Amaama to Inazuma Episode 11: Crepes and Plays


I…don’t know what to say.

I can’t tell whether she looks cute

or stupid.

Kind of both. I love you Tsumugi-chan!

But since her dad made it, it was special. Also, how was Sensei able to hide that ginormous pink fluff of a costume from Tsumugi in that little bag? It’s just as mysterious as how Tsumugi was able to stuff all of her hair in that pig hat.

horriblesubs-amaama-to-inazuma-11-1080p-mkv0049Anyway, new food of the week, and they looked absolutely delicious. I love crepes. I also enjoy sweet potatoes. So mixing those two with some cream sounds like a dream and I wish I could taste them. To kick it up a notch, they could have added cinnamon with the sweet potatoes, or they could have topped the crepes with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and a caramel sauce. If they didn’t want to make it too sweet because the sweet potatoes are sweet enough by themselves, maybe just the whipped cream on top. I don’t know, just a little something else, but the crepes looked delicious the way they were. Glad they were such a hit at Kotori’s school.

Kotori’s classmates turned to her when they needed to come up with a new crepe for their cultural festival stall. She’s never really spoken with her classmates, but some of the girls that usually watch her eat lunch notice how much she loves to eat, and they all also know that her mother is a chef. So when she’s suddenly asked to make a special crepe, she gets this determined look and agrees.

horriblesubs-amaama-to-inazuma-11-1080p-mkv0013It was great seeing Kotori interact with her classmates more. This was really the first time we ever saw her really be part of the class. She’s never really talked to any of them before and none of them have really approached her either, but one of the girls that watches her eat her lunch finally went up to her to ask her if she had any suggestion for their crepe booth. It looks like she’s been wanting to talk with Kotori for awhile now but she’s never gathered the courage to do it, until now. It was cute to see the two of them dress up as a cat and witch in the end to advertise their booth. It’d be nice to see more of this girl and Kotori getting closer with her classmates. Hopefully after her successful sweet potato crepes, she’ll become a teensy bit popular. You can do it, Kotori!

As for conflict, we deal with preschool drama yet again. A play is going to be held at the school and the children can pick whatever role they want to play from a list of characters. More than one can play the same role, it doesn’t matter, and it looks like the characters were all from the Magi-girl show Tsumugi watches all the time. Tsumugi’s little friend with the shiny forehead wants to be the protagonist along with Tsumugi, while the other friend with the black hair will be Magi-girl, but Tsumugi doesn’t want to be Yoshiko (the protagonist). She wants to be Mr. Galigali…that cursed pink sheep/pig thing. Her friend gets upset with her and calls her weird and stomps away. Tsumugi is hurt by this and is upset throughout this episode, taking her anger out on her father for always talking about food and not girls?

horriblesubs-amaama-to-inazuma-11-1080p-mkv0059I always like it when the show focuses on Tsumugi’s interactions in the school. Kids have their own problems too, but that gives them the chance to learn and talk things out with each other. At first Kouhei and the girl’s mom came to the school to make sure they made up, and even though Tsumugi was glad, her friend wasn’t. It wasn’t until Kouhei came up with the idea of making a Galigali costume to use that to ease the situation. With how fun and “cool” the costume was, Tsumugi would use that to show that her role in the play would be just as important, and that she can still have fun on stage with her friend. She was happy with it, all the kids were impressed, and Kouhei was shocked to see other Galigalis at the play, which was hilarious. Tsumugi also learned it wasn’t good to take her anger out on others, that her father loves her like crazy, and how it’s okay to like the things she does, just like how Kotori loves food and eating.

Also Shinobu and Yagi were there to lighten up things, which was fine, but it was the usual episode. It was a better one, sweet as always. I wonder how they’re going to end it all, though? I know the manga is still going on, so there won’t be a definitive ending. Another season?


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