Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 96: The King’s Fury

Oh snap, this is not the mood I was expecting to see during this match… But before everyone jumps on Jack for acting like a dick (and he was), please take a moment to acknowledge what Jack said is absolutely right. You see, everything was fine and dandy until Yuuya but mocked him about whether or not he is going to say by what number of turns he will defeat him by (I don’t blame him for jabbing that though because it was true… but it was petty.) That was strike number one. The second strike was when Yuuya started speaking about inheriting his father’s Entertainment Dueling, and ironically, Smile World is what landed him the third and final strike (and fell flat on its face). This is the real reason why Jack said Yuuya was too conceited. And whether we like it or not, Jack is right on the money (and deep inside, Yuuya knows he is right).

Since the beginning of the series, Yuuya has always wanted to follow his father’s footsteps, but he has not developed his own unique style, or even his own lines. While I have no problems with Yuuya inheriting his father’s words since he is part of the family, it is just something that is passed down, I also understand Jack’s criticism, calling him out for being too focused on Smile World and demand for him to quit speaking with words Yuuya borrowed from others. Basically he wants Yuuya to forge his own identity, create his own dialogues aka: speak in his own words. This is what he had hoped from him. In fact, Yuuya can still use some of his father’s words, as long as he adds his own unique spin to it. Whether or not Yuuya has already a little bit of that is up for the fans’ interpretation. But the turn of events makes me excited.

At this point of time, it only makes sense for Yuuya to further evolve his Entertainment Dueling style and forge his own edition of it based on how he has grown, rather than trying to achieve what his father has done with the Smile Card, the culprit of the tunnel vision. Remember, ever since Yuuya been dragged into this war and inherited Smile World card and learned about the story behind it, it has been eating him alive about how to properly use it, or whether or not the situation is appropriate for it to be used. Now this offers Yuuya an opportunity, to either scrap the card aside altogether and simply hold onto it as a memento and use it as his rock to keep him grounded, or perhaps come up with a different purpose (outside of battle) for it to serve.

But the King’s patience has worn thin, and Jean’s interference by turning their 1 VS 1 into a Battle Royale is only fanning the flames. Jack is sorely disappointed in Yuuya, he had so much hope and expectation for him, but he fell short. Now Yuuya must figure out a way to get back in the game all while trying to forge his own unique identity as an Entertainment Duelist he wants to be.

Finally, did anyone else wish they didn’t show the new monster int he preview? When I realized it I covered my eyes in poor attempt to prevent myself from being spoiled. Also, raise of hands if anyone else thought the Jean’s Security Mob was going to be like the Ghosts in 5DS, because that shit was insane- there is still a possibility of that happening, I’m sure because Jean is losing his fucking mind.


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9 Responses

  1. elhienn says:

    I agree 200% of Jack’s opinion about Yuya’s dueling and it was something I had an issue since forever.

    I might be a tad cynic, but I think that trying to bring smiles through entertainment to a bunch of psychos is out of place, His father brought entertainment in a relative peaceful enviroment, ENJOYYY taught children card games and has plays focused on “belief” and “change of fate”(his luck draws) to give hope in a bleak enviroment, I think that Yuya’s problem is that he doesn’t have a dueling planned for the public he should be entertaining, hence why Jack (at least in my opinion) said Yuya’s duel is conceited, rather than consider what his public needs/wants Yuya is more focused in gloating about his father in a sense, he wants to make his dad’s dueling work to show how wonderful Yusho’s dueling is, not his.

    I am pretty sure Jack nuked everyone with his last move in the end of the episode, Shun would be proud.

    Speaking of Shun, it was hilarious that Power rangers pose the Lancers were doing, they even had an explosion in the background XD.

    Oh! And before I forget, ENJOYYYYYY’S cardians were announced recently, yet we have nothing on Sawatari’s Abyss Actors, if things continue like that Sawatari’s card will only be released after they stop introucing new characters lolololol(being Sawatari is suffering)

    • Eva says:

      // Yuya is more focused in gloating about his father in a sense, he wants to make his dad’s dueling work to show how wonderful Yusho’s dueling is, not his.//

      You nailed it on the head! This development has been waiting to surface, and I’m glad we are finally going to see Yuuya face this and I am eagerly anticipating what his unique Entertainment Duelist identity will be!

  2. elior1 says:

    eva a bit off topic but are you going to cover thhis week episode of maou tsukai precure episode 6 like always?

    • Eva says:

      I’m waiting for ImaginationSubs to come out (those are the ones I am using). They are expected to be delayed since they were busy this week.

