Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression

This was a pretty cool opening to the series, but goodness, they did not explain anything. As result I honestly didn’t really know what was going on, nor do I have a lot to say, but who cares about the details when there are epic fights? Well… details are important I would expect to be given full details by next week as that’s how it usually goes with shows that kick off with action.

Regalia- The Three Sacred Stars Ep 1 Img 0015Although we don’t know much yet, here are the two points that were addressed: I suppose I’ll start with the relationship between Rena and Yui. When we meet Rena, I’m sure most of us thought she was the younger sister, but then plot-twist: she is actually the elder one and Yui is the young one. But there’s more! The two of them are in fact not blood-related. We don’t know yet how the two met, though if the Opening (shown at the end) had any possibly indication, Yui (who we later learn is in fact the Empress of Enastoria- well that explains her guts and courage) had rescued Rena and taken her under her wings (possibly not knowing she was a Core) and the two have been almost inseparable sisters ever since, which leads me to the next point.

Regalia- The Three Sacred Stars Ep 1 Img 0010Rena is not human (which explains the whole age deception business) and her other name is Magna Alecto. She was chosen for Alecto’s Core, which if I understand correctly, is the key to allow the function with the Regalia Gear. The Regalia Gear appear to be mecha mobile suits, where those like Rena, who serve as the Regalia Gear’s core could control it. However we also can see Humans like Yui can wield control/participate of the Core user wills it.

Regalia- The Three Sacred Stars Ep 1 Img 0000It is after the mysterious character of Kei, who tells her she should learn about what happened at Rimgarde 12 years ago (the event we saw take place at the beginning of the episode- man that was insane). I don’t know if they are all on the same side, but Rena at the time appears to have possibly been fighting against Kei and others. Either way, it sounds like war is about to begin, and I am curious to find out about the actual plot and storyline for this show because the premiere kind of left us hanging on that end.

Although the premiere perked my interested and I enjoyed it quite a bit, I am on the fence whether or not I want to blog it. For now I will try to give it a few episodes but it will also depend on my condition and which shows I choose to prioritize since I am already covering five. Anyhow, at least I know I will definitely be watching it this season.

Possibly of Blogging: Moderate – Will try to give three episodes
Possibly of Watching: Guaranteed




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  1. I agree, I felt it was pretty disorienting to get thrown straight into the plot with no background info. I do moderately enjoy mecha fights, but it would have been nice to know what was at sake. I also wasn’t a fan of that “I’m not alone after all” sort of nakama powerup moment. For now I’m not going to keep watching, but I’ll read your next two reviews and see if they change my mind at all. I’m trying to give mecha anime a fair chance since people tend to hate on the genre by default. :)

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