Mayoiga Episode 11: [Some Shit Happens]

What do you mean it’s not the true title of the episode?


Today was pretty sunny and I thought I could go outside to do some shit but no, I had to sit down, watch Mayoiga and write something about it. So I grabbed my cup of coffee, and watched it. Was it good? No. Was it entertaining? Well, if you like the feeling of  your soul slowly leaving your earthly body then yes… I guess.

This episode opens with Driver guy seeing his daughter in a filed of fireflies because that’s so poetic and sad so he asks her to forgive him. First of all, why is driver-kun the only one who wants to meet his Nanaki, and why does his Nanaki as a human form and is not agressive? As far as I know, every other Nanaki were monsters and scaring the shit out of everyone, the point being, to make them grow up/overcome their fears right? Why is that different for Driver dude? Doesn’t that completely annihilate the little point the anime was trying to make? HEH

vlcsnap-2016-06-11-14h05m25s554It’s funny because I was trying to remember the Nanaki of each character who said to be sleepy but I realized that heh, they have so little character development and even characterization that the show did not even give them any backstory, nor Nanaki. So they serve no purpose at all. They are even more useless than the students in Another.
Everyone is super tired for some reason, except Valkana because he’s a main character. The gang of the girls come back and say something about Reiji but they are attacked by Judgeness and Jack. They are shooting fire arrows from a rooftop but apparently, Jack has super powers since he can create fire by clapping his fingers. It is a small detail, but still, at least draw Judgness holding a torch, I don’t know… There need to be a source of fire to make fire arrows. Speaking of arrows, I don’t see any either… Maybe they are hiding them in they buttholes. If I’m telling that it’s because this fire shit worried me a bit so I paused the episode and ended up on this image.


Strangely, it made me laugh. I don’t know if it was intentional or not.

Jack and Judgeness reveal everything to everyone: that Koharun is the bad guy, that she knew about the village before and that her goal is to create a strong Nanaki. Why are they telling this? Heh, no reasons at all, I guess it’s the same thing again and again, tell the good guys your plans before killing them, so that they can survive and beat you.

vlcsnap-2016-06-11-14h08m04s565Oh well, speaking of Koharun she chose a new victim to create her powerful Nanaki: Ayato. She basically tells him that he is a sore loser, that his gay boyfriend ran away with Masaki and stuff. So Ayato’s Nanaki is growing because he’s pissed off and sad… maybe.

In the car, the old guy tells that he tried to prevent people from going to the village. He doesn’t really explain how, that’s a bit convenient isn’t it? Then Yottsun explains stuff about him but who cares?  It’s funny that the show makes the most stupid decisions, nobody cares about Yottsun. He was a pedo-rapist and disappeared in episode 4 or so… Why do you feel the need of giving him character development? I prefer knowing the backstory of that sick kid who somehow disappeared completely. I did not forget you kiddo, you’re my favorite character ( mostly because you did not talk at all).
So yeah, while Yottsun was unconscious, floating on the water in the river and somehow survived. I still fail to see how an unconscious body, with all clothes and stuff, can float without having his face down in the water which would lead to its death but I guess he was lucky… yeeeeeeaaaah. I don’t care about Yottsun’s story so I’ll pass.

Mitsumune can’t go back to the village because apparently, his Nanaki is a part of himself but yet not really. I’m tired, why does this have to be so complicated for nothing?

vlcsnap-2016-06-11-14h09m30s670Okay so, Driver fellow accept his daughter in a scene that I guess was supposed to be sad? It made me think of Clannad a bit, in a shittier version. You know, I have a disease called “Pussyness”, every time there’s something sad or a bit emotional I cry. Every time I go on youtube and watch the Clannad’s field scene followed by the train one, I cry. But this, wasn’t sad nor interesting.
So the Driver takes the bus and drives, yeah crazy I know, and meets with Pedo-rapist and Mitsumune. For some reason they can see the little girl… I don’t know why…. Maybe because they left the village once? PPPFFFF I don’t care.
The little moe girl explains things, I forgot, and implies that Reiji is a Nanaki too, which could make sense since Masaki doesn’t have any Nanaki yet. It’s not really surprising though. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a plot twist… but I don’t care, hearing that little moe girl gives me cancer, I hate her, I hate her voice, I hate Mitsumune, I hate that crappy CGI bus and I hate this show as much as I hate tomato tuna. That’s something.

vlcsnap-2016-06-11-14h11m32s722So Mitsumune cries because Masaki must be suffering sooo much not knowing that Reiji isn’t real. Guess what, she’s not; she doesn’t know he’s not real so she’s not suffering stop crying u pussy. There’s other people that are suffering way more right now, like Ayato. I know he’s a dick but he was your friend right? I don’t know, I actually feel more bad about Ayato than Masaki. But I don’t really care about Ayato either.