      And for future reference, for Off-Topic Questions, please use the FAQ * Ask the Team page

  3. Cringeworthy episode yet AGAIN (Arc V sure likes to produce those huh?) thanks to Yuya’s “Failtertainment”! Now I would clarify a few things before my verdict on this episode:

    1) Yuzu muttering “YUYA” everytime she has limited appearance in an episode is officially a running gag now.
    2) Told ya Eva, Yuya’s duel style required Action Cards to bail him out (did you see him use one to evade one of the Goyo Emperors’ attack?), and with Scarlight’s effect nuking the field, eradicating all Special Summoned monsters (15 Goyo Emperors & two of Yuya’s Pendulums) & dealing 8500 damage, Yuya would get rekted if he didn’t search for an Action Card fast (and thankfully he’s the main character so he will easily escape an early defeat :p).
    3) From the exhibition match up to his rematch with Jack Yuya always started second & set random Pendulum Scales (Failtermates) he didn’t previously owned (but that’s Komoney’s marketing scheme so…)
    4) Fun (& bitter) fact: Yuya only arrived at the Synchro Dimension for days & he’s already set to duel Jack for the second time and he already had a (I’d say) big impact & spotlight for the Synchro arc. BUT poor Yugo spent his entire life in his hometown and still ended up as a duelist NO ONE knows and his dream of facing Jack was thwarted so abruptly since he was warped away to somewhere unknown by Yuzu’s bracelet (and he still haven’t officially meet Yuya face-to-face, that brief encounter when he dueled Yuto never counts), I definitely pity him…

    And to the episode: So the “borrowed words” refer to what, entertainment duel, Smile World, or “ladiiiiieees aaand gentlemaaaaaaan”? Whatever, they’re all “borrowed”! The show has more qualified “Entertainers” than Yuya will ever be, including Yuzu, Sawatari, ENJOY etc. That comes up with Kurosaki’s duels too, everytime he duels the animation budget was God-tier but when it switches to Yuya it reverted back to nobody style!! Anti-Jack bandwagon should zip their tongue (especially Becs) because Jack was right to be 100% pissed off (I’m as well) as he mercilessly shit on Yuya about not learning to utilize his true dueling style but just copy & imitate his father’s style (Smile World hahaha… BULLSHIT). It’s a BIG disappointment that Yuya still couldn’t realize himself that he has been imitating his father the entire time and instead must be told by Jack to realize it! AND I’m definitely waiting for Yuya to change his entire deck because the one he has is a complete joke, those “cute” Failtermates don’t make people laugh, they only serve to make them want to ragequit & forgeting seeing them altogether!! Oh the volcano is boiling, Roger lost his sanity even more in this episode, hopefully he’ll meet the same end as Sergey…(Am I being too cruel?) er nope, by the hands of REIJI, IT’S BEEN TOO LONG since we saw him duel properly!!

    Next week, RED DEMON DRAGON TYRANT & NIRVANA HIGH PALADIN (first ever Synchro-Pendulum) finally set to flare up the long-awaited “Entertainment” that everyone is longing for?! The “Fun” has just begun!!! (Damnit Yuya)

    P.S. So you finally dropped Mahou Tsukai Precure, [spoiler]but guess what? Liz is my new favourite waifu, she’s mature, gentle & HOT, I’m drooling over her <3 Her backstory with Riko when they're younger was well-executed, not to mention that cute little Riko-chan (dat explosion scene LMAO) inherited her Linkle Stone from Liz (actually it's been inherited by Riko's family for generations), and that confirmed Riko didn't become Cure Magical by coincidence.[/spoiler]

    • Eva says:

      I didn’t drop Mahou Tsukai Precure, I’m waiting for ImaginationSubs to come out (those are the ones I am using). They are expected to be delayed since they gave a heads up they were going to be busy this week. I try to stick to one Sub Team for consistency.

      And for future reference, usually I choose to drop a series by inserting: “Status: Dropped / Reason”. And if not, I usually mention it a week beforehand with the exclamation along the lines of, “If you don’t see an episode by (insert date here), it means I dropped it”. Another place to keep track is to simply check the Who’s Covering What page. Dropped shows are immediately removed from the list and are removed from “Currently Covering” category.

