Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 12:[See You Tomorrow][Final Impressions]


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  1. zztop says:

    For those interested in what happens next, here’s plot summaries of Grimgar Vols 3-8 (8’s the latest, the anime covered Book 1 and 2). Spoilers plenty!

    [spoiler]If you liked Mogzo, you’re not going to like Vol 3. There’s a replacement in Vol 4 though, another gentle big guy. [/spoiler]

    The later volumes introduce important worldbuilding for Grimgar’s universe.

    [spoiler]Grimgar’s revealed to have portals leading to other worlds; these worlds also have portals to other universes! Therefore the group believes that if they go portal hopping across the multiverses they can get home!! So far they went from Grimgar to an Eternal Dusk realm of weird, sinister abominations, then to an Eternal Night realm from which Grimgar’s deities may have originated from.[/spoiler]

  2. Shiki says:

    i would have prefered many things differently but thats just me.
    Ranta was suffering for a looong time down there and even started thinking about his own behaviour and how other might not like/praise him yet = more indepht into his character. i mean come on.. how can you ignore several pages with ranta only.
    Also there is NO romance hinted (besides ranta beeing ranta and wants to grope some boobs).. all the shipping and romance is pretty much anime-original.. it takes around 3 more Volumes for the romance.
    What they didn’t mention was that his master once said that summoned demons (zodiac) come after their summoner -> ranta tasting his own medicine and as you mentioned: it’s not the nice kind and quite annoying

    I didn’t know [exhaust] can summon his helm for a moment xD

    The fight Haru vs Death posts (joking its death spots/patch ;) )wasn’t like i imagined either. Haru is simply clinging onto him and gets beaten up while the others run but I guess A-1 loves drama and hardcore shipping.Besides having those white lines appear so quick really takes away the climax.

    • Shiki says:

      p.s. I think this show is really different from most shows in the past years since we don’t get to see the “OP/famous/genius/harem-god” protagonist but simply a more realistic version of how such a life can really be without getting completely boring or slaughtering every teammember, i guess it is a bit too realistic for many since quite a few are watching anime to escape from their reality (at least that’s what i think) even if it is only subconsciously.

      The art and music was quite beautiful, maybe not in fighting scenes but oh well, money doesn’t grow on trees.
      Character was ok and i don’t think i have to go too much into detail/indepth. It takes time to adapt into a role and even kill living things, not to mention the struggle when you can’t remember anything and you could die any moment.
      Moguzo started really quite and scared but with the time he even starts shouting when others are fighting (haru/ranta in pub) and he is more proactive in fights. just saying.

      • Charibo says:

        Yeah that Helmet thing is really bothering me… Like how in the seven hell did they forget about the helmet è_é. Grrr I’m mad at the animators now.
        I don’t know if you’ve seen Magi, in terms of animation, that was a funny show to watch too. Soo many derpy faces, god…Poor Alibaba-kun.

        I agree that Moguzo changed a bit but I think he could have shined more. He remains a bit invisible to my eyes but I guess it’s just the character’s nature. Plus, his development/improvement as a warrior is there but not sudden. Which is nice since you can’t tell, oh it’s thanks to that thing that he improved, and therefore it makes the whole thing more realistic. So in the end i’m actually fine with the way his character was treated.

        Also, I haven’t read the novel so I can’t compare both mediums but yeah, apparently from what I’ve seen and been told, the anime did not make the best choices all the time, so I don’t think we’ll get another season :/

        • Shiki says:

          I don’t think either that this show will get another season especially with all those hate comments for not being the standart OP char show

  3. A;adlkjsdfksj I’m so disappointed, because this show had SO much potential! I was attracted to it because of the art and characters. It was so refreshing to see characters who WEREN’T amazing from the very beginning. I enjoyed watching them develop slowly. But I feel like after Mary was introduced, the plot took an extremely cliche turn of avenging her fallen comrades’ deaths. The ending was completely expected, and that was pretty disappointing for me. :(

    • Charibo says:

      Maybe the direction put more and more action during the last episodes to react to the wave of hate saying that the show is slow. Since Grimgar risky gambe it’s normal for some people not to like it because it’s too slow. So I don’t know, maybe they felt like putting more action to make people happy.Or maybe they wanted to end the show with some ” grand finale” if they don’t plan on doing a second season.

      But overall, my major complain is that the topics that were a bit developed especially on the importance of life ( with them hesitating to kill some god damn gobelins) weren’t developed enough. So I’m left with a “meh, okay” feeling.

      But I still want to make babies with the backgrounds ( and Manato)

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