Show By Rock!! Short!! Episodes 3 + 4

Episode 3

We’re back with Tokiko, this time with Criticrista! Tokiko’s face whenever Rosia spoke is basically my reaction too. We follow the same format as the first episode with Plasmagica, with the four girls introducing themselves. But we actually learn a little more about them, such as Tsukino having a perfect pitch. I’m not entirely sure if she was right either, but she sounded pretty good. We also learn that Jacklyn is the sporty one of the group. She showed a video of herself doing cartwheels and such so…it wasn’t very impressive, it was mostly cute and boring. Rosia is supposed to be good at “cunning and dance” and then she hogged the camera and basically took over the rest of the show by literally standing right in front of the camera and being like “Nii-san you better be watching ahhhskjfhkjg!!!!” and shit.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! Short!! - 03 [1080p].mkv0012

Even her ahoge is shaped like a heart.

Holmy interests me. What is this “hellish training” she was talking about? What are these eight trials? What twisted side to her is she hiding in that cute body of hers? We’re learning about these characters bit by bit, but now I want to know more about Holmy. But of course we didn’t hear more. Great. >:/

Episode 4

With the pattern that we have been getting with these episodes, I knew the second I saw cherry blossoms in the first few seconds that this episode was going to be about Tsurezure. And I was so excited because I really love them! Unfortunately, Darudayu wasn’t in this one but interestingly this is going to be a two-parter and she’ll most likely be in the next one. We’re actually going to see how Tsurezure came together, and that’s so cool.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! Short!! - 04 [1080p].mkv0011Again, even if this series is a short, we’re still learning some things about the characters and the bands, and in this case we’re seeing how Tsurezure formed. Isn’t that interesting? We see A as she is practicing with a wooden sword at a dojo, and her master tells her that she was good, but there’s so fun in her style. When she can find “fun” and incorporate that into her sword she’ll become stronger, but she has no idea what he means. While she walks home, she comes by a koto and shamisen shop, with Un, the pink-haired girl, working there. She invites A to look around, but she gets embarrassed and runs off. The next day A sees Un getting harassed by a small egg person and threatens him to leave her alone, as he was trying to steal her shamisen. She scares him away, and Un thanks her. She realizes she’s the same girl as before, and she says she’s going to take her somewhere, and that’s where the episode ends.

I already know how this is going to end, since we know they form a band, but A is going to find the “fun” she was looking for in instruments and music and she’s going to be part of Tsurezure. I know all this, but it’s still going to be fun to see how it all happens. I love this band and their songs were my favorites in the anime, and also in the app that I stopped playing awhile ago.

Speaking of which, I wonder if they’re going to briefly introduce some new band members from the game. Though they might save that for the second season of the anime later this year. For this short series, I really would like to see more of Rom and Shuzo’s relationship, I think that would be a special treat. Predicting that Tsurezure is going to finish off with the next episode, I’m going to guess that Trichronika is going to star in episode 6, and then after that I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.


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