Show By Rock!! # Episode 3: Shoot! Ba-Ba-Bang!

Of course with an event with sweets and music, Dolly Dolci had to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And I love them so much, I’m soooo glad they made it into the anime! Even if they don’t have a big role in the show, I’m just happy to see them. And I really relate with Pig Macaron with the hot guy thing. :)

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-03-1080p-mkv0023Lots of new bands in this episode! We got Dolly Dolci and we also the super sentai band so that was really cool. First I guess I should start off with the plot of this episode, which is this girly sweets and music festival where girl bands get to perform. It’s a huge and successful event that many girl bands want to participate in and Criticrista and Plasmagica both get to be in it thanks to Maple! But the girl bands also have to make sweets and sell them at their booth, which Criticrista explains to Plasmagica, and hearing about their success makes Chuchu nervous. The girls decide to bake cookies, but Chuchu is really the only one who has any experience in baking so there are silly things that happen in the kitchen. It took a giant pile of poop-looking cookies later to finally made absolutely adorable cookies in the shape of them, so now they feel prepared. It isn’t until they actually get to the event and meet with Dolly Dolci’s fabulous sweets that Chuchu gets completely discouraged.

Their booth was simple, but it was a little sad because of Chuchu’s awful drawings decorating the front. Chuchu tries her best to get people to come by but to no use, but Cyan walks over and reminds her that their cookies are delicious and sweets make girls happy. And I agree. Sweets always make me happy. If I’m sad and someone gives me cake, I’m happy. Sweets are amazing creations, aren’t they? Criticrista perform a cute song, everyone then goes over to Plasmagica’s booth and buys all their cute cookies, and everything in the end is happy and cute.

Not the most deep episode, but it was fine. Not the best episode either, but it was saved with Dolly Dolci’s wonderful appearance, and also the very end bit we got with ARCAREAFACT. Also, SHINGANCRIMSONZ had a funny moment putting on a show for kids with the super sentai band, which was funny. Now I love Crimson’s funny antics and poking fun at them but I really would like to see them hold giant concerts and become even more famous than they are.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-03-1080p-mkv0017Rosia caught my interest because she showed a side of herself that I actually liked. She took Cyan aside after discussing the sweets festival, and she properly thanked Cyan from saving her last time. She says that she’ll try her hardest to become stronger so that next time, she can save Cyan. We saw that earlier when Rosia found out that Dagger was back, she had this very terrified look on her face. Probably being very traumatized from the horrible events she had to go through, it’s so nice to see her being brave and wanting to repay Cyan for helping her. I’m sure her fear is going to come back again, since getting rid of traumatic events is hard to do, but I’m still cheering for you, Rosia-chan!

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-03-1080p-mkv0059As for ARCAREAFACT, they seem to be another baddie group. They have…some seriously hot guys. The fact that the pink one is ripped as FUCK….catches my eye, if you know what I mean. But the other two lean men are also hot, and then…there’s that kid. I mean he’s cute, but he seems a little out of place haha. They all seem interested in the Crimson boys and mentioned something about money, so I’m not entirely sure what they want to do exactly. And I also my eye on their assistant because Miyuki Sawashiro voices her and that’s not a coincidence, she can’t voice a completely different character! That just has to be you, Queen of Darkness.

Next week it looks like it’s going to be some sort of swimsuit competition and……I’m not looking forward to that. At all. Like, at all. I’m not. I’m not going to like it. Don’t sexualize young girls, please stop it.


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6 Responses

  1. I think Chuchu must learn to let go of the idea to try to compete with Criticrista so hard. It does probably sting to know that Criticrista might be the more popular band who can do almost everything better than Plasmagica, but sometimes, being so much set upon a goal (selling as many sweets as Criticrista to prove that they’re equally good) lead to Plasmagica losing the opportunity to play a concert too at the festival.

    • Berry says:

      I don’t think it was competing with Criticrista specifically, but in general against everyone. At first it was against them after hearing their stories, but she started being overly competitive after seeing Dolly Dolci’s stuff and pretty much everyone else. Also I thought Plasmagica was supposed to perform regardless? Did the anime skip it or something?

      • Watching the episode again, they did say that they were going to perform later, so I was wrong. The episode just didn’t show it. And yes, you are right. Chuchu turned it into a competition against everyone. Just seeing Marimari and Tsugihagi easily selling all their konpeito without even trying just disheartened Chuchu too much.

  2. Wanderer says:

    Do your best, Rosia-chan! We know you’re a good girl at heart. You can definitely become strong enough to stand up for Cyan.

  3. bca says:

    The ripped pink dude from ARCAREAFACT is voiced by Sawashiro Chiharu, Sawashiro Miyuki’s little brother.

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