Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 117

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Yuugo… Rin… ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

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I AM NOT OKAY. It was so sad to watch, as expected Yuugo is devastated, heartbroken and is in so much pain. Not only has he lost Rin, my the D-Wheel they together had put their heart and soul into is now battered and broken. Yuugo was quick to notice she wasn’t acting like herself, from her behavior to her expressions and was keen enough to notice her duel-disk has switched.

And just when Yuugo thought there was hope, and maybe there was- only for a second when she managed to utter his name, he was defeated. YGO ARC V Ep 117 Img 0014However Yuugo still has another chance to fight another day, along with the fact he now has a concrete idea of what is causing this behavior, which is the Parasite Fusioner. This monster was developed by the creepy dude to control and manipulate a player’s memories. If you thought it was bad enough just because of how messed up that is, well it’s gets worse when you actually see a literal parasite inside the girls’ ears. EW EW EW, GROSS!!!!!! It is because of this stupid monster the girls are nothing more than puppets. They have no self-control, they have no thoughts, they can’t do anything and will not go beyond the script assigned to them by Academia. Being able to utilize their memories and use it against their beloved ones puts their friends and family at a serious disadvantage, unless they were able to develop a new trick during the time of their separation.

YGO ARC V Ep 117 Img 0003

Well that escalated quickly.

I was delighted how the entire episode was mostly devoted to Rin and Yuugo, I went in thinking maybe we were going to see a bit of both, especially with how quickly it had escalated. I mean, THEY THREW THE GUYS OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!! I then thought maybe we were about to see Ruri and Shun duel, but it it appears next week’s episode will be focusing on the Lancers.

Speaking of which, Reiji finally opened up to the group and revealed how he was the one who requested assistance from Yuushou, along even more damning information regarding the ARC AREA Project. That is Revival Zero. Although Reiji doesn’t fully understand what it means, he knows one thing for sure. Inside the folder of that project were Yuuri’s and Selena’s profiles. With the knowledge of Yuuri having been filed in the database, indicates the possibility it’s not just the four girls they need, but the four boys as well (I do wonder about that though since they didn’t even bother having Rin capture Yuugo after she defeated him…). Either way, with the girls, they have four of the main keys, and we hear how it is nearing completion. YGO ARC V Ep 117 Img 0012The question now is, if the boys do have a role in this project, what is it, and in what way can they interfere with it to prevent it from happening? My guess their role actually involves their dragons since they have been constantly drawn to each other, and we have heard the dragons speak during the Hyper-Beserk Mode how they are to become one whole or something along the lines.

Needless to say, Yuzu and possibly even Yuushou are in serious danger. I am not sure if Yuzu will be able to find a way to break out, or if she will be able to find a way to protect herself from the parasite, I dread seeing her being controlled as a puppet (it’s probably going to happen anyways, all for the sake of the angst duel between Yuzu and Yuuya). But in all honesty, I am more worried about Yuushou. Two things can happen, actually three- but I don’t think the third will happen. i) Yuushou is turned into a card or ii) Yuushou becomes the next victim to the Parasite, leading to the ultimate angst duel of Yuuya VS his father. (Let’s face it, that would be both brutal and devastating for Yuuya).

YGO ARC V Ep 117 Img 0007On the extra note, I REALLY WANT TO COLLECT RIN’S DECK! I absolutely love her Winter Witches, and I am surprised by how alike they look to Yuzu’s Melodious monsters. Also, it was an awkward moment was when Edo possessed more reliable information than Dennis. Maybe it’s because he was pretty high up in the rankings to even hear of such rumor, but you’d think Dennis would at least been aware of the rumor.


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45 Responses

  1. Sanokal says:

    Possibly Dennis’s way of being okay with betrayal. Sneaky bugger.
    On that note, there’s a bucket that I’ve got to be sick in.

    • Eva says:

      I hope you get better soon! :(

      • Sanokal says:

        I’m not sick, it’s just my way of expressing disgust at the ending shot of the episode. *shudders*

        • Eva says:

          OH okay XD HAHAHAHAHA! Having been sick for a while, when I see someone else say they are sick I instantly think, “GET BETTER SOON! ; ^ ;) LMAO!

          Other than that: Yes your reaction is absolutely justified, it was creepy and gross. *SHUDDERS* ew ew ew ew ew!

