Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin – Episode 5 [Two in One]

This episode took a look at Yatori’s past with Ikta, so for those like me who were wanting to see some of their history together, this was our first dose.

So Yatori’s getting in some practice with her weapons, and she talks with her fire sprite Shia about becoming a “true blade” like she did in the last episode. Yatori acknowledges that as long as Ikta is around, she’ll never be a true blade because he’s there to balance her and help keep her grounded.

In the flashback, Yatori’s father says he’s sending her abroad for extra studying and training. She ends up being sent to stay with Ikta’s family at the Rising Sun Regiment Garrison in the Katjvarna Empire, where she learns about science and many other new things, much of which she’d have never learnt if she had stayed at home with her regular teachers.

Yatori meets not only Ikta’s parents, but Ikta’s mentor Dr. Anarai Kahn too. Yatori is a very smart child, as is Ikta, and she is able to easily grasp the concept of “science”vlcsnap-00009. As Yatori sums it up, science is a field which attempts to explain things which are usually explained as being merely “acts of God”. This is why, in the present, everyone is so mystified when Ikta chalks something up to science instead of “that’s just how they are” or “God works in mysterious ways.” It’s only natural that people who are used to thinking in a theological manner will have some questions about this new scientific frame of mind.

Later Ikta comes across Yatori while she’s training alone and he tries to get her to loosen up around him. He brings her along on to fulfill his “mission list”, which is basically an excuse for him to be mischievous around the garrison while doing things for his father. The list includes things like making one of the majors fall into a hole, and stealing a bunch of food from the garrison kitchen so Ikta’s family can make lunch. Yatori excels at the second task and they head back to Ikta’s house with their spoils.

Yatori is immediately in awe of Ikta’s mother, and I suspect this is because her mother is not present in her own life. I don’t know if Yatori’s mom is sick or dead, but to my knowledge there’s been no mention of her yet. Ikta takes Yatori inside and they play chess while waiting for their meal.

A recurrent theme in this episode is the control over one’s destiny in life. Yatori feels that because she is an Igsem, her path is already chosen for her. She was meant to be a soldier, so that’s what she’ll be. Ikta places more importance on personal choice and feels that if Yatori is only becoming a soldier because that’s what’s expected of her, then maybe she should reconsider her options.

The next day Ikta and Yatori accompany two of the garrison’s workers on a trek up into the mountains. But one of them forgets some surveying tools, so the adults return and leave the kids alone in the hills. Makes perfect sense right? Especially when they are attacked by a pack of wolves as the sun starts to go down. Trapped inside the cabin, Yatori and Ikta are forced to come up with ways to kill the wolves based on their limited supply of tools.

Gradually Ikta and Yatori thin down the wolf pack, but they are very smart and the pack leader remains elusive. Eventually the wolves are able to break into the cabin, forcing Ikta and Yatori to hide inside a wooden trunk that Ikta created. With their backs against a wall, literally, Ikta and Yatori vow to be each other’s left and right hand, and to work together to solve whatever problems they may come up against.

vlcsnap-00020So they sneak out a hidden back way and trap the wolves inside the cabin, then set it on fire. However the leader and the last underling wolf break out and move to attack Yatori. She wounds the wolf and it looks like the fight will never end, when another wolf shows up. It turns out the two wolves Yatori and Ikta had been fighting were parents, and the small wolf which showed up was their offspring. The three wolves then leave together, and Ikta and Yatori are left with no shelter for the night save for some trees.

In the morning, Yatori and Ikta munch on the last of their rations. Ikta reiterates that Yatori should rethink becoming a soldier, and that if she mentally pairs his words with the dramatic event which just happened, she’ll never forget them. Yatori agrees that she’ll never forget that night.

In a voiceover, Yatori describes how some time after the night of the wolf attack, “Uncle Bada” was locked up and Ikta and his mother went missing. Back in the present someone throws a nut in Yatori’s direction, and it’s Ikta. Yatori’s voiceover says that Ikta came back to her, and we’re shown the clip from the very beginning of the first episode, where Ikta holds a medal in his hand and says he’s come to take Yatori away from “this country without a future.”

My thoughts: Goddamn I just love this show so much.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have no complaints about it so far. The animation’s beautiful, I love all the music, and I ship Yatori x Ikta so hard it’s not funny.

I liked that we got to see how Ikta and Yatori met, and the development of their friendship. It’s clear their relationship has a strong foundation, and I’m really really hoping it will develop into something romantic before the end of a season (or at least hint at it). I know that at the end of the last episode that I thought the title of this week’s episode could have naughty connotations, but it turns out I just have a dirty mind. xD

Ironically it was kid!Ikta who had tried to convince Yatori to not become a soldier, but in the present day Yatori is a soldier and it is Ikta who’s fighting that path. We know from Princess Chamille’s voiceover that Ikta will eventually work his way up the military ladder, so he will follow that destiny, but it was just interesting to see how Ikta was originally the exact opposite of a soldier.

Can’t wait for the next episode!


Author’s Note: I apologize for this review being late, as I was not able to get my laptop working properly while I was away. Therefore all of this past week’s reviews are going to be slightly delayed. Thank you for your patience!



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  1. The only complaint I have is I feel we should have gotten this episode first it would have made things click way better it works the way it is but like the first 3 episodes I was a little lost by the lore but that’s just my opinion

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