Dimension W Ep 11 + 12 [Final Impression]

Dimension W episode 11 and 12 are honestly a set of two episodes that lead into each other, which is very typical of the 12 episode anime industry that we have stepped into within recent years, so it’s fitting to discuss them as a two parter. Episodes 11 and 12 explain the backstories of everyone involved as well as the origins of Mira’s coil and the ultimate end of the Dimension W. Now here is the thing: Dimension W started very strong with an interesting premise, fluid animation, great soundtrack and an engaging plotline. Did the show hold up in its second half? It requires a strong examination of the two episodes to really talk answer that.

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First off, the show has already essentially established the true villain is Seameyer. Honestly the way they established this was underwhelming and made Seameyer seem really pulled out of nowhere, but what we learn in episode 11 is essentially his origin story. However, I don’t know if it really served to explain and justify this villain or if it’s just a bit confusing. Did Seameyer always have evil or did he develop his completed theory out of curiosity and not pre emptive plans for domination? The show gives two implications from his works being completely taken away to his ebil speech. The big thing is that his backstory is very dependent on Mira’s father, who was his mentor, and Loser, who alongside his wife was one of the people working with him.

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Loser doesn’t ever quite lose his cool factor from revealing things about him, instead it always feels a bit disappointing that you know he is going to fail in whatever it is he sets out to do in order to make room for Kyoma’s backstory. There is no way for them both to truly win so it really ends up that the narrow minded writing does kind of make well. . . Loser a loser. It was nice to see what made Loser into who he was, and it really sucked to see what Seameyer did to both him. . .and his poor wife. I mean Jesus Christ look at what he did to her hands!

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Now Kyoma has. . .quite a transformation. Really, I’m beyond disappointed with how they resolved the show and put it all together. They were trying very hard to make Kyoma’s end into something that was absolutely breaking and then he could overcome it and make it out like a big hero and that would be his character arc. You can tell they’re working to re traumatize him and make him into something different by making him break that mold, but . . .they did some things that really made that impossible in the finale episodes. Kyoma is able to finally relive his memories and learn what happened to Genesis: and learning that he was the only one spared thanks to Genesis makes him feel he can’t face Miyabi or anyone else.

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Kyoma’s suffering isn’t really done efficiently. Think about it, he’s known he essentially was the only one to survive and he used coils as a crutch, he admits that. But learning the truth is so easily overcome with a speech from Mira that it feels empty and baseless, he just has a difficulty solely for the sake of reacting but the issue is very quickly resolved. Now, the big kicker is how it’s resolved permanently. We see that he had Genesis and he was there when Miyabi’s coil was failing. What we see however isn’t really that the incidents were caused because of each other as the show kind of let on, but merely that ‘coils can’t contain human souls’. This is a line basically thrown at us to make sense of the whole issue, and then we see that Kyoma had the ability and was there. . .and could have saved Miyabi.

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But then he doesn’t. He explains they ‘made a choice’ and later that she didn’t want him to use Genesis. Well, the thing is. Why? Because Genesis would still exist? Let’s say there’s a show already existing where maybe a character feels using a type of energy or power he has to bring back someone he loves might actually damage the universe: okay, clearly state it. Let’s say. . .Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I don’t exactly agree with the use of the throw away line ‘we need to make way for future generations’ but at least Simon had on his side the concept that, well, overuse of this energy was the whole reason that we were led to believe our universe might eventually be destroyed so I kinda don’t want to depend on that. Okay, there were tons of plot holes and arguments after, but we got an explanation and it felt generally understandable. I don’t feel that way with Dimension W. I don’t feel like there’s enough of a repercussion or an explanation as to why it wouldn’t work in this situation. It’s not as if using Genesis would destroy the world, and even more: he could have just used it, saved Miyabi, and then what? Just. Destroyed. The thing.

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I guess I’m a little jaded with how shows go nowadays. There’s always an ultimate power that everyone is searching for in order to obtain godhood or save someone they love, and then it just is like whatever. We can’t use it, it’s too powerful! Well, good job Sherlock. The power to change and destroy the world is too powerful to use? Then why are you searching for it! Especially when it won’t destroy the universe! I mean, this isn’t Fate Zero. Even in Fate Zero Saber couldn’t bring herself to destroy her dreams and had to be commanded twice to destroy what meant the world to her! Yet here it’s kind of like: no, I’m good bro. It’s dangerous! It’s always dangerous! It’s always scary! The ultimate power is always at a price, why do people hope to change the world in these shows and then be all like: well I dunno it’s like a little too changey for me.

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No duh. So Dimension W holds a cast of interesting and motivating characters with a solid plot. . . that I’ve seen before. I think this show is very similar to Black Bullet. Wow, I like this! Things about this are good! I’ve seen half of this show coming, and the ultimate delivery of why there is a cliche is not done well enough to make me feel as if things are different here. Black Bullet did just enough to make me feel like okay, there’s something cool next season. Dimension W, if it were to do a Season 2. . .what would be the point? Everything is essentially resolved, and I don’t feel particularly motivated to hate or like it. It was a fun watch, and now it’s over. Is it anything special? Not as special as I was hoping it would be.

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Oki’s Consensus: