Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 1: A Prince with a Prince [First Impression]



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  1. I’m glad you mentioned the issues about weight loss and superficiality. As someone who as struggle with weight for most of my life, I find it a little offensive that Kae just magically lost all that weight in a week. That’s not really how it works! Haha and like you said, it’s so superficial that all the guys suddenly want to ask her out now that she’s skinny. (Minus the laid-back one; he was always super friendly!) It’s good to hear that those issues hopefully won’t just go unnoticed. I dislike the weight loss/superficial side of the show so far, but I like that Kae is so unapologetic about her obsession with anime! (Even if I’m not a fujoshi, I can understand her obsessions!) I’ll keep watching for now :)

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