  4. revolutionhippo says:

    I actually loved Jack this episode. Altogether, Arc-V Jack is great, he’s everything 5D’s Jack should have been after season 1. Jack may not be as nice with his lessons as Yusei, but his point is pretty good. Yuya was just being childish. After all that work, all those matches, and all his growth… he comes back only to try to face Jack the EXACT SAME WAY as he did before. I don’t mean his cards or strategies, I mean his thoughts. Last time, it was Yuya focused on defending Yusho’s dueling style by quickly defeating Jack, which was an arrogant plan and got him a quick defeat. This time, he’s SO focused on doing what Yusho did that he’s acting the same, trying to bring his father into it. And Jack, who was expecting to see Yuya at the apex of all this growth, is rightfully enraged. Add to that Jean’s trying to ruin it, and the guy has had enough! I’ve got to say, this wasn’t the turn I was expecting the duel to take, but I’m not disappointed, it got the same feel down I was expecting.
    Otherwise, I thought Jack smiling at Reira’s growth was cute. He was so proud of him for finally finding his own dueling. Although seeing the Lancers fight together again is making me miss Selena…

  5. Cris says:

    All this talk about burrowed words and harsh disappointment by Jack is making me think… Yuya reminds me of Shirou Emiya now.

    That aside, Yuya is now on the verge of losing against about 8000 points of damage from Jack’s dragon. and I think none of the cards he has right now can shield him from all that damage, so Action Card time I guess. I liked the snippets of Reiji and his Lancers completely destroying Security and doing cool Power-Ranger-esque poses, and Reira gaining confidence by remembering Jack’s words. By the way, Jack really has this switch when it comes to mentoring: Soft side for Reira and HARSH for Yuya. Coming back to Jack, he’s right about everything, and really, his disappointment seems pretty deep. Now Yuya has to get back Jacks respect and come back into the game with new growth!

  6. Becs says:

    Even if Jack’s attitude is abrasive and i feel he goes at things the wrong way sometimes, i agree very much that he FINALLY said something that i have been saying for AGES now!! Yuya has only been aiming to be in his father’s footsteps! And i think that’s a fault of both his mindset and what everyone else around him has told him since he was very young when his dad disappeared.

    Firstly everyone (i mean the public mostly) was quick to pick on Yuya by mocking Yusho saying he was a coward, and so it’s really no wonder that Yuya wants to use his father’s style because it’s like he’s channelling his father and therefore his father is proving everyone else wrong and showing them in the light that Yuya has always admired him in! Everyone also had great expectations of Yuya at the same time, they expected him to be able to entertain the crowds just as brilliantly as his father once did! And so Yuya had taken that on board to mean that he had to become EXACTLY like his father. No one had ever told him to duel like himself, that is was okay to try and find your own style or even a different path because they were so focused on the legacy that Yusho left behind! Jack is the first person to have said that it’s more important and essential for him to duel with his own style rather than using as he said ‘borrowed words’.

    It’s actually kind of sad because i think for Yuya, using his dad’s entertainment duel is the only way he can feel close to his father. So, in order to advance he has to ‘let go’ of the people he held dear to him in his dueling, that being his parents mostly…

    I don’t agree with Jack that his duelling is ‘conceited’, it’s more misguided! Because as i said, for so long no one ever thought to say ‘forget about your father and focus on how YOU would and want to duel! The reason may be the same, but the style and feel can be different!’

    This is what i mean by saying things abrasively, he’s not wrong but Jack is conceited in his own way by declaring that because while its good for Yuya to figure things out for himself. If he expected Yuya to learn a lesson that was never EVER said to him, then that’s just being plain mean. And before people jump on ME for saying this, let me remind you that Yuya is a 14 YEAR OLD BOY! You can’t expect him to be able to automatically get something that was never said, he’s just a teenager and he’s still growing!

    I’ll be honest i kind of don’t blame Yuya for the jab slightly, of course it really wasn’t the right time for it and Jack was right to call him out for acting immaturely. I think Yuya was just trying to lighten up the mood really, probably because he was nervous. Remember, Yuya’s way of getting past heartache is to smille.
    I will say that Jack did overeact to it i think. I mean overdramatic much!? I mean seriously! He could’ve just sharply reprimended him that it was a disrespectful thing to do not do a whole DRAMA on it!

    You’re correct that Yuya knows that Jack’s critcisms are correct deep down. But its probably harder than we can imagine because using his fathers words is probably the only connection he has so it’s difficult to just ignore them in a way! Yuya has to stop letting his father’s words decide his actions and form his own ones… to him it kind of means discarding his memories of his dad which is hard on anyone but is necessary if he wants to advance!

    On another note, Roger is positively turning insane by every passing minute!

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