Mayoiga Episode 10: Danger Past, God Forgotten

Fuck this show.

What is going on??? Did anyone understand what happened this episode? Because I sure as hell didn’t. So much was happening and nothing made sense to me.

I cannot believe they made Koharun the big bad. They seriously went with making Koharun the evil person and that is so BORING. Seriously?! And for some reason Jack and Judgeness are working for her and calling her boss? This is so stupid! Obviously Koharun was the most suspicious person from the start, but I didn’t pay too much attention to her because it was too easy. And too boring. Yeah, she really was a weird character but I was actually liking her because she was the most sane of the group. But then this show seriously went in the most boring and overused direction and made Koharun the bad guy. Unbelievable. Of course, this was all revealed in the end, but there was more stuff in the episode that made me very frustrated.

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Seeing this asshole alive almost made me drop the show right there. But here I’m thinking “No…I c-cant…there’s only a couple more episodes left. I might as well finish this. I can’t be mean and leave Charibo with the rest.” And then I realized…that’s the exact same thought I had when we were both reviewing Prince of Stride. *shivers* Yuck.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 10 [1080p].mkv0011Anyway, confusing shit happened and I’m going to try to explain the best I can. Mitsumune wakes up in a hospital and his father is there. Where is this hospital? I don’t know. Apparently Mitsumune was saved by someone and he was given a letter. Getting a small tidbit of info from his dad, this shitty tour trip made news and Mitsumune and the others’ names made it onto the news. His mother actually realizes that Mitsumune is not Tokimune and says she’s killed another. Like…hm, he’s already mentally scarred from how he was treated, in a way you killed who he really was. Anyway, to keep the press away from his house his father scratched out his name and somehow that made him realize how much of a shit he was about making him change his identity and all of that I don’t care. He wants Mitsumune to come home but he says he has unfinished business. His father then gives him a letter he got from someone that called him there and there was a message telling Mitsumune to meet him on the roof of the hospital and it’s fucking Yottsun.

Apparently the asshole fell off a cliff or something I don’t know, honestly at this part I was so angry that I stopped paying attention to what the subtitles said and I didn’t bother looking back. He was saved by God or something and then he takes him to an old guy. This old man has studied Nanaki Village because of his studies on psychological scars or something and he explains stuff to Mitsumune.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 10 [1080p].mkv0029Meanwhile, our three best girls meet up with, duh, Reiji. They go to some apartment building. He’s so much more apathetic than he seemed in Masaki’s backstory, probably from all the crap that he went through, whatever it is. He asks about how Masaki’s doing, but he doesn’t want to see her and that makes Maimai angry. Also, it’d be convenient if he did return because then that’d make everyone stop being stupid and hunting for Masaki and make them believe her. But…ok whatever.

I’m going to keep things short because I literally don’t give a fuck anymore. We get switched between Kamiyama explaining things to Mitsumune and Reiji explaining things to the best girls. Basically, Nanaki is the psychological scars of each person that manifest into some sort of monster, which is what we’ve seen already. Kamiyama says that he had left the village suddenly because his Nanaki left him or something. But each person’s Nanaki is vital to their person and if they lose it, their health or something gets worse. Kamiyama is actually young but when he lost his Nanaki, his body aged. A lot. Ok. There were people that survived leaving the village, but how did they and where did the other people go? Why does this keep happening?

Also, the rest of the gang is getting all sleepy and apathetic for some reason and still being stupid, but what else is new?

Oh yeah, Koharun! You know, it pissed me off enough that Yottsun is actually alive. The fact that there hasn’t been any deaths in this show is frustrating, but even more so when you think a gross character was killed off only to find out that he’s actually alive. And then, what’s worse, they went with lazy writing and made Koharun the bad guy. Why, what does she want? I don’t know, but she has Jack and Judgeness working for her. Why why why.

This show sucks, I don’t give a fuck what happens next, I just want this trainwreck to finish already.

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me watching this show


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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    You and me both.

    I can’t believe I ever thought this was better than Kiznaiver, hahahaha. Now Okada can’t even keep the characters she supposedly killed off dead for real. And the whole mass lethargy thing is exactly how everyone feels about the show itself. There’s no point speculating any longer, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters any more. Except Lion in her shrine maiden outfit, that was cute.

  2. bedmonds says:

    I personally would like to thank the subtitle team for continuing to give that survivalist-nyan character new ways to include her nyans into English approximations. Otherwise, idgaf. This is the worst. (Also the whole “comedy” bits with Yottsun were egregiously horrible).

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