          • Sanokal says:

            And that makes two ARC-V episodes that I definitely won’t summarize for the wiki!
            Thank you for assuming concern though.

  2. Cris says:

    It’s weird how young-Yuri looks so not evil.

  3. marsh381 says:

    Woot! Rin won!!! I don’t get at all why some fans were dissapointed that Yugo finally lost a duel? Like seriously, major characters at least lose once. Plus Yugo saving Rin this duel would have totally dissolved any point of having the girls built up to this point with them being kidnapped. It’s not even like Yugo went easy on her. Both tried their best. It’s just that Rin knew how to play around Yugo’s deck. So I’m hoping that Ruri either beats Shun or if Shun beats her then have it be a 2-part episode. Rematches people!!!

    • Eva says:

      People were disappointed? really? That kind of surprises me, especially given the circumstances. There was no way they could let him save Rin just like that, that would be too easy.

      I’m not sure what kind of outcome I want for Shun and Ruri, but it’s going to be an emotional one alright. Perhaps a Draw would be cool.

      • Shun is urged by the fans to deliver humanity his best gifts: a Rank 12 Raidraptor & a Rank-Up searcher, and it would be perfect for him to use those against Ruri. But Shun should stop using Ultimate Falcon, it only gave him bad luck by losing to Crow and KAITOFUCKER, the latter should be executed!!!

      • aramire77 says:

        Some people that I know were disappointed because they thought Yugo is more skilled and stronger than Rin. And they also thought if Yugo lost to Rin, then how he will be able to defeat Yuri who is clearly stronger than Rin, which made them losing some interest in the Duel between Yugo and Yuri.

        I’m actually starting to doubt there will be Yugo vs Yuri like in the OP. Because, when I saw Yuya and Yugo clashed against each other (their dragons) in the third OP, I thought the two of them will definitely Duel and was looking forward to it. To my huge disappointment, the Duel never happen. So I’m starting to think that the same thing may happen again this time.

        • marsh381 says:

          I would have to say false with that first statement. Not saying Yugo is bad, but clearly Rin knew how Yugo’s deck worked and worked around it (even though its thanks to the fusion monster though that doesn’t amount anything against her.) Hell, Rin could have won the third turn if she wanted to but she dragged the duel on.

  4. starqo says:

    Honestly, I thought it was gonna go either way with this duel; it didn’t really hit me until I saw Rin’s unchanging expression as Yugo hugged her after he destroyed Crystal Bell. At that point, it was fairly obvious that this was going to be Yugo’s first on-screen loss. And while on the one hand, one of “heroines” defeating one of the “protagonists” when he’s playing at his A-game is nice to see, on the other hand, she arguably only won because the bad guys made her add their cards to her deck, and more importantly, seeing Yugo go through all that was just painful.

    To think that Shun’s going to have to go through that (I actually kind of wish Kaito was Ruri’s first opponent, since it appears that they’re giving the girls some victories to hype them up a bit), the writers are so sadistic.

    I wish that that was what’s happening next week, but I guess the Lancers are going to need something to do.

    P.S. It seems that, after several underwhelming episodes, you were put through the emotional ringer, huh, Eva?

    P.P.S. I’m going to laugh if it turns out that Yuri and Serena are old friends as well (with their memories altered or something), and Yuri is only evil because some “event” or something instead of just being evil (I doubt he has a Parasite Fusioner like the others).

    • Eva says:

      You are right, it did look like it could go either way. I did feel Rin was going to win, but like you, I didn’t actually think of it until it became more obvious. I like it when they do that, it makes it feel a bit more suspenseful!

      Hahahaha, it’s probably because it’s been so underwhelming, my emotions and relief of quality writing coming back contributed to my emotions too! ;)

      You know I actually wondered the same thing. I thought for a second, “Huh, what is Yuuri is being mind-controlled too?” But then I thought “Nahhhh” because Yuuri reacts to things (such as laughing at Yuugo when the two encountered each other during the first tournament) where as Selena, Rin and Ruri could not or would not react to. That being said, I do wonder if Yuuri and Selena were friends or knew each other before being taken in by Academia as that appears to be the pattern right now in all the realms.

