Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Episode 12: [Koutetsujou][Final Impressions]


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8 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    The only thing missing were the dancing Thriller zombies from the Americas, with zombie MJ at the head of this musically terrifying army.

    The Japanese are releasing a 2 part Kabaneri movie this December -January. It’s just the series edited into 2 movies, so don’t get too excited.Sales are looking good in Japan, so perhaps another season will come soon. Money does speak louder than words, especially in this industry.

  2. Berry says:

    All I wanna know is HOW the HELL Kurusu was able to jump onto the train from the little cart thing?! They were too far from the train. Mumei I can understand because she has superhuman strength, but Kurusu…he can’t!!!

    I think Biba shot the white blood into Ikoma after we saw Mumei wake up, because he wanted to have a real fight with Ikoma? I guess? I think, I don’t know. Also they never explained how the Kabane came to be and why there are so many, so that was disappointing. This show was bad, but at least I got to see Kurusu blush again, that was cute.

    • Charibo says:

      That’s the power of love. Kurusu saw Ayame on the train and pouf, he was able to fly for a bit. They say love gives you wings. So I guess that’s what happened… My explanation doesn’t make any sense but so does the show.

  3. The only things that were pleasing were the art style, animation, op & ed and kurusu’s blush.

  4. Xatsuki says:

    Hmmm.. Kinda disappointed with this series. I was expecting something more that would probably surpass Attack on Titan. Guess I was expecting too much. Though it’s a good watch, it didn’t leave too much of an impression for me. The only thing that gotmy attention was Kurusu and the way she acts before Ayame. I’m really shipping these two! :D

    • Charibo says:

      Same here. Everyone sold me this anime as the new Attack on Titan and despite this show following the same recipe, it clearly did not work.So yeah, I think not only us, but a lot of people where expecting a lot from this anime which failed to deliver :/

      As for the shipping aspect, although I might not be a huge shipper, my favorite couple was Yukina and Sukari, I just love couples who tease each others instead of blushing all the time.
      But Kurusu’s blush was A+++

      • Xatsuki says:

        Hahahaha Yes! Yes! Yukina and Sukari is my 2nd couple on the list! I hope they get more scenes in the next season. I feel like this couple is gonna be a bad-ass one because they really got unique personalities and awesome abilities.
        Also, I want more gore and thrill next season and feel like how I did with AoT. But I won’t put my hopes up on that. :(

        • Charibo says:

          think it was clear enough in my reviews that Sukari was my “anime crush” [If I can say it like that without sounding like an weeb]. I even made gifs of him [because apparently I have nothing better to do with my life :( ]


          As for Yukina, with one look you can tell she’s pretty bad ass. She’s also voiced by Killua’s seiyu which is something!
          Actually I doubt we’ll get another season. I bet the studio’s busy producing Shingeki no Kyojin S2 and the critic wasn’t really positive… so I don’t know. But I’d like to see more gory action too!

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