCE AGAIN, this card has sheer amount of text to the point it makes ZERO sense.
    • Seriously, I’m so sick of seeing those protection cards flying around. If only both Scarlight and Tyrant have immunity to destruction, Jack could’ve invested more cards for other combos and strategies. >_>
    • … WHAT. A. STUPID. SIGHT. All students are awed at the Yugioh version of Splatoon. By watching those flying colours they seem to be getting the Egao for no reason.
    • I’m not even lying, I had to MUTE THE AUDIO when all this bullshit happened. It’s TOO absurd to be real.
    • So of course the Battle Beast and the Academia students flipped and joined the Egao, AGAIN! >_>
    • I’m REALLY glad that Sanders doesn’t buy in the Egao, too bad he wasn’t getting paid enough for this.

    Next episode, it’s where the fans of Asuka rioted. Get ready…

    • Elhienn says:

      Don’t worry, I share the same feeling, as soon as I read the spoilers and saw that Yuya would start the Egao cancer I skipped the episode, and even then, when I started watching episode 124 they had the nerve to recap the worst part of 123, I needed to firmly shut my eyes so I wound’t get upset.

      Egao is so bad that I am now shuting my eyes whenever it appears in Openings.

      Oh Yuya, what have they done to you, before you were a complex and beliveable character, now you’re a hollow Egao allegory.

      • IKR? Like I said, I love when Yuya is splashing out his various upgrades of cross-dimensional dragons (plus 2 Paladins) and fight his foes straight ahead, especially given that those monsters have the capabilities to end duels on their own. But such potentual was destroyed by Yuya’s duel style that emphasizes “EGAO!!! I DREW THIS ONE AMAZING CARD IN MY DECK THAT NO ONE HAS SEEN BEFORE AND IT DOES THE EXACT THING I NEED TO DO TO WIN!!!!” It’s no wonder why the whole world utterly despised the 4-EPISODES FILLER Battle Beast duel (not helping that everyone’s favourite Crow Hogan was also carded in the process) and Yuya’s cancerous Egao bullshit.

        Episode 123 was just a Konami promotion of Machine Re-Volt Structure Deck. Episodes 124-125 though, are ABSOLUTELY amazing. (Can’t spoil that cuz Eva won’t be happy about it)

    • aramire77 says:

      Wow, you really look like you’ve bottled up all your frustration and anger and finally blew it up here. Even though not as strong as you do, I also don’t really like this episode, so I think I can understand. By the way, can you give me the link of the Nico worst ratings that you wrote? I want to see the website myself.

      • Sorry, I actually found it when someone plastered it on Reddit… :/

        But you can see that episode 122 is even WORSE than the quiz duel episode which received so much hate (and rightfully so).

        • aramire77 says:

          Just by reading the synopsis about the quiz Duel episode, I knew I won’t like it so I decided not to watch it. Not even once.

  4. Alex says:

    Sounds to me that you need to start watching the series on another website since the subbed episodes that I watch come out literally more or less 6 hours after the raw episodes..

    • Eva says:

      I follow a specific sub group *(MonoSubs) to make sure the translations I am following are consistent. I have learned from previous experiences that using multiple different sources for translations, can often lead me to confusion due to inconsistency of word and names choices, and so on forth. So while I am well aware of alternatives, especially on streams, I follow a strict policy to ensure I don’t get mixed up.

      • Alex says:

        It just sounds like to me by the looks of it that they themselves aren’t very consistent with their uploading time compared to many other people who sub the episodes. Which I think do a pretty good job at subbing their episodes.

        • Eva says:

          MonoSubs have been actually quite consistent since the beginning of the series up until this season where there were a couple of hiccups either due to RL circumstances or technical difficulties with the RAW Encoding (specifically with 122 and 123 which caused the delay in the first place).

  5. Yugioh Fan says:

    Wow Eva, I thought for sure after watching this episode you’d be as mad as you were during episode 112, when all the Duel Academy students in the Xyz Dimmesion were turn to good by Aster(Edo). But you were able to comely and analytically review the episode and try to understand why the things that happened happened. I still I’m not 100% pleased they redeemed BB after what he did to Crow and Moon Shadow(Tsikikaga). But I can understand and accept why they did it. Since, going back to Sora, Celina(Serena), Aster(Edo) and Alexis(Asuka) and using them as examples, most of the students at the Academy(except the Obelisk Force and Yuri) are not bad people, they don’t really want to hurt anyone, they’ve just been so brainwashed by the Professor, they think what there doing is right, it’s not until Yuya, his dad, or his friends show them a better way through there dueling, that they realize the Professor is wrong and a fucking nut job. Of course, as Sora and Aster(Edo), demonstrated with their inner struggles the decision to leave the Academy is not always easy to come to.

