Days Episode 1: [Quick Look]


AAAAAAHHH SPOOOORTS ANIME! Despite the fact that I generally know nothing about the sports in question, I almost always enjoy watching them. So DAYS ? Football? IS IT GOOD? Let’s find out. vlcsnap-2016-07-02-22h27m50s953

After a short sequence where we see what’s probably going to be the end match of the season, the show introduces the two main characters on their first day of school. We have clumsy good for nothing little guy who blushes all the time and Cool attitude, laid back dude. The first one is called Tsukushi Tsukamoto and the blond guy Jin Kazama.

Because Kazama’s soccer team is short by one member he decides to recruit Tsukamoto. Why you may ask? Because … Heh… Hummm… He looks like a trustworthy person? Anyway, Kazama invites the Tsukamoto to play an vlcsnap-2016-07-02-22h31m27s011indoor soccer match and even gives him a pair of brand new shoes to play… While it looked like a really fishy behavior to me, Tsukamoto was pleased by it and happy to have a friend. However; even if he was pumped as hell to play some god damn soccer with his new friends, he sucks at it. He really sucks. He seems to suffer from the same curse as me, whenever I enter a sports field, the ball is instantly attracted to me (Probably cuz I’m fabulous) and ends up smashing my head, knocking me away. That’s the same with this dude. Well, after a certain time you learn how to doge the ball but when you want to play soccer, that’s a bit more problematic.
But I have to give him this, Tsukamoto doesn’t want to give up and tries his best during the first half of the match. Also, even after hurting his feet he still wants to continue playing, he also smashes his head against a wall trying to catch the ball and avoid the enemy team to goal by again, taking the ball on his face. Finally he saves the day and goals using his head again.
vlcsnap-2016-07-02-22h33m36s437In the end they win the match and everyone is happy. But the most important thing to my eyes was Tsukamoto’s concern for his team mates. After the match is over he is relieved to hear that Kazama and everyone had fun. He thought that because he sucked at playing, he would have been a burden for the team. Of course it wasn’t the case but this thought touched Kazama and I guess now he sees potential in Tsukamoto. Furthermore, Tsukamoto also had fun playing and now he wants to get into the soccer club even if the  training are apparently hard. So him and Kazama go to the club and as expected, they have to do some hard training. What they are about to experience is my definition of hell:

Running exercices


This was literally my reaction when I heard they had to do those running exercises. God, I hate this. Hey! I only hated one sport thing in High school and that was those dumb running exercises and maybe ping pong… But it’s because I suck at ping pong but ping pong sucks too. I hate ping pong.

vlcsnap-2016-07-02-22h41m46s675As expected  Tsukamoto still sucks but doesn’t give up. However, the captain Mizuki asks him to go home cuz he clearly sucks too much. As Kazama mentioned later, that was kind of expected since he’s pretty new to all this. He doesn’t have the physical strength to be at the high school level although when it comes to mental strength, he’s above everyone. That’s what Kazama realizes when he learns that Tsukamoto wanted to finish the running exercices before going home. That’s plain crazy if you ask me, staying up late to run?! ewwww…

So yes, he was running all this time to get better, to improve, to make his boyfriend Kazama happy. The latter is impressed by Tsukamoto’s determination and decides that he’s going to help him being a part of the team.

Charibo’s First Impression:


I don’t really like Football

Don’t get me wrong, I know the rules, I watched Captain Tsubasa when I was a kid but that’s it. My passion for soccer/football stops here. To give you a idea of my involvement with everything linked to soccer: currently, while I’m writing this, Germany and Italy are playing against each other in the Euro 2016. But yo, I don’t give a flying fuck about the match, I much rather watch an animu about it right? At least it only lasts for 25 minutes.

So yeah, Football isn’t my passion at all but you know what? It might change soon. This first episode was a pleasant surprise. Sure we did not get much “game play” and the match was rather short and not very technical but the spirit was there.

vlcsnap-2016-07-02-22h29m31s920I’ll admit, this show surprised me with its humor, I did not think I would find this series this funny.
I was also a bit worried about the main character since he looked like the typical whiny guy who is a bit of a looser but he’s factually fine. His courage and devotion to a sport he never played before touched me. He sucks but wants to get better. His way of thinking might sound simple but he’s actually making sense: he had fun playing soccer so why stopping now? He might have discovered himself a new passion and that’s awesome. KEEP GOING SON! I’LL SUPPORT YOU. If we can avoid some useless drama like ” I’m not good enough, I can’t do it” and stuff, I’ll be happy.

The players don’t seem to have any super powers or amazing abilities, there’s some awesome moves but as long as it’s still humanly possible that’s fine by me. That’s actually better if they don’t go full Prince of Tennis style.
The music and the Art are not bad but not memorable either. The Visuals of the Opening are a bit odd with the music but I like that feeling of friendship and mutual support between manly men.

Speaking of manly men, my main question is:


Why are they blushing while looking at each other?

It bothered me a bit so I went and looked at the tags on MAL to see if this show was a Shounen Ai or something. It’svlcsnap-2016-07-03-00h53m10s892 not, not even the manga. So yeah, I guess it’s normal to look embarrassed when you’re holding another dude in your harms, I don’t know… I’ve never hold a guy after playing football. Maybe because I don’t play football… Also I’m not a guy in the first place… Hum..

Well it doesn’t really bothers me if they are blushing while looking at each other, they could even become lovers I wouldn’t give a flying fuck. Although that could be quite interesting to witness and quite new in sports anime.

So overall it was a nice start. This episode was refreshing and I had loads of fun watching this, I definitively want to see more and discover the rest of the team. I don’t like football but

Probability of watching: Yup, definitely

Probability of blogging: Neh, as much as the first episode was entertaining, I can’t see myself blogging about it every week. But I’ll probably do an overall review of it once the show is over.


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