Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Episode 3 [Sword and Shield]

Still on their way to Caem, the guys have stopped to take a break and try to kill their next meal. They succeed in defeating a woolly mammoth-type creature, and are celebrating their victory when Imperial troops (plus two more elephants) arrive to crash their party. Gladioluslus and the others leap into battle, easily defeating the mechanical soldiers. Gladiolus’ camaraderie with Noctis on the battlefield is highlighted (they decide to turn their kill count into a decision on who will eat better that night), and this launches the episode into a flashback.

As a child, Gladioluslus was Noctis’ sparring teacher. Noctis didn’t put much effort into his lessons and it showed. He was bratty and stuck-up, and Gladiolus really didn’t like Noctis at all.

Gladiolus lives with his little sister Iris, and one evening they talk about Gladiolus’ dislike of Noctis. Gladiolus’ little sister is pretty smart, and she wisely tells Gladiolus that he’s supposed to be the prince’s shield, even if he doesn’t like Noctis.vlcsnap-00008

The next day Gladiolus’ sister shows up at the palace and tells her big brother that she wants to meet Noctis. He denies her request and Iris throws a tantrum, relenting when one of the servants says he’ll schedule a meeting with the prince. So she’s taken to a room to wait by herself until Noctis is ready to see her.

While she waits, Iris notices a cat outside in the garden. Instantly she’s off chasing it through the foliage. Noctis meanwhile is walking through the building with an aide and, spotting Iris, runs off after her. Noctis chases Iris and the cat through the garden, down into the system of pipes underground, and back up to the surface in what appears to be a city park of some kind. Noctis loses track of Iris as clouds start to rumble overhead.

Back inside, the prince’s staff gather with Gladiolus and inform him that Noctis still hasn’t returned from his walk. Gladiolus goes to tell Iris to go home and discovers she’s missing. Now he freaks out.

In the park, Iris slips and falls down a hill, and Noctis finally finds her as she starts to cry. It’s raining, she’s wet and dirty and she just wants to go home. Noctis tells her that he comes to the park sometimes to play, and he asks her to keep his special exit a secret. He takes her back home, and when Gladiolus arrives at the palace he’s definitely pissed.

vlcsnap-00022Just then Noctis’ father, King Regis arrives, and asks what happened. Noctis says it wasn’t Iris’ fault, that he’d gone outside to play and asked her to come with him. King Regis is disappointed and tells Noctis he should have considered the potential consequences for Iris. The conversation ends when the king grounds Noctis and tells him to go take a bath. Now both Iris and Gladiolus feel awful.

That night after they return home, Iris tells Gladiolus that it wasn’t Noctis’ fault after all; Noctis had actually saved her when she’d gotten lost. Gladiolus doesn’t believe her until she apologizes and start to cry.

The next day, Gladiolus approaches Noctis while he’s doing his homework and asks if he wants to take a break by doing some training, and the prince agrees. They spar and Gladiolus admits that Noctis has guts. During a brief rest, Gladiolus says that Iris told him what actually happened, and he thanks Noctis for covering for her. Noctis asks Gladiolus to teach him to spar better, and says that he won’t lose.

Back in the present, Noctis and Gladiolus finish ripping apart the last of the soldiers, and the one remaining elephant leaves. Prompto asks Ignis if he’ll make them some steak but Ignis refuses, saying he’s out of spices. A little ways away Noctis and Gladiolus compare their kill count, and they end up tying.

My thoughts: This was a cute episode. Iris behaves as a child her age would, and I liked that she unintentionally became the reason why Gladio ends up respecting Noctis and becoming friends with him. I think Prompto’s episode is still my favourite (ironic because Prompto is not my favourite character), but I’m really looking forward to Ignis’ episode because that guy is smooth, and I’m wondering how he came to befriend Noctis.

Animation’s awesome, music is awesome – this is one awesome short overall. And fuck I’m excited for the game to be released (as well as the FFXV movie Kingsglaive!), but I won’t be buying it until after the Final Fantasy VII remake is released.

What did you guys think of this episode?




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4 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    I wonder if Gladiolus ever feels cold, being semi shirtless and all.

    Ignis: “It’s getting cold tonight, sure you don’t need a sweater?”
    Gladio: “No need, my muscles are tougher than stee…eeaAACHOO!”
    I: “You were saying?”
    G: “…Just give me the damn sweater.”

  2. Sanokal says:

    Agree entirely; great episode, but I liked Prompto’s better. Really looking forward to Ignis now.
    The Garulas and the Imperial drop-in at the start were an awesome touch (another Duscae nod).

    • Nikolita says:

      I didn’t catch the reference (haven’t played Duscae) but thought it was neat too. Can’t wait for Ignis’ episode!

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