    • Eva says:

      LOL IKR? I totally would’ve flipped tables! 😂 I don’t even know what they are going to do with BB, that has been left unsaid and unfinished business on that part. He might make some appearance later on though, who knows, or it will really be the last we see of him.

      Definitely, the Academia students are a tough nut to crack. Look how long it took Sora and Selena to come through. It’s a lot harder to counter their drilled in philosophy without a LIVE example, which both Sora and Selena had the luxury to experience.

      • “I don’t even know what they are going to do with BB”

        I’d rather NOT to see that asshole anymore. I STILL hated how the writers decided to NOT let Jack one-shot him.

        Besides, I chuckled when you wrote this: “I am not sure if the Parasite is still a threat, but this could possibly mean since Yuzu, Selena and Rin are Out of Action, Ruri will finally get the chance to shine on her own.”

        Oh you’re gonna be SUPER PISSED by the end due to a certain old creeper establishing himself as an even more irredeemable bastard than Roger himself. Wait and see, I’m not wrong.

        • aramire77 says:

          Yup. We all know that the Doctor is an old creep since his first appearance. For once there’s another true evil villain finally appear in the series. They better not make Yuya doing his Entertainment Duel against the Doctor or else I’ll be disappointed. The Doctor doesn’t deserve redemption whatsoever. If he got carded there’s a way to turn him back to normal, so instead I hope he got sent to the gap between dimensions like Roger did and stay there until he rot. Ugh, I hate him so much…!

  6. 75chaosflare says:

    All I’m going to say that this arc alone was pointless and unnecessary. Again these sounded like good ideas but in the end they should have happened much sooner than later and if anything it does nothing but make Yuya into Messiah(something that shouldn’t do on any protagonist on YGO because it not only damage their own individual characters but makes the others completely useless). This arc pretty much destroyed the show’s credibility and mostly because even what happens later on it really doesn’t take itself as seriously as it honestly should depending on the theme they were going with.

    • Sanokal says:

      Not entirely sure if he should be considered messiah since his effective current master was there talking him out of his rut.
      And nah, it really hasn’t. See the further episodes for answers (hell, I don’t even know what’s happening in the 127-130 eps and I know that it’s definitely back in gear).

      • 75chaosflare says:

        The execution in how Yuya’s takes his duel makes him a Messiah. The thought of saying his style should be the only one that matters rather than trying new ways to convince his opponents is basically no different than forcing his ideals down peoples throats while making them convert with ease. Jack in honesty to me was basically there for the sole purpose of being Yuya’s ass-kisser and 1/2 of Gon’s walking stick when he just so happens to be injured.

        Again, it pretty much has only gaining a bit of things better in comparison to this because said duel later on was pretty much pointless and finally getting explanation to things literally in the final quarter of the series. The problem in general with the show is that it gives too much the expression of being lazy and have too many missed opportunities.

        • elior1 says:

          yes i liked the explanation so far and it make sense

          • 75chaosflare says:

            The problem was how long it took to get that said explanation. Especially with how low it ranked in comparison to 124 and 125(two episodes in my opinion were just as pointless with not much result).

            • elior1 says:

              if i remember correctly we always discovering such things near the end of the show. i think it was in most of the seasons

              • 75chaosflare says:

                Not when a series like this that had few, if not many opportunities of explaining in things much earlier before now which gives too much of a rushed expression starting from 123 and 124/125(in my opinion were both pointless duels with very little impact). The previous serie’ honestly knew what it was doing even before the 100’s and had its own plot explained but this series rather focus too much on nostalgia, constantly making a “villain of the week duels” when actual villain/original characters who had potential development-wise/plot-wise were converted too soon or treated as an afterthought.

                • elior1 says:

                  from that explanation i say the actual villain/character got enough development during the rest of the show many times

                  • 75chaosflare says:

                    After spending most of the majority of his screen-time having the appearance of Cardgame!Lex Luthor with the attitude of Thanos(sitting on his chair until the plot demands him to do something)?

                    True, you could say there is development but just like the things that were happening in the previous episodes, and now it’s something that should have been worked on much sooner than later.

                    • elior1 says:

                      no i dont mean the chair guy i mean the one who been revealed during 126 and 127 he got enough develment during the show if you know in what way i mean

                    • elior1 says:

                      also i dont knnow what about you but i think the chair guy goal justify the means in the end

                • elior1 says:

                  and i mean to the actual final villain i think he got enough develoment

                  • Yugioh Fan says:

                    If were talking about the guy, I think were talking, who sits in a chair, even after hearing the story I still don’t think the chair guy can justify his goal. Although, I hope when Eva finally get’s to episodes 126 and 127 we can discuss this topic more, in a civilized and professional manner.

  7. Eva says:

    UPDATE: I will be releasing Ep 123 entry as a double post with Ep 124, so please be patient for a bit longer. Thank you! I apologize for the delayed notice, currently fighting the flu.

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