Macross Delta Episode 4

Well that escalated quickly. We still don’t know the reason why (other than a grudge against the Earthlings and Walkure), but Winderemere Kingdom has now declared war on the New Unified Government, (something I don’t recall ever hearing about… I hope they touch up on it next week since I would like to know the reason behind their course of actions). Macross Delta Ep 4 Img 0034The Aerial Knights launched a decoy attack by targeting Walkure at their LIVE performance which was supposed to help reduce the Var Outbreaks taking place at Randor Planet. While they were doing that, they had invaded another planet, Vodor. Now the timing for Winderemere Kingdom to  declare war on the New United Government is horrible for Freyja. Until now, nobody had any particular reason to resent a Windermere, but now since war has been declared, I wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly faces backlash. But in response to this announcement, Freyja is stunned and confused. She doesn’t understand why they would be doing this. Even though she is from Winderemere, she has always idolized legendary singers who played the protect the galaxy with their songs. In fact the charm she carries was a gift from an Earthling who visited Windermere when she was little, and that was how she was able to learn about music from the outside (implying perhaps outsider music or music in general is banned). That damn gift though, I am pretty sure recognize it but I can’t remember which series I saw it in… was it Macross Frontier?

Macross Delta Ep 4 Img 0000King Gramia Nehrich is the one responsible for singing the ominous songs, causing the Var Outbreak in the first place. What is worse, it appears they also have some form of control as Mirage mentioned it was unusual to see those possessed by the Var Syndrome remained in combat in formation. However we were able to get two little tidbits this episode. The first was the implication that singing this song was how it is taking a toll on his (the king is a boy… right? I swear to god anime can make it so hard to tell the gender.) health and the second was the mention of the song resonating with the crystal relics. But the biggest question on my mind is: Why is the Winderemere Kingdom actively causing the Var Outbreak? Is this part of their form of revenge for whatever resulted their grudge in the first place? Is it a form of exploitation they are taking advantage to work in their favor for the war they have just declared? Furthermore, I am super suspicious of Chancellor Roid because the King is only a young kid, (until told otherwise) and I wouldn’t put it past me if Roid were trying to pull the strings in order to pursue his own ambitious.

Macross Delta Ep 4 Img 0008That being said, the action took place during the second of the episode. This week focused on setting up the tension and stakes. We learned a couple of things about Freyja, along with the Windermerean as a species. It is said that Windermeans have an extremely short life-span of averaging thirty years in exchange for their extreme physical capabilities. (Funny they say that, because I haven’t really seen this extreme physical capability highlighted yet, and some of the senior knights we saw looked well over thirty). This offers us a little more explanation behind her motives and determination. She doesn’t have the luxury of a long life like some other species in the Galaxy, so she must make the most of it while she can.

Macross Delta Ep 4 Img 0013I appreciated seeing Freyja nervous about performing LIVE on stage for the first time, and how clumsy she was both on her landing and performance. It is the touch of realism that helps makes characters appeal more to the audience. Back during the premiere, I didn’t particularly care for Freyja much, but now four episodes in and I am fond of her. I also love how she is continuing to struggle with her getting her fold receptors to stabilize and respond more consistently. While they were performing, Freyja’s folds weren’t responding, only later when chaos ensued and Mikuno started singing, she was finally able to get it working. I look forward to seeing how Freyja will find a way to make her fold reactor more consistent, but according to Mikuno and the others, they don’t have the luxury of time to wait for her to stabilize.

Macross Delta Ep 4 Img 0016


Hayate once more irritated me seeing him disobey orders and started doing his own thing (dancing). Now that they were attacked and war has been declared, I seriously hope he gets his shit together- otherwise he is going to get punched in the face by either going Mirage or Messer (who we also saw almost succumbing to the Var Syndrome). Actually you know what, I am 90% certain Messer is going to punch Hayate the second they return to the ship. This guy is not here for performing, he is a pilot on duty to protect Walkure Unit and citizens. And most of all- what ticked me off the most – (now mind you this is a pet-peeve of mine, so it is bias) it drove me nuts to see Hayate’s stupid behavior be rewarded by being SPOILED. The Walkure tech/engineer girls modify his plane so he wouldn’t have to wear a helmet nor have to use AI. Like COME ON. Don’t fucking spoil him. He did nothing to deserve these tweaks! GOD FOR SAKES, IT WAS FREYJA WHO BAILED HIM OUT FOR THE EXAM!!!! It is ironic how Freyja’s character appeal has soared and Hayate has plummeted.

And finally, we learned that during her free time Mikuno likes streaking at night.


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8 Responses

  1. lubczyk says:

    I wonder if the writers will be able to weave a clever plot with all these mysteries. Also, is Mikumo trying to push Freya to do better or is she getting passive-aggressive with her? Maybe she is jealous since Freya is taking so much of the spotlight? I have a feeling that the mystery behind Mikumo will be bad news once it comes to light.

    • Eva says:

      I feel the same, there is something off about her and makes me uncertain about her character.

  2. cba says:

    I see no problem with Hayate’s dancing in this episode, it was in the middle of the concert when everything was working and no enemy was in sight. When it was time to be on alert he did his duty like the rest of the team.
    I actually like Hayate a lot, way more than Alto. He reminds me of Fire Bomber’s Basara from Macross 7, who also hated any type of violence and disregarded everyone’s opinions by going to the battlefield using his song and guitar as his only weapon.

    • Eva says:

      The only problem with breaking formation is the risk of bumping into each other, which he had almost did with Mirage- as result made me annoyed.
      That being said: I wouldn’t be surprised if Hayate taught Mirage how to dance in the sky and make it so they can incorporate it into the formation.

      I agree with you though, Hayate is more interesting than Alto (I always found him to be a bit bland). It’s interesting that you mention it that Hayate is similar to Fire Bomber’s Basara from Macross 7. I haven’t had the chance to watch that series yet, it’s been on my radar since the announcement of Macross Delta as I have tried to begin my marathon of Macross three months ago.

      • Out dear God if you don’t like hayate ya you are going to HATE basara. Basara has a bit more charm in how nuts he is and people call him out a bit more but yeah breakdance bit doesn’t approach Basara legal selfcenterdness.

        • Eva says:

          LMAO, I can usually put up with these type of characters a lot more when I am not covering the show because I am not obliged to critique them. xD

      • cba says:

        It is a fun series, but if you dislike Hayate’s attitude then Basara can be worse lol And the main heroine is Mylene Jenius, Mirage’s aunt and daughter of Max and Milia Jenius (Mirage’s personality resembles her grandmother).
        A couple of years ago they released Macross FB7, a movie where Ozma who is a big fan of Fire Bomber finds a tape about them and it retells 7’s events. It ends with Sheryl and Ranka singing with Fire Bomber’s most famous songs with Klan cosplaying Mylene and Michael as Basara:

        • Eva says:

          Hahaha, I can live with it- especially when I am not actively covering the show. Thanks for the link!

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