Rewrite Episode 3: Welcome, Supernatural Phenomena


I love cute things.

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  1. I.D. nameless says:

    You sure don’t care about spoilers do you? I did not notice in previous posts about rewrite but here you just went all out with VN knowledge. Not that I mind, it just stood out.
    And the process of creating a familiar is also shown in Kotori’s route, where she’s working on creating a bird. And yeah, it’s difficult and takes time. No way Midou created that dog on the spot, he just summoned it. Anyway, good to see him. After the Krivoy Rog thing, I was sure he’d be left out.
    I also liked the Akane fanservice but I wish they’d get more of her dialogue in the anime. So far, I don’t think the anime made justice to just how smart she is or how she and Kotarou can play of each other -they skipped the whole convincing Akane to come with them on the fat snake hunt and just showed her out there. Kotori’s been a victim of this too I guess.
    Still, I enjoyed this episode for what it was. And contrary to my prediction last week, MAL has calmed down a lot.

    • Vantage says:

      I’ve kind of given up, to be honest. It’s not like I can pretend to speculate, and given that (i) the anime isn’t catered towards secondaries; and (ii) the majority of the (visible) readership have played the game, I’d rather talk candidly about the episode and all the foreshadowing instead of resorting to summarising what happened, which is what I’d have to do if I couldn’t mention anything from the VN (and I’m really not a fan of the latter). The comments have also been very spoiler-tastic every week, although I know this was the first time I explicitly mentioned Gaia and Guardian in the post itself.

      As Midou didn’t appear at all in the OP, I thought he’d be left out as well. It feels like Akane’s being treated differently from the other girls – each of them have gotten some scenes animated from their common route encounters with Kotarou, and Akane just gets lewds. I’m not sure how to feel about that. They missed out some NEET lines of her dying after a few moments in the sun, as well as her reactions to all the flaming the occult club blog got. The scene of Kotarou discovering the terrifying power of the internet never even appeared, actually. Now I’m fearing for the Yoshino song.

      As for Kotori, maybe she’ll play a part in the Kagari route? A Kagari route doesn’t imply an affiliation with either Gaia or Guardian, so it’d make sense if Kotori got more involvement. She’s been a victim in general, really – despite being Rewrite’s poster girl she was never its main heroine, while Kagari as its main heroine ended up not being very heroine-like at all.

      • I.D. nameless says:

        I don’t want to bump episode 2 again but I have to say your line about a panda had me laughing for a while.

        • Vantage says:

          The dankest of memes.

          I can’t remember the last time I saw an unironic post about getting past the panda. Won’t be much longer now, it’s summer after all.

  2. nanaya says:

    You pretty much said what I want to say about current episode. Alse I liked the little things like Chihaya’s clumsiness,
    Koutarou’s “chi-ha-ya”, Lucia face after chuni skit, hints of flame war in occult cult page, akane and tsukuno’s silent conversation, Esaka-san’s pause etc. Still don’t know where this route is going though. Hoping for Imamiya and more kagari next episode.

    On the other hand I end up rereading Terra just to renew my knowledge about Kagari’s development and nature.
    Terra kagari went from newborn to sheltered princess who have no knowledge of how the world work & no understanding humans to showing very human feeling like frustration (for there is nothing she can do but wait), irritation (for koutarou not being serious, IMO Koutarou was just awkward man trying impressed his first crush at that point ), despair (when koutarou report his failures). She even lashed out at the surrounding just like middle school koutarou. Sadly that was all that was shown because salvation approached and all she could do is hold it back with her will and hope koutarou delivered. At the end, I supposed she must have feel like she just saw a miracle cos she was just so happy that she even give him a reward which by her standard are one of horrible reproduction acts
    Terra Kagari comes off as a being who not only is pragmatic(border on no moral) but also have great love for humanity and its future.
    Moon Kagari somehow comes off even more pragmatic because she sacrificed her self, her sister, her only companion, 1/2 or more of human populations (part of credit for terra’s salvation goes to her for being a mastermind) for humanity’s future.
    In the end I was reminded that A kagari is a phenomenon no matter how human or different they ended up as.
    Also I realized Kotori is a very terrible druid. She does a horrible job of “guiding” kagari considering how she turned out in common route. Kotori somehow achieved Suzuki? (gaia) dude method of dealing with the key unknowingly.

    Forgive my rambling, what I want to say is I am excited for how this route will deal with Kagari. Kotori VA said something about Kagari being impactful in anime later parts. However they did I hope they don’t make her lose that phenomenon part of her.

    BTW what do you consider Terra ending is?
    IMO Good end (for heroines, humanity, kagaris (at least they die with knowing about humanity’s future) Bad end (for Koutarou unless he developed unending love for humanity like kagaris).

    Sorry about the wall of text and bad english.

    • Vantage says:

      A grumpy Akane is cute too. I’m hoping for more Sakuya scenes actually, Tennouji Yotarou is his fate after all. I rewatched the chuuni skit, and it’s actually criminal how unsubtle the foreshadowing is if you know what’s going on, especially because it feels comedic:

      >Maybe her gloves are seals to hide her secret cursed powers! (Kotarou)
      >W-what’s with that? (Yoshino)
      >You’ve experienced it yourself, haven’t you? (Kotarou)
      >K-knock it off! Don’t say any more! (Yoshino)
      >I’m not like the others. I have secret cursed powers… (Kotarou)

      With the right context, this is 100% true. Lucia’s gloves do actually seal her corrosive hands, and Yoshino is actually terrified of and has experienced Asahi Haruka’s powers back in middle school. Kotarou does actually have secret cursed powers.

      Don’t blame Kotori! She didn’t know any better, she was basically left all alone in the forest for 10 years with a whole load of emotional baggage and insecurity from all sorts of sources, with only that plant thing to give her instructions.

      You’ve reminded me that Terra does actually develop Kagari quite a bit – and it does so as best as it realistically can, since as you say she’s a phenomenon created by the Earth and not a proper living organism. Having her own route implies that Kotarou goes after her romantically as post-coma Kotarou and not as Bond, which will be really interesting to see. Maybe we’ll get some horrible reproductive acts.

      Terra is probably a good end, I would say. As good as it can possibly get, really – in a literal sense too, as in every single other potential future the Earth is eventually destroyed, as Moon Kagari learned. Kotarou does come back as a Sakuya-like familiar and so it feels like the occult club has been revived in some form. Still not as happy an end as Unlimited Rewrite Works (or maybe the Kotori route), those were far less melancholic than the others.

      And no worries about writing lots! I haven’t been able to talk about Rewrite for two years now, I welcome walls of text!

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