Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 Episode 2

What a relief to find out about Hush’s obsession with becoming a pilot and his bitterness towards Mika this episode. Turns out he had a precious friend named Builth who went to serve as a soldier in hopes to help improve the life of his friends. He had undergone the operation at the same time Mika had, and while Mika’s was a success, Builth’s was a failure, and became paralyzed waist down. He spoke to Hush about how he was upset he was such a failure and is now a burden to his friends who are like his brothers, and eventually took his own life. Hush as result became obsessed with the idea of becoming the next Builth and is determine to become a better fighter than Mika.

Jeez, talk about misdirected anger and jealousy. I knew it was going to be a stupid reason, they usually are in the second seasons. How stupid is Hush? His friend was a living example of the second to worse scenario outcome of the Alaya-Vijina surgery, (the first would be death). gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-2-img-0025He became paralyzed and couldn’t do anything for anyone. His hope to help was long gone, and took his own life because he couldn’t live like that anymore. And here we are with this idiot who is obsessed with becoming a top notch pilot. Jeez, Lafter didn’t undergo the Alaya-Vijina surgery and look how strong they are, and neither did Azee. He is so focused on the power the Alaya-Vijina system provides, he doesn’t even see there’s healthier and better altneratives. But in the end, it didn’t matter if he would still be permitted to, because what do you know? He is too old (seventeen) for the surgery! gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-2-img-0020Of course Hush won’t take no as an answer so Atra scolds him, and he almost shoves/hits her because he is an obnoxious little prick who doesn’t listen to his seniors, but thankfully Mika arrived on time to put him in his place. Just with one hand, Mika threatened to break his arm and had him fall to his knees. Anyhow, I hope either Mika or someone else will be able to knock some sense into him sooner than later because it’s these kinds of idiotic characters that end up being responsible for the deaths of many others, including favourites.

Since Tekkadan didn’t defeat the Dawn Horizon Corps, (instead forced a retreat and couldn’t pursue because Barbados broke down again) Kudelia is advised to take refugee at the Sakura Farm for the time being while Tekkadan tries to figure out how to deal with these pirates. gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-2-img-0010Orga knows they are bound to have to deal with him eventually, but an opportunity comes along where Fareed (or Montag, as he wants Tekkadan to call him) makes an offer to form an alliance together to take out the Dawn Horizon Corps. Although Orga doesn’t trust him, and knows they are likely to serve as bait, he decides to accept his offer because it will allow them to reach their goal in the shortest way possible. I am not entirely certain if Orga’s goal is to eliminate the Dawn Horizon Corp sooner than later, or he is referring to another one that may have been indicated in the first episode.

It looks like there’s a bit of a divide and potentially a rift forming within the Tekkadan organization. We have the original members who understand Orga and are willing to put all their trust and lives in his hands, and the new ones who are more skeptical and don’t want to be involved in the Headquarters fight. Actually some don’t even care nad are being selfish about needing certain mobile suits when the headquarters need all the top notch machines in order to fight the Dawn Horizon Corp. I mean COME ON, they are dealing with the infamous Dawn Horizon Corp! But nooooo, they have to be all pissy about the lack of equipment and relationship with Arbau’s regular soldiers- what are they not able to do it themselves? God… And to think the root of the problem is likely the soldiers’ (of both parties) egos and pride…

gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-2-img-0030And last but not least, WE SEE THE MASK MAN~ Except I think he’s a robot or kind of what Ein was. I am actually thinking it could possibly be Gaelio after seeing what had happened to Ein. That would be the sweetest form of revenge against Fareed. Or it could be an entirely new character, but the interesting part is the fact the others in Gjallarhorn are actually more wary of him than Fareed himself (though I would laugh my ass off if it were Fareed again, but I doubt it). With this new player in mind, we have yet another character to be wary of, even more so since we know absolutely nothing about him.

Random Note of the Week: Atra made a bracelet for Kudelia too! <3


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