My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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10 Responses

  1. I.D. nameless says:

    I’ve taken a break from anime over spring, but if I don’t fumble my finals I may watch a lot of these. Except Ange Vierge, Battle Girls High School adaptation when?

  2. Wanderer says:

    I am watching Amanchu. You should also be watching Amanchu. If it lives up to its creator and its predecessor, Amanchu will heal your soul in ways you didn’t even realize you needed until you suddenly found yourself feeling so much better after watching it.

    By the reverse token I’m not even going to touch Prisma Illya 3Rei, because I haven’t forgiven Silver Link for completely screwing up the finale for the previous season. There is no way to start this one properly without retconning that mess. Simply seeing it would infuriate me, and I’d probably have to go watch Amanchu again to regain my peace of mind.

    • Vantage says:

      One of my worries is that I’ll end up comparing it too much to Aria. Some comparison is of course inevitable, but I’m having to tell myself things like how Sakamoto Maaya and GONTITI are already wonderful for the OP and OST, even though they’re not Makino Yui or Choro Club. And I’m already hearing Akira-san in Katori-sensei.

      I was also worried about it being produced by J.C. Staff until I saw PV2. It looks beautiful. In retrospect, their work on Flying Witch this season and Sato Junichi’s involvement should have already been reassuring. Literally no one is better suited to directing Amanchu than he is.

      As for Prisma Illya:

      [spoiler] I guess one way to retcon things would be to cut down the fanservice and get the abduction done quickly. All the promo material features Illya already in the parallel universe, and there are even seiyuu announced for Angelica, Beatrice, Erika and Tanaka (as well as a replacement for Matsuki Miyu) so the best case scenario would be that SL quickly gets things back on track. Hopefully. [/spoiler]

  3. littleshogun says:

    Long time no comment here, so I’ll try my best here for my comment.

    Amamaa to Inazuma – A dad, his student, and his daughter? Quite interesting I guess, although it was slice of life though. Let’s see it later.

    Amanchu – The big breast design was quite no good to me. For the premise, maybe it’s revolving about GL or yuri here in scuba. Let’s see it later too, although from Wanderer comment here maybe it’s like Kinmoza or Gochiusa.

    Ange Vierge – The premise remind me of Duel Savior VN, and both of the work had girls who had lesson to save the world. Although in here maybe it’s more magical girl like (Oh, and hopefully no man although looks like from the premise it’s not).

    Berserk – The manga was quite dark, that’s all I could think.

    Binan Koukou – Magical boy with frilly costume? Okay whatever.

    Dangan Ronpa – Okay, it’s kinda interesting strategy. Because at least it will allow us to seeing the full story of Dangan Ronpa without waiting for long time. I mean if both of the anime was released as the game, it will definitely take a long time for fans to finally know the full story of Dangan Ronpa (Also as far as I knew, for the game to be translated either by fan or official will take quite a long time). Hopefully this time they managed to give satisfying conclusion to Dangan Ronpa, and if Vantage here want to knew Dangan Ronpa 2 ending, i would suggest just searching the spoiler for it (I’d like to give it, but it will be long one here).

    Fate Ilya – Well, let’s see how Silver Link connect the Herz ending to the manga story. I knew this is not ordinary magical girl anime of course, and I’m interested who is the new voice for Sapphire (Well, as we knew the Sapphire seiyuu was passed away).

    Love Live Sunshine – Love Live was quite popular from what I gather, and looks like they decided to make the sequel to get more money. Let’s see it later. Speaking about Nitta Emi scandal, to be honest didn’t care much about scandal here instead I’ll said it here that Nitta Emi also had some role in eroge, along with her fellow seiyuu at Love Live, Nanjou Yoshino. And from what I gather, if Nitta Emi here using her real name for voicing eroge, let’s said it could gather uproar equal to her recent scandal. Just want to said it here.

    Nanatsu no Taizai – The title mean 7 Deadly Sins. Okay, this anime was managed to be in top 10 in term of Japanese TV rating few times there. But what kind of the story they’ll offer if they only made 4 episodes? Will they air the rest later or not (I mean the continuation from 4 episodes) I wonder.

    Regalia – Interesting premise, maybe they’ll make it like Symphogear for the situation. But if I recall in regard of mecha and woman lead there’s also infamous Cross Ange. Hope it’ll be not as infaous as Cross Ange here I suppose.

    Rewrite – Instead of looking at the anime, how about I told Vantage here that KEY made the new version of Rewrite called Rewrite+ which supposedly improved the scenario for any people who disatisfied with Rewrite here and it was also translated right now. Well, I think I’m satisfied with Rewrite since the transaltion progress will take long time here (Oh, and the translating team for Rewrite+ was same people back at Amaterasu).

    Time Travel – Not interested, but to Charibo here, maybe you better play Gahkthun if you willing to see H-Scenes here. Oh, and I bring this up because we had handsome 72 years old Tesla there, and here’s VNDB address for Gahkthun.

    Naria Girls – Will this be short anime (Only 5 minutes each episode) or regular one? Let’s see it later.

