Uchuu Patrol Luluco – Episodes 2 & 3

Episode 2

Episode two picks up moments after the first episode ended. Luluco has the culprit sprawled on the floor and she’s wondering what to do next when a meteorite crashes into their classroom. It cracks in half and the new transfer student, Alpha Omega Nova, emerges from within. He introduces himself, then suggests that Luluco take the criminal to the Space Patrol office since that would be the “normal” thing to do. Luluco slyly suggests that he go with her, since he’s with Space vlcsnap-00004Patrol too. I guess that’s one way to get out of an exam eh?

En route Luluco and Nova talk about where Nova is from, and how bizarre Nova finds Ogukibo. When they get to the office, Chief Over Justice explains how Luluco’s Judgement Gun Morphing move is not only due to the Space Patrol suit, but it’s also a manifestation of her inner justice. I would buy that explanation more if the camera hadn’t panned down over her thirteen year old body right at that moment. :/

Nova interrupts and Chief Over Justice asks him to interrogate the offender. He transforms, pulling out a gun-arm from his chest (think Barrett from Final Fantasy VII) and holding it to Luluco’s classmate’s head. The unnamed culprit splutters about how the baddie alien Save-The-World is distributing a quasi-legal Blackhole app around their school  which enables shoplifting (and cheating on exams apparently). After the criminal finishes his confession, Nova… shoots him anyways. ^^;;  Nova turns around and smoothly feeds Luluco the line “Let’s do our best,” and Luluco promptly falls for him in an explosion of stars. This somehow, for some reason, triggers her Judgement Gun Morphing move and she also shoots the poor criminal. You know, the one restrained to the cart and can’t run away even if he wanted to?




Episode 3

Luluco and Nova have left the Space Patrol office and returned to school, where they are searching for Save-The-World. They split up, and Luluco runs into Midori. And- wait a minute, holy shitballs! Midori’s seiyuu is the same as Haruko’s from FLCL?! Fuck yeah, this short just got ten times more interesting! All right!

Ahem. Luluco explains that she’s looking for someone distributing the Blackhole app, and Midori offers to get it for Luluco so she can try it. After all, Midori explains, it can even help you get a boy/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, which means that Luluco instantly thinks of Nova before talking herself out of using it for vlcsnap-00016personal means.

It’s revealed that Midori is Save-The-World, something I sort of saw coming. She talks to her cronies and then Luluco and Nova bust in with their Space Patrol uniforms on. Nova wants to shoot Midori, but Luluco tells him not to because Midori’s her classmate (although that didn’t seem to stop her the last time). So Midori uses Luluco’s hesitation against her and physically captures Nova with the app, leaving Luluco to fend for herself against Midori’s cronies. She transforms and blows them all away, but Midori retaliates by firing Nova’s gun at her. Luluco gets in one last shot which ricochets all over the room before randomly hitting Midori.

After Midori’s been handcuffed, Luluco and Nova share a quiet moment in the destroyed classroom before heading back to the Space Patrol office.

My thoughts: I was initially under the impression that episodes 1-3 took place during the same day, but during the scene where Midori talks to her cronies, one of them says “That fool who got caught last week spilled the beans!” So either another person got caught before the start of the series, or it’s a reference to Luluco’s squid classmate who got busted, and episode three is taking place a week after episode two. Hmmm. Not a big deal either way, just a small detail.

Anyways, the introduction of Haruko-san Midori pretty much guarantees I’m sticking with this short now. Midori as a character is very similar to Haruko, and she was my favourite character from FLCL, so huzzah!

Overall this series is starting to grow on me, and I’m getting used to things being a little scattered. Progress! But what’s this preview? Midori’s going to be joining Space Patrol?? Oh boy. o.o


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3 Responses

  1. Yeah you missed at the end she told overjustice she was sorry and wanted to join so she could be around nova

    • Dangerism says:

      So that’s why the after credit shots were missing.

      • Nikolita says:

        Sorry guys! I was going to cover it in my next post, honest. I usually don’t go into the previews too much and let the readers watch it for themselves, hence my vague comment.

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