Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 66: Old Guard


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Plinfan says:

    The hype level of the arc is over 9000!
    I agree Eto slaying Furuta with words was really awsome. I guess one of the reasons he reacted so strongly is that Furuta has normally always controll of the situation. Wheter its working with the Clowns or the CCG, he is able to keep his true goals a secreat. He even has his secreats to V, like his connection to Kanou. That is why Eto knowing a secreat he kept hidden from everyone probably hit him hard. My guess why he isn`t seen as a washuu is that he is a testtube baby made with washuu dna. That would explain the “bred” part of the chapter. Does this mean Hairu, Shao and Arima are also bread?
    Anyways I think Ayato and Banjou don`t know about amon. I guess Amon (and Kuro, plz!) are going to use the chaos in the prison to sneak in as well. Who knows what their goal is.

    • Vantage says:

      That’s exactly it, it always feels like Furuta is having everyone else dancing to his tune and Eto having managed to catch him off guard there (by knowing something she isn’t supposed to know) was extremely satisfying. It’s also odd that, even though his true allegiance is probably with V (maybe even himself in the end) he’s acting very Clown-like with his manipulation.

      The Washuu DNA idea is very sound, I can definitely get behind that. It would make sense if the Garden was a place for genetically superior humans(?) to be bred and developed so that V have powerful people at their disposal. If Hairu and Shao are from the Garden, then they are most likely from V or at least affiliated with it as well. I don’t think there have been any signs of people entering the Garden just for educational purposes, they probably have to be born there.

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