Bananya Episode 11 [Outside Cat]

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-5-31-10-pmI don’t know what it was about today’s episode but Bananya was particularly cute. It might have been because
he was shown in a smaller light. Half the fun of a cute banana cat is that he is tiny and meows adorably. I was very amused by all of his antics but it isn’t very new for Bananya to be out on an adventure. Still, seeing him as a tiny little backdrop in his adventures served to make him even cuter than before. I adored the fact that he went everywhere and eventually sat listening to music with a grandma after eating some of her candy.

That being said, I have a serious issue here Bananya. Your episode introduction was for a cat that I was excitedscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-5-30-19-pm for: Calico. Calico is a great cat type, I had one for the longest time named Precious and she was perfect. You notice the fact that I’m saying she, Bananya?! Calicos are not boys! The only way for a boy cat to be a Calico is to have a chromosomal surplus, and to essentially be sterile! You had a great opportunity to make a cute girl kitten so we could stop getting Bananyako as the token girl, but instead you did the opposite and made Calico only come to see Bananya over Bananyako!

For shame, tiny children’s cartoon in Japan. How dare you lie to me and the children of Japan. I am judging you.




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