So they decide to go back to Nanaki village but driver dude and pedo rapist disappear, leaving Mitsumune alone in the bus. Then we see Masaki walking alone the forest and she’s like “Reijiiiiiiiiii” and trips on nothing. Pfffff, that was funny. But there’s Megane kun and Lovepon and they want to kill her for some reason. So Masaki runs and shouts “MITSUMUNEEEEE KUUUUN TASUKETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” and Mitsumune appears right in front of them. Why? how? Shut up, it’s magic.

It’s funny, I thought that this episode would make me want to punch some walls because of anger but it bored me to death. Really , I can’t count the number of times that yawned during this episode. Also, it was so boring that before I realized it, I was reading some papers online about the science of drowning. At least, this episode wasn’t all useless, now I now why dead bodies drown first and then will eventually float. Thank you Mayoiga.

I don’t get the point of this show. Is this supposed to be funny because they are all retarded? There’s plenty of good shows with dumb characters like Gintama or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou where the comedy works.  Here, it’s not funny. At some point I thought: heh, maybe the comedy is supposed to be the comic of the absurd in the theatrical sense. Guess what, it’s not. I’ve never been a big fan of absurd used as comedy but watching Mayoiga makes me want to remove my skin with a potato peeler.

K.  If I had to sum up this episode and maybe the whole show I’ll use this gif:


Well, I’m done with this show, this was the last episode that I had to review, so I leave the rest to Berry. Based on the preview it looks like an “emotional episode”, where Masaki complains about her life and shit so I’m sure Berry is going to be delighted to review it ahaha. With that show and Prince of Stride I’m starting to believe that we are cursed or something. Maybe crappy shows are our Nanaki and we need to accept them in order to move on. It’s the supposed deep moral of the show right? I don’t fucking now.


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5 Responses

  1. Shiki says:

    At the moment where mitsumune appeared with the bus, it looked as if 2 of 3 got run over and I was so happy, but than I realized that it was just creators lazyness
    Somehow yotssun and driver disappear from bus.. so do they end up flying or something? just a funny thought
    Lovepon and crazy-leader are back

    The BIGGEST mystery that this “mystery” show can represent would be: How can a show with so many holes and no destination even get green light to air. Heck even all those fanservice-only shows have better plot and they have almost no plot

    Guess I love suffering because I am still watching this show but neglected so many other shows

    • Charibo says:

      Honestly, I think I stopped watching the screen for a minute when that bus scene happened, the crappy CGI reminded me of Initial D so much I had to pause and say: “eww”.

      Pedo rapist and the Driver disappeared to enter the village I think. Which is dumb since I don’t recall all the cast “disappearing” to enter the village the first time. Or maybe they died, but sadly I doubt it.

      I think they got that green light because it was an “original/project” anime. I don’t really know why Diomeda still exist actually. Their only work that I like is Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!, the rest is crappy harem/ecchi.
      Worst thing is that this studio is making Handa-Kun this summer. But it’s an adaptation so they have less chances to fuck it up.

    • Vantage says:

      Probably because of Okada Mari. It even got a concurrent manga serialization, you can tell they expected to churn out quite a bit of money from this. Too bad it’s doing embarrassingly shit in terms of sales.

      I forgave Mayoiga a little bit, since the loli was cute. But only a little bit. Everything else was just dumb.

  2. Berry says:

    No that’s exactly it, Charibo. Reviewing terrible shows are our Nanaki and we have to accept them to stop them…or something. So I suggest for the summer season we don’t share anything. >:[
    Also yeah it looked like some of them got ran over by the bus but lmao.

    • Charibo says:

      I think we have to accept them, but still leave with them cuz they are a part of ourselves and shit. I don’t really know either. Doesn’t really matter anymore. Good luck with the last episode, it’s going to be fun, fun, fun, I can already tell :/

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