    • “I actually kind of wish Kaito was Ruri’s first opponent, since it appears that they’re giving the girls some victories to hype them up a bit”

      Kaito WAS Ruri’s first opponent, and the outcome was easily decided: Ruri WON by pushing Kaito down the tower (still angry he survived the fall because of SHUN). Who needs card games when you can just use brute force to charge through? :)

  5. thetiger39 says:

    A thought just ocurred to me after reading this. Imagine Yuya going up against Parasite!Yuzu and Parasite!Yuusho at the same time. Double the angst.

  6. Reverse Inverse says:

    The thought of something happening to Yuushou didn’t even cross my mind. Good observation. Personally I think (and kind of hope) it is Yuzu who wll get brainwashed and face Yuya, because being the two characters we know the best in the show, it’s the duel with the most potential for emotional investment. And if Rin vs Yugo was already this amazing, I really want to see how a Yuya vs Yuzu duel would play out.


    I’m not even lying, this episode really made me broke into tears, and it’s all the fault of that Parasite oldie beside the Professor for pulling the strings manipulating the Yu-waifus, DAMN HIM TO HELL!!!! So Rin runs a Wind Witch deck, and dat Fusion combo involving Parasite Fusioner is pretty sick, but dear Yugo really lost to Rin’s “Fusion”, before Yuri could eat him-BTW, when Reiji explained the “Revival Zero” shenanigans, did I just saw a chibi Yuri?? Kaito, he sure was one lucky asshole, if Shun didn’t save him in the last minute he’d be a goner, but hey Konami still needs to promote the stupid Cipher archetype, F**K KAITO, WHY COULDN’T HE JUST DIE ALREADY??!! ALSO seeing MUH BIRDIE RURI being evil is kinda “awesome” in a manner, but I dunno, I’m only ticked that she failed to kill Kaito… (*Now that the archetypes that three Yu-waifus use- Melodious, Moonlight, and Wind Witch have been revealed, I wonder what deck Ruri will use.)

    Next episode, well Yuya and co. might be playing games in the Academia. Sure that THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN!

    Now onto the commentary:
    • NOOOO! Yugo got kneed out of the window by Rin! :( YEESSSS! Kaito got pushed down from the tower by Ruri! >:D
    • Birdman & Rise Falcon to the rescue…and why is Edo with him?
    • Shun: “MUH RURI PUSHED YOU DOWN?!! THIS CAN’T BE!!!” (Dashes off to Ruri)
    • Kaito, isn’t it a little too late to assign Edo to look after Yugo WHEN HE’S DEAD?
    • … Or not. Conveniently falling onto his D-Wheel, and emerge unscathed like that?? Anime logic strikes again, because in real-life, such impact can actually make the injuries worse.
    • Did the Friendship Cup have a Tag Card Games on D-Wheels League? I only recall the whole tournament being a path to the top while the losers are left crawling on the ground as Commons.
    • YUSEI-GO REFERENCE! Yugo & Rin actually built their D-Wheel under the inspiration of Yusei!
    • Rin doesn’t give a fuck about such measly childhood memories. She’s ready to fuck Yugo with…
    • WIND WITCHES!!! Could Ice cards be making a comeback? Maybe hope for the Ice Barriers. But it’s really weird that her cards are Wind-Attribute when they’re obviously water-based monsters.
    • Based on what Yugo is saying, Rin always enjoys beating the crap out of him (and her opponents) with Ice Bell’s Burn effect. Dunno if the Academia did anything to her. (Sarcasm is obvious here :p)
    • Is it just me or is the scale between these guys and the size of the stairs really inconsistent?
    • Speedroid-Bamboo Horse seems interesting. I’m going to buy one once Raging Tempest is released.
    • Hey look, it’s the Old Creeper (I’ll call him that for now) who specializes in breeding parasites.
    • So I guess Roger got the lobotomy idea from the Old Creeper. Does that mean Rin is part-robot now?
    • Another keikaku apart from Arc Area Project focused on the 4 Yutagonists- “REVIVAL ZERO”!
    • Y’know Reiji, YOU SHOULD’VE TOLD US THIS SHIT ALMOST 100 EPISODES AGO. Wait, it’s all part of the keikaku… >_>
    • HOLY SHIT! Parasite Fusioner’s quick Fusion effect is really solid, unlike the trash Flash Fusion.
    • … And Rin committed suicide mid-summon… First we got Jack & Yuya pulled out those comical suicide manoeurves, now Synchro Bae is playing with those too… AND SHE SURVIVES?!! >_>
    • Even Synchro Bae has a Fusion Pose… SO WHEN WILL YUYA DO HIS FUSION POSE?!!
    • Pervasite Fusioner likes the boobies… And that Wind Witch sounds so awkward about it… :p
    • On a side note: I was hoping the new monster to be a Machine “Empress”, but I was wrong.
    • RIP Yugo’s D-Wheel. You were the motorcycle that pierced the Dimensions. I’ve grown so attached to that motorcycle it hurts seeing it being reduced to rubble. You will always ride on in my heart. T_T
    • I’m starting to get annoyed by Ice Bell’s effect. Should call those new monsters WIND BITCHES!!!
    • AT LONG LAST!! Yugo will duel on the ground with a duel disk on his arm! #SaveRinAtAllCosts
    • I bashed Kaito for (allegedly) hacking his duel disk to top-deck Cipher Wing(s) EVERYTIME, but I just can’t bash Yugo for using Tri-Eyed Dice & Red-Eyed Dice for almost all his duels… :p
    • Silly Rin, you DO NOT play the “Negate Game” with Yugo.
    • Parasite Fusioner has a protection side effect too? Man, I really want this card to be printed now!
    • Is Rin back to normal? NOPE!!! EVIL RIN INTENSIFIES!!! Yugo’s now totally shattered…
    • DAMN! Not the quick Fusion of Winter Bell and Parasite Fusioner again for another Crystal Bell!
    • In the end Yugo got fucked… by the recycled Ice Bell’s effect. That was a painful and insulting way for him to taste defeat on-screen for the first time in Arc V. Did the writers really grow MASSIVE balls?!! The only “bright” side of this outcome is that Yugo didn’t get carded or taken prisoner (surprise, surprise), but now he’s a broken man, time to turn off the Yuya torture porn and watch the new Yugo torture porn. T_T
    • Between the Professor’s ambition to capture all the Yu-waifus for his harem and allowing the Old Creeper to infect them with slithery tentacle parasites, he’s got ONE HELL of a fetish… >_>

