Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 74: EF


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Plinfan says:

    I think Arima is bullshiting when he told Ken that he will definitly kill his friends. I start to have the wierd felling that Arima what`s ken to snap out of his sucidal path and actully be there for the People, who love him. If he wanted to kill him he could have done so easily now. Arima is defintily a mistery. Other than that, Touka and co. are in big trouble right now. Touka herself has Plotarmour, so she is going to be safe. The Rest on the other hand, especally Ayato and Yomo…not so much. Let`s see who makes it out of this.

    • Vantage says:

      That’s a really positive perspective on Arima, hahaha! He’s shown almost zero emotion throughout the entire series, so I’m inclined to believe that he simply doesn’t care and that him not killing Kaneki is for his (Arima’s) own benefit in getting to fight someone strong. But as you said, we have no idea.

      Yomo has exhausted all his flashbacks, it’s not looking good for him. And by virtue of precedent, Ayato might be in trouble too. He had 103 bones broken in Chapter 75 of the original manga, and Furuta might complete the job in :re Chapter 75.

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