Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Episode 2 [Dogged Runner]


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5 Responses

  1. Sanokal says:

    Gimme FFXV!
    I was quite surprised at how well the episode did with Prompto’s character; it certainly seems to have raised everyone’s opinions of him to some degree (and am personally waiting on some info on Gladiolus.)
    I think that the episodes are supposed to be weekly now, I’m not sure.

    • Nikolita says:

      Oh man, that’d be neat if they’re going to be weekly! I’ll have to watch for them, thanks for the heads up.

      I don’t have a PS4 yet; I’m personally waiting for the release of the FFVII remake, so I can get any system collector’s edition that might be available, and then I’ll pick up FFXV.

      • Sanokal says:

        Dammit, I looked around and they don’t have release dates. Maybe you were right. In any case, the wait between episodes shouldn’t be as long as between one and two from now on.
        Fair enough. But, it’s been ten years, and now I learn that it’s dangling for me (I’m an Xbox guy, so I was VERY happy that it was coming out on multiple platforms), so yeah. MINE.

  2. zztop says:

    Sometimes I forget the gang’s running for their lives and think they’re headed to some concert in Caem, the way they act and dress.

    • Nikolita says:

      Yeah, like with Prompto and Ignis fighting over the radio and Prompto having the opinion that they should have it on until the Empire shows up to try to kill them. xD

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