    Well, that’s all for my comment this time.

    • Vantage says:

      Amanchu doesn’t revolve around yuri, it’s kind of a misleading synopsis. It’s iyashikei like Kinmoza and Gochiusa, although I’m sure you know from both of those that iyashikei and yuri aren’t exactly mutually exclusive.

      I didn’t know Nanjou did eroge (now I have to find out more, you know… for science). It’s definitely not an uncommon thing for seiyuu to do at all, if only as a way to make ends meet while pursuing their intended main career or otherwise. Kadowaki Mai is an easy example (Hoshimemo, Monobeno, Koichoco etc). I don’t think the uproar from voicing eroge would be anywhere near that of an AV scandal though, especially in wota culture (which, let’s face it, is practically what the LL fanbase has become). Not going to comment on Nitta Emi, that incident has been argued to death everywhere.

      As for Rewrite+, its existence now explains why a Rewrite anime is happening. Which is a little saddening – it implies the anime is nothing more than promotional fodder for Rewrite+. I might play it once it gets translated, but as you said I’m also fairly satisfied with the current game as it is. I hear there’ll be more CG and character designs though (for side characters like Inoue) so that’ll be interesting.

      • elior1 says:

        i disagre with you about few points about rerwite for example i think they can short a bit the common route and do the heroine routes since the common route in the VN was too long and i mean too long. i dont know where you seen that they wont cover the heroine route or that will be cg but it just rumors

  4. zztop says:

    IIRC the 4 ep Nanatsu’s an anime original story written by the source mangaka.
    The previous season used up about 13 volumes of manga, so it’s possible they want to wait until the manga finishes/nears the end of its latest arc before doing another official season, instead of catching up and having to do an anime original ending.
    The 7th Sin’s been introduced already, completing the gang.

    Arslan’s 8 episodes may likely be to conclude the 1st arc of the novel series, ending in vol 7. The author says the 16th volume will be the final installment, although he wants to finish writing the installment of another novel series of his first. That said, there once was a 8 year hiatus between one set of volumes, and 6 years for another, so we could expect a long wait.

    Hatsukoi Monster and Servamp’s mangakas used to draw BL/yaoi manga, so at least the cute/hot guys quotient is guaranteed.

  5. Yithar says:

    I’ve just finished reading 3rei and I’m so hyped for the anime. I find the path Shirou takes here really interesting, in the fact that he calls him a “champion of justice”, which makes Shirou “evil”. I probably wouldn’t be able to take Shirou’s path, because I believe in Kiritsugu’s sense of justice, which is more pragmatic.

    • Vantage says:

      I am too! I’m cautiously optimistic, it’s even going to be a 12-episode cour this time. Have you seen the latest PV that went up this morning? It has lots of Erika and Kirei and delicious Kuro in twintails. ChouCho doing the OP again makes me feel so nostalgic too. And it’s good to hear from you, by the way – been a while since you last commented!

      [spoiler] Miyu!Shirou is probably my favourite incarnation of Shirou. He is anything but a champion of justice – like in HF, his answer to the recurring question in this franchise is that he’ll choose to save the girl over saving the world, although his divergence from Kiritsugu’s ideals occurred due to Miyu and not Sakura in Prisma Illya. Kiritsugu, on the other hand, will kill the girl to save the world. And as you’ve read 3rei, what’s really interesting is that Illya, as another member of the Emiya family, has her own answer to the question: she’ll save them both. [/spoiler]

      • Yithar says:

        I’m now even more excited after seeing the PV. It looks like this season won’t disappoint. The question is where the season will end, so I can understand your caution. Yeah it definitely does reminds me of starlog.

        Yeah I’ve been pretty busy with classes. I love programming, but it’s a lot of work.

        I’ve been lurking every now and then though. I read some of your reviews on Asterisk. I was somewhat debating whether to watch it because you stated Asterisk was the best adaptation out of the 3 school battle harem wars but MAL reviews kept saying it was so cliched. And in a way, it was. In terms of clichedness, it was kind of like watching Infinite Stratos a second time. But I ended up watching it anyways and I think it was worth watching.

        [spoiler]The big spot where it looks like a meteorite fell.
        Tanaka being Tanaka.
        Them discussing parallel worlds.
        Kirei with the mapo tofu.
        Kuro confronting Illya on the rooftop.
        “I’ve already been able to use the cards! Install!”
        Angelica battling Gil.

        I think I have to agree with you. It’s pretty amazing how he’s fighting against the champion of justice and going against Kiritsugu’s ideals for the sake of the little sister that he loves. And it’s a contrast compared to Rin, because she told Shirou to kill Sakura, although at the end she didn’t really want to kill Sakura. But she saw it like Kiritsugu would. But Kiritsugu didn’t want things to be that way; that’s why he sought the Holy Grail in the first place.

        Illya’s answer seems sort of childish, but that sort of answers fits her, I think. It also reminds me of what Alphonse said in FMA:Brotherhood. “Getting our bodies back, or saving everyone. It’s strange to think only one of those can be granted.”[/spoiler]

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