Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Episode 10: [The Attacking Weak]


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7 Responses

  1. Shiki says:

    Maybe its me but this show started off as one of the best shows this season but now they are driving the hype-train at fullspeed into a wall.. oh that pun. Not as terrible as mayoiga but still a wall. Bad decision turning bad-ass Mumei into a little kid that needs to be saved and bad-ass protag into a guy that wants the right thing only to end up getting beat up by everything. Not to forget the sudden plot in the last episode with drama for characters we barely know besides.. well yes this person is there. I am more interested in how kabanes came to be instead of crazy dictatorship out of the blue

    • Charibo says:

      I fully agree. The pacing is just ewww. Why bringing this new plot when there’s only 4 episodes left? We barely know the original characters ( their backstories, motivations and stuff) so why bringing new ones now? And you can see this lack of character development with Takumi’s death. What did we know about Takumi? Well, he’s Ikoma’s friend, there you go.

      And you’re right about Mumei being a little kid, if there’s one rule to follow when making a “wannabe bad ass ” anime, is that it needs at least some bad ass characters that people can, if not relate to, like or admire. Here, the main cast is flat and the supporting characters are not developed enough. I would love to see more Yukina, Sukari and Boris but sadly there’s no time left. Now we need a final battle to wrap things up in a traditional way which we are probably going to get in the remaining episodes.

  2. zztop says:

    An anime magazine spread published some detailed info on why Biba wants revenge. A Redditor was kind enough to translate.


    Biba was the sacrificial pawn in a power play between 2 opposing government factions 10 yrs ago. The militarists wanted to wage war and destroy the kabane, while the moderates thought it dangerous and wanted to hide out in their fortresses.
    The shogun was part of the moderates, and to strengthen his faction’s cause he created a 400,000 strong army squad to fight the kabane with the intention of ensuring the squad would be killed by denying them necessary reinforcements. This was to convince the militarists of the futility of fighting the kabane. 12 yr old Biba was chosen as the squad commander, and Kurusu’s dad was part of that squad.

    The plan worked – everyone but Biba died, and the moderates were able to gain their political leverage. Biba was made a scapegoat and exiled to the Hunters. For 10 years he’s been investigating who betrayed him, and as of the current timeline he’s discovered the truth and wants bloody vengeance.

    • Charibo says:

      Thanks for sharing this info with us :D

      As expected the Shogun is a pretty Machiavellian man. Scarifying his own son for political matters, I kind of like that. Furthermore, this contributes to my theory that the show is inspiring itself from the Tokugawa Period, where the shogun and people hide behind walls, to prevent invasion from western countries.

    • Shiki says:

      I wouldn’t mind if they spend an entire episode just for this story instead of throwing the plot into a few minutes which makes us understand his suffering more etc.

  3. HAHAH I LUV YOUR REVIEWS. I also think this anime has actually so much potential but mehhh.. its going further down.. but I still enjoy it ~

    • Charibo says:

      Oh my, you are making me blush *^*
      I’m still struggling to find the reasons why and when this anime became “meh”. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure that out with the final two episodes.

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