Boku no Hero Academia Episode 6: [Rage, You Damn Nerd]


Despite all his efforts, Deku ranks last in the general classement of the physical ability test. But teacher Aizawa tells them that expelling the last ranked student out of the school was a joke. Everyone is like ” fiiiouuu that was close, ahaha, nice one sensei” and are relieved that all of this was a joke when it actually wasn’t. Aizawa did expelled some students that he judged without potential  in the past few years. So Deku really had some high chances to be expelled. However like he said to All Might, Aizawa thinks Deku has some potential, potential that he showed in that test by controlling his power and adapting himself to the situation.

vlcsnap-2016-05-09-14h11m21s755In the episode we also get to see all the super hero costumes. I don’t want to do my fan girl again but… Bakugou’s costume is the coolest in my opinion… Some might argue that his costume is a bit too over the top but heh, we’re talking about Bakugou here, which part of him is not over the top?
It was fun to read the indications on the papers that some students gave to the school in order to make their costumes. Especially Bakugou who wanted “something intimidating” and the French Baguette guy who wrote: style for a man who can’t stop sparkling. It’s indeed, the main issue that us, french people have to face every day: we cannot stop sparkling. 

After some boring English classes ( I can relate to that, I really can), it’s time for some action with some “real hero training”. The students have fight each others in team of two. One team being the vilains, guarding some sort of nuclear missile while the other team will be the heroes, trying to stop the villains. Because it has to be, Deku is in the same team as Uraraka and they have to fight against Iida and Bakugou who are the vilain team. So yeah, Bakugou finally has the opportunity to fight against Deku.

vlcsnap-2016-05-09-14h22m59s827Speaking of the devil, this episode focused a lot on Bakugou and how he’s dealing with the new Deku. As expected, he takes it quite lightly, being pretty laid back about things, not shouting and wanting to smash everyone since he’s such a cool guy.  He’s like: ” Eh, Deku has a quirk, and a powerful one? Heh, I won’t be the best anymore? eh, I don’t care, just, yeah, let’s all chill together.”
We also got a little flash back who showed us that even when they were kids, when Deku still had his hopes of having a quirk, Bakugou was still a little shit back then. Thinking that even if Deku had a quirk, his quirk will be better than Deku’s anyway. What a cool guy.

I’ve seen a lot of people comparing little shit Bakugou to Dark Sasuke from Naruto. Because I’ve never watched Naruto and I stopped reading it after the Hunter Ninja Exam I can’t really prononce myself on this subject but I don’t think Bakugou will ever turn like Sasuke, and I really hope he won’t. If I understood correctly Sasuke was obsessed with vengeance, and I don’t think that’ll ever be Bakugou’s case. On a side note, I just want to understand why Bakugou is so angry with life. I mean, fiiouuu, with him the “that dude has no chill” sentence makes all sense.

vlcsnap-2016-05-09-14h18m39s352After the team Deku vs Team Bakugou’s match has started, Deku manages to dodge Bakugou’s attack and to throw him on the ground. Bakugou is surprised that Deku was able to predict his attack but Deku explains him that since he sees him as an extraordinary hero, he actually analyzed him a lot. Bakugou was actually in one of Deku’s notebooks, and Deku was studying, watching him so that’s  how he was able to anticipate and predict his attacks.
Now, Deku is ready to face Bakugou even if he’s still shaking while looking at him because Bakugou is quite impressive and really angry. But let’s not forget that if Deku wanted to, he could smash Bakugou in a single punch. However, that’s not his objective, Bakugou might be a trash (a lovely trash though) but he doesn’t deserve to die. So how Midoriya will  handle this fight is going to be interesting. Also, in the next episode it seems like Todoroki will finally have some lines! Yay!


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  1. zztop says:

    The initial design for Bakugou’s hero costume was much simpler, although Horikoushi Kouhei said he disliked it – too underwhelming and boring, he said.

    Also, the kanji of the characters’s names are full of puns that hint at their powers/personality.
    For example, the flamboyant French guy, Aoyama Yuga (青山 優雅) – his first name kanji has 優 = elegant and 雅=classy, hence the reason he looks and acts like an overblown classy gentleman of a 1970s shoujo manga.

    Then there’s Tokoyami Fumikage (常闇 踏陰) the birdheaded guy, where the kanji is 常 = eternal, 闇=darkness, 踏 = dominating (ie. rubbing a person’s face into the ground with your foot), 陰 = shadow. So “Eternal Darkness Dominating Shadow”.

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