Boku no Hero Academia Episode 12: [All Might]


IT’S ORUUU MAITOOOO!! Or Aru meito? Oru meito?Ooru mahitou? I don’t freaking know. 

So All Might arrives, all the trash villains are afraid of him and me too because he looks really scary when he’s not smiling.

vlcsnap-2016-06-21-12h56m08s151Right after his entrance he saves Aizawa, Tsuyu, Mineta and Midoriya in a blink of an eye. Shigaraki is first impressed by All Might’s speed but then realizes that rumors were true: All Might is getting weaker. Truth that Midoriya only knows to well and which doesn’t lighten his worries. While everyone is relived and believes All Might will won this battle for sure, Midoriya, while believing in All Might from the bottom of his heart, is still worried about his idol’s condition. And he’s right to worry, All Might seems to be struggling against the Brain bird Nomu and the Shadow hole guy. While Shigaraki is watching all his subordinates do the job and throwing some sassy lines at them, Nomu is attacking All Might’s weak spot, where he was injured years ago.


I love you too <3

At some point Midoriya feels like All Might is really in danger and can’t stand the sight of him being crushed by enemies so he decides to jump and help him. Things are about to turn bad for our national Deku but hopefully he’s saved by Bakugou, Todoroki and Kirishima. Of course, Bakugou took the advantage of the opportunity to throw some insults at both Deku and at the bad guys but heh, he’s awesome so that’s okay, I guess. Also, Bakugou actually knew how to defeat the shadow guy! By remembering some words the bad guy said and drawing conclusions out his actions, Bakugou was able to spot the weaknesses of the shadow dude and to act accordingly. HOW COOL IS THAT?! But I digress, the star of the episode is not Bakugou (tho I wish it was) but All Might and speaking of All Might, he’s still able to fight and saves Bakugou from getting rekt by Nomu.

vlcsnap-2016-06-21-12h45m49s927Then Shikaragi explains his motivations: He wants to destroy the symbol of peace simply because he believes that heroes’ existence is hypocritical, heroes use the same violence as the bad guys and are labelled as right to do so by the government. Which is something Shigaraki finds unfair, nobody should decide what’s wrong or wright, especially if both sides are quite similar. But the sentence that called to my mind the most was: “violence only breeds violence”.
Which is an interesting topic to discuss if you’ll ask me. I do believe that hatred and violence only bring more violence and I think it is easy to tell this by looking at the recent events in the world politics.

But if we’d like to answer Shigaraki and justify the existence of heroes I guess Kant’s theory of the Good will can provide us some answer. From what I understood, the German philosopher states that the goodness of something doesn’t depend on its nature but on the use of it. In other words, even if the heroes use violence and force like the bad guys, what differentiate them is the use of those means. While the bad guys seek chaos and destruction, good guys want peace and happiness (I guess). Again, Kant’s theory leaves room for discussion but I shouldn’t be discussing it here. Sorry, I can’t help myself, I’ll stop here, I swear, no more Tuesday Philo with Charibo.

vlcsnap-2016-06-21-13h52m42s784So All Might is again ready to fight even if he has barely enough time left. Since Nomu’s quirk works as an “absorption quirk” it means that there should be some limit to it, thing that All Might understood well. So he starts hitting Nomu again and again until the brain bird falls, using all his power in every single hit. He finishes him with some good old damn’ “plus ultra” and BOOOOM EXPLOSIONS! Explosions are always super cool. And then Nomu flies into the sky and disappears with a little twinkling star Team Rocket style. Shigaraki is not very happy by that, which is understandable and start being really pissed off. BAM END OF THE EPISODE! I’m a bit sad that there’s only one episode left I was ready to to review more of the show but heh, I’m sure we’ll get a season 2.

Ps: This week again, I wanted to put Bakugou as the featured image but I thought to myself: “god dammit Charibo u filthy fan girl, this episode is called “All Might” you can’t put Bakugou as the featured image, so stop bullshiting around and freaking put All Might as the featured image. So there you go, the featured image is All Might but deep inside my heart is screaming Bakugou…”


Okay I’ll stop now.



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3 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    You got lost in the philosphy (or your obsession with bad boys, I’m not sure which) and seem to have missed the fact that Shigaraki doesn’t actually believe the nonesense he was spounting as his reason for trying to kill All Might. The truth is he’s just a psychopath who wants free rein to kill people, and everything else is just an excuse.

    • Charibo says:

      I agree that Shigaraki doesn’t really believe in hat he said, he’s just a crazy fellow. However,I do not believe that what he said was total nonsense, hence my attempt to explain it . But yeah, I guess I have the tendency to overthink things ^^’
      As for my obsession with bad boys, I’ts just Bakugou, Shigaraki is a bit too… totally insane for me.

  2. Noc says:

    Somehow, I knew…I felt it in my BONES…that Kacchan would bust in there at the last second XD but no, although I find his character plenty interesting, my fangirl heart currently goes out to poor Aizawa…poor…unshaven…crusty eyed…scruffy haired Aizawa…It’s the contrast of him being badass and a good teacher that makes it so great…

    Oh, right, the episode. It was great too! PLUS ULTRA! The fight scene was fantastic. As for Shigaraki’s motivation…I feel like this argument of good violence vs bad violence has come up before recently…aha, I got it! I remember this one from a later arc of OPM. It’s really interesting how, despite tackling the hero genre from completely different viewpoints, these series still manage to cover the same topics in their own way.

    P.S. I was having troubles posting earlier, so if a duplicate of this happens to pop up then please do erase…

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