Haifuri Episode 9: Mina in a Pinch!



Haifuri 9 Img031Were Kouko and Mina supposed to be that close? I know they had their corny movie lines thing going on, but if Mii-chan was to form an unbreakable yuri bond with someone I always thought it’d be Shiro. You know, since they bunk together and all. It’s still very sad for Kouko though, I teared up a little when I saw her heartbroken expression. And it’s really sad for me too. Why did Mina have to go? I wanted her to stay – I wanted the power of lesbians to make her stay somehow, even though I know she’s the deputy-captain of the Admiral Spee and she has her own responsibilities to attend to. I really liked Mina ;_;

It feels like, as we approach the end, we’re slowly resolving all the unresolved plot points one by one – with the fated battle against the Musashi presumably being the climax of it all. You can tell it’s all about to end now, we’ve stopped having slice-of-life segments and each episode is a tactics-based battle against a ship with superior specs. And Nanoha seems to have earned a licence from Shiro to go out and do dangerous things! Shiro gets to assume the position she always (secretly) wanted, so everyone’s happy. Even Kuro. It really wasn’t looking good at the start though, when the Harekaze took several direct hits and suffered major damage – I bet Shiro was thinking, ‘oh shit, I just literally took over command and someone just died on my watch!’.

Haifuri 9 Img012

Haifuri 9 Img028I knew they’d always have to return Mina to the Spee at some point, but I never thought they’d spend another episode on an counter with them, and certainly wasn’t expecting Captain Thea to actually make an appearance. She looks like a loli vampire, by the way. Very cute. Her encounter with Mina and the rest of the raiding team was… a little anti-climactic, I guess? I thought there’d be some dramatic moments and a fierce violent struggle (just like how you’d expect a mind-controlled loli to react) but it was all over before I’d even gotten hyped. Thea is to Mii-chan what Moka is to Akeno, so I was hoping for more unintelligible but passionate German shouting at least. Ah well. It’s not like Haifuri is being written by Okada Mari or anything.

Haifuri 9 Img019I’m beginning to see where the rest of the show will take us (other than next week’s reunion with the fluffy Akashi captain). Minami-sensei has developed her antibody and has reported everything about the rats to the Blue Mermaids, so we’re probably in for more pirate-style raids and unexpected displays of physical skill as the Harekaze runs into more mind-controlled ships, curing them and sending Isoroku in to exterminate all their rats. Based Isoroku is the real hero. They seem to be relying on the seawater thing as well, which completely cured Tama but seems to have just knocked the German girls out. Too bad the seawater didn’t cure Kuro’s attitude. Heh. I guess it’s just a temporary measure in the end, and a dose of antibodies will stop any further rat infestations harming them. Even if they’re injected in certain unwholesome areas. Come to think of it, I don’t think we ever got confirmation on how many episodes there are, but so long as it’s first-cour the whole Abyss sub-plot will probably never surface at all – and the same goes for the political insurgency everyone was hoping for when this all first started. I’m okay with high-paced naval battles and all that, but I really did enjoy the mutiny episodes better. There was so much more tension and suspense, you know?


I love cute things.

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