Rewrite Episode 2: Where Youth Begins


I love cute things.

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8 Responses

  1. nanaya says:

    I have seen many opinions for this episode from anime only viewers,most are okay, some are complaining about abrupt scene shift etc and what not. Of cos there are also those who dropped thinking this is ‘that’ type of show. For those that are interested this is just another episode that build on characters. I think its mostly us, the VN readers who feel how fast things are going cos we have read those scenes via hours of text scrolling and know how long those are. As the current pace the anime is going the common route probably will go up to 6 or 7 episodes which is very good if we remember this is only 13 episode.

    Ah I am not the only one who fangirl over the OP lol. The scene at the end also give us what kind of ending this route may have Kagari is doomed that much we know for sure, Lucia is doomed too. So are the rest of the girls doomed too in this route? Is the Koutarou going to be the only one left in the end? I can see them connecting Moon and Terra from this point on if there is going to be s2 or another cour.

    Yeah I can totally see alarm bells went off in Akane’s and Kotori’s head in this episode. I am a little disappointed that Koutarou doesn’t try to talk to kagari that night. I sort of remember that kagari presence instill fear (not sure of this) but koutarou is more afraid of her ribbons rather the ghost in this episode.

    Don’t worry dude I am also hyped and in the same situation as you. So far I am enjoying this anime. Also Esaka, Sakuya and Imamiya? next episode by the director words!

    • Vantage says:

      I’m surprised there are even any anime-only viewers left! The common route is what it is – it’s supposed to be a cheerful slice-of-life with lots of banter, and it’s there to provide a contrast to all the future suffering. Which is the same formula that’s been prevalent in every single Key VN thus far. Complaints about the abruptness of scenes are all legitimate though – for many secondaries it’s probably the final straw on top of the terrible animation and the fact that nothing seems to make sense to them, which is completely understandable.

      The OP made me remember Terra, that’s one reason why it was so fucking hype. If a Moon and Terra S2 really does end up happening, a REWRITE OF THE LIFE OP2 with proper Terra visuals would be amazing. Complete with Bond fighting dinosaurs in a kilt, using CBC reasoning and knitting on weekends.

      Kagari is canonically always doomed, as is Lucia if Kotarou isn’t there for her. Shizuru will usually be fine, any fate has to be better than the post-salvation suffering awaiting her at the end of her route. I’m not so sure about Akane and Kotori, but they’re both fairly popular and so hopefully Romeo won’t do anything bad to them. Akane even survived during Unlimited Rewrite Works, and things were looking pretty bad for her then. During my playthrough, I do remember constantly worrying about how Kotori was doing in all the other character routes, in which she was hardly mentioned after she went into seclusion for her magical sage activities.

      I think he’s scared of Creamy Kagarin. I’m not sure why (she hasn’t done much other than try to platonically sleep with him every night) but his fear might have increased after seeing her beat the crap out of Krivoy Rog. It’s rather ironic that he’s afraid of her ribbons, given that… well, you know.

      Those three are turning up next episode? Holy shit! I’m really looking forward to how much foreshadowing their scenes will have. Esaka was always excellent at pretending he had no idea who Kotarou was, but Imamiya tended to be a bit nostalgic and let some things slip if I remember correctly. I’ve always wondered how him, Nishikujou and Kotori can even interact with Kotarou on a daily basis while keeping a straight face. Kotori especially.

      • nanaya says:

        There are surprisingly plenty of anime-only viewers left. From what I found the average anime-only viewers reaction is this anime confuse the hell out of them or leave them intrigued or a combinations of both. Of course there are some viewers who dropped this thinking haremy or generic or boring or confusing or other problems.
        There are also a few who developed hate boner for their reasons (VN readers included) that they simply can’t never get good memories from this anime anymore. Certain forums become so bad that those that enjoy or are neutral can’t even start speculations.

        Anyway I am only one person so I don’t know the exact numbers, but I certainly know that large number of anime-only viewers are still watching as of episode 2.

        BTW on my nth re-watch of OP I found Tsukuno (Nagai) and A Kagari in the picture MC was looking.

        • Vantage says:

          It took me a while to find that Kagari – she’s in the reflection of the TV behind Akane, right? I had guessed that office secretary-like lady was Nagai though, especially with her UMA-hunting fishing pole. Pity there was no Shimako or Midou et al. in the OP.

  2. I.D. nameless says:

    I’ve been reading the MAL forums about this anime. Bad, bad idea. The VN readers are so annoying with how defensive they got, but to be fair, there were some annoying secondaries too, especially those calling the characters “one-dimensional” and there really is little discussion besides that.
    I get the feeling it’s going to keep being like this for at least a month from now on.

    • Vantage says:

      >reading MAL forums

      Come on /a/non, you know better than that. MAL is an excellent database and record-keeping tool, but beyond that it’s less impressive. The forums there are at their worst with well-known VN adaptations. The last time I ventured in was when UBW (and before that, LB) had just started airing, and both times I felt the threads were pretty cancerous. I don’t know how it is these days, but I remember people repeatedly complaining or threatening to drop a show for whatever reason, and notwithstanding that fact they appear again the next week and continue to complain.

      You’re probably better off participating in threads at ‘that’ place for Rewrite. Or for anything really, if MAL is the proposed alternative. There are hardly any secondaries (one or two pop up occasionally), the Bond copypasta still makes me smile, and the working assumption is that everyone has played the VN (which is what the anime assumes too, in all honesty) so there’s a greater chance to have actual discussion.

      • I.D. nameless says:

        >an excellent database and record-keeping tool
        You fucked up so badly. Get >>>/out/ you normal***. You’re supposed to hate EVERYTHING about MAL.
        That said, I’ve been ‘there’ as well, don’t worry. I go to all sorts of anime-related sites, depending mostly on my whims.

        • Vantage says:

          H-have I lost my sekrit club qualifications? I never found out why I could sometimes only see a panda when I clicked on links :^)

          But yeah, I’m sure the vast majority of anons keep a MAL out of convenience. Either that or a Hummingbird, and people who opt for the latter often just like the aesthetics or are caught up in the MAL-hating circlejerk. I do think MAL’s gotten worse lately though, I was horrified the first time I got an email notification from them recommending something just because I’d added an entry in the past that was vaguely related to it.

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