    • 5 VS 5 duels between the Lancers and Academia’s Blue scrubs under the watch of BERNIE SANDERS.
    • The writers better not tease us with that Easter egg of Kaiser Ryo in episode 116…

  8. Becs says:

    Oh god! The parasite thingys EW EW EW EEEEW!! seeing that shot with the parasite on (i’m assuming on because it would turn the whole anime macabre if it was in!) Rin’s brain, that the professor had performed brain surgery on all 3 girls like Roger almost did with Yuya! I was so scared by that… but now its more implied that it was by the ears… which doesnt make it better and possibly even scarier… but at least their heads werent cut open… *shudders*

    I honestly totally thought that they were going to do an asspull and have Yugo win her over! But with guilt… i kind of liked seeing evil Rin… Now i want her to turn good obviously! But her VA was incredible i thought with portraying the monotonous, cruel and vicious edge to RIn’s voice!
    Also love Rin’s deck. Because of her deck, me and my friend have now changed her nickname to Swift Witch Rin, and she is my second best girl now pushing Yuzu to third!

    I think with the boys i’m guessing that they do need them but they dont bother capturing them for one of two possible reasons. 1) because they know for some reason that all 4 girls know the Yu-boys and are close to each other and thus would travel to get them back thus leading them towards them rather than go through the trouble of capturing. or 2) Maybe they were aware of the dragon abilities to call out to each other so assume that they would meet if they capture the bracelet girls…
    I think its a combination of the two personally… but i could be wrong and they dont need the boys at all!

    I’ll be honest the big battle royale thingy next weeks looks kind of dull… i hope it impresses more than its preview.

    And oh god! now that you’ve written it, it seems more likely now to me that they’ll make Yuya face his father! I mean lets face it, the writers are sadistic and cruel as hell when they want to be!

    • “her VA was incredible i thought with portraying the monotonous, cruel and vicious edge to RIn’s voice!”

      Does anyone know that Rin’s VA is actually a Japanese-Australian? But yes, her voicing is actually the BEST out of the Yu-waifus, even better than Ruri whose VA is really inexperienced (and that explains why Ruri has such few lines in the entire show).

      “she is my second best girl now pushing Yuzu to third!”

      Rin is also my 2nd best girl (her body is just smoking hot!), but I’ve long decided that MUH RURI is the best girl, Serena in 3rd place and Yuzu now at the last.

      • Becs says:

        Really? That’s why Ruri hasn’t spoken a lot!? I hope she speaks a lot more if i’m perfectly honest. I quite like her voice.
        And mate you REALLY dont know how much i want to make Ruri my best girl seeing as her overall design is my favourite. But we’ve hardly had any character given from her apart from that one single flashback. It was the same with Rin with the two only being in flashbacks. So i wanted to wait until we got character moments in the present where we saw them in action where they spoke and showed their character for a few minutes which Rin has done. Ruri hardly gave anything… so hopefully she will when we see her duel with Shun!

        I’m scared that Ruri will turn into a Rio… See my most hated character from Zexal is Rio because she acts like a stereotypical little sister who only worries and pretty much only follows her older brother even if she doesnt agree.
        That is my fear for Ruri, i really hope she is a proactive character who doesnt follow her brother blindly and let him be her hero…

        My best girls go in the order. Power Goddess Selena, Swift Witch Rin, Entertainment Queen Yuzu, Rogue Angel Ruri (that may change depending on her deck and personality).

        • Sanokal says:

          Considering that she roped her two buds into a picture and follows the smile philosophy – speaking of which, would really like to see Shay try and use that to reach her! – I think that it’s safe to say that she doesn’t blindly follow her brother. Want to see more of her and Yuto though.

        • No point in re-evaluating who’s my best Yu-waifu, Ruri is the 1st, Rin 2nd, Serena 3rd and Yuzu 4th.

    • Eva says:

      X___X We should’ve known better that if Rogers done operations to mind-control people, Academia would too- especially since he used to work with them. I don’t know what’s worse Roger’s methods or the Creepy Dude’s method- either way it’s DISTURBING AND DISGUSTING!

      Swift Witch Rin! I like that!!!!!!! :O So hard to choose best girl! They are all so badass!

      It would be interesting to see if they are aware of the Dragons’ role in this. It could get messy real fast if the Professor and others are not aware of the looming threat. ARC AREA Project could actually be a catalyst to disaster if the dark force within the dragons wants to utilize that power to become “whole again” presuming they were whole once before: cue to backstory of separating the pieces of the souls/jk :P

      OR ACTUALLY- this is a total crack theory, just crossed my mind- totally not gonna happen
      but WHAT IF:

      I don’t particularly care for the Battle Royale either, looks like it will be boring, but hopefully there will be a surprise, or it will be shorter than expected.

      • Becs says:

        I’m excited to see how the Yu-boys will fit into this project. I think the audience kind of guessed that they were important early on since only he and Yuzu had dimensional counterparts. And we already know that the girls are important cos of their bracelets it just remains to be seen on what the boy’s roles will be…

        And yeah, Rin was originally Swift Princess Rin to match Yugo’s nickname (Speed Prince Yugo) cos we hardly knew anything about her. But since she has a witch deck i think the princess part should be changed. It was mostly based on her appearance anyway.

        And yeah i agree they’re all pretty badass from what we’ve seen (really hope Ruri lives up to that expectation! We hardly seen her in action). But i base my best girl from which personality i prefer of the girls which while i think are all terrific i just have slight preferences. So i like Selena’s more impulsive personality mostly because it could’ve been done SO wrong and they did it so RIGHT! Then now it’s Rin, who’s strict and focused but also sweet and caring from what we’ve seen, after that is Yuzu who is determined, strong and assertive only slightly flawed by her hesitant nature but not necessarily a bad thing all the time, only occasionally (that duel with Sergey is a good example of how it backfired on her).

        Ruri is last for me by pure default atm because we havent seen much of her which i hope changes soon.

  9. aramire77 says:

    Urgh, that parasite thingy reaaaally disgusted me. The thought of it being implanted into their brain gave me a huge goosebumps (and it’s even moving, revealing its tail from Serena’s ear! Gross). Not only that, when Rin summoned it, why does it has to attach itself on Rin’s monster’s chest? It’s a monster and not a real person, but still, to me it’s even more disgusting! I want that parasite disappear soon! DX

    When I looked at the child Yuri, he seemed so innocent like child his age. For a moment I think of a possibility that he might be controlled as well, but then I remembered there’s an interview I once read that revealed Yuri is not bound by the organization and joined Academia solely for fun. So I quickly dismissed the possibility. Still, I wonder what happened.

    Questions came into my mind after hearing the hypothesis about Revival Zero. If Yuya and his counterparts are really necessary for Reo’s plan, then Reo should have told his soldiers not to card them. From the way Obelisk Force and Tyler Sisters duelling and their words when they duelled Yuya, they’re determined to turn Yuya into card. So perhaps Yuri is the only one necessary or crucial for this Revival Zero?

    Argh…! The mysteries feels like killing me! I want to know soon!

    • “Not only that, when Rin summoned it, why does it has to attach itself on Rin’s monster’s chest? It’s a monster and not a real person, but still, to me it’s even more disgusting! I want that parasite disappear soon!”

      Should call that a PERVASITE, it must be liking the boobs of underaged girls… :p

      • aramire77 says:

        Speaking about it, there are actually quite lot of fanservice in the series (which doesn’t sit quite well with me as a girl)… But this? If the staff’s intention is to make the viewers feel disgusted at the parasite, then they are succeeded. But if this is included in one of the fanservices, then it’s a big failure in my opinion. (_ _lll)

        • marsh381 says:

          you are all really stretching with this “fanservice” stuff. It’s only that if you think it that way. Like so what it attached itself to its boob? It’s not like it was detailed or anything and besides, that’s the side where the heart is? Because I will say as an advent ecchi viewer….the only fanservice we got so far from this series was Alexis’s Vishnu. Literally everything else….like I’m really trying to think here but Yuzu taking a shower? Like that’s nothing because nothing was shown. I legitimately for the life of me can’t figure out what you and Wilfredo are getting at.
          @ Wilfredo and where are you getting this whole boob underage girl schtick? It only attached itself to the monster. More than likely it burrowed through the other girls ears and that is not perverted in the slightest (unless you’re into that kind of thing). Like I’m sounding a little irritated in this response (maybe because I am?) but moreover its just me looking at people totally blow little stuff out of proportion.

          • aramire77 says:

            Fanservice doesn’t always necessarily to be a very clear or detailed ecchi stuff and such you know. But since the mostly used fanservice is that kind, I’m not surprised if many people thinks that fanservice is only limited to that kind.

            The fanservice that I’m talking about before is like, for an example, when Yuzu, Serena, or Rin performs Fusion Summon (Not including several characters and the male characters and when they’re wearing Riding Duel suit). Whenever they were Fusion summoning, there always a close shot of their chests. I’m saying it’s a fanservice because I’ve once seen in some Japanese website (I forgot the website) a video that solely shows their chests (the video title even makes it clear) when Fusion summoning and there’s even some talk about it.

      • Yugioh Fan says:

        Yeah I know what you mean, those parasite things are terrible in multiple ways. The professor couldn’t uses regular mind control, he had to find a creepy old man with a fascination of insect mind control. Also Clear Wilfred, I gotta ask why do you hate Kite(Kaito), I mean I don’t mind that you hate him since every fan is allowed there on views, but as a fan of Kite(Kaito) I was just curious of why you don’t like.

        • I hate what I hate, simple as that.


          • Yugioh Fan says:

            Oh ok, I thought you hated Kite(Kaito) in general, but you just hate Arc V’s version of him, that’s good to know. While I do like Arc V’s version, I must admit Zexal’s version of Kite(Kaito) was defiantly better then Arc V’s.

  10. The Lunchbox Hero says:

    Calling it right now: In a few episodes when Ruri meets Yuya I bet her bracelet releases Yuto. I bet Yuzu’s bracelet is a preventive measure and the rest of the bracelet’s remove their corresponding Yu- from Yuya.

    • aramire77 says:

      That’s possible to happen. But how Ruri will meet Yuya though? They’re both in different parts of Academia (Yuya in some kind of jungle Dueling against Academia soldiers while Ruri is still in the Western Tower and will Duel her brother).

      • Yugioh Fan says:

        Well it could happen like this, Shay(Shun) duels his sister Lulu(Ruri) and he either defeaters her alone or Kite(Kaito) who’s there with him jumps in to help and together they beat Lulu(Ruri) and free her from the mind control. After that, the three would most likely regroup with Yuya and the other Lancer, probley along with Yugo and Aster(Edo), then that’s how Lulu(Ruri) meets Yuya and frees Yuto from within him.

  11. flora46k says:

    Aside from the emotionally intense duel between Yugo and Rin, I love the fact that you get to see Yuugo fight without his duel runner. So far I never seen him duel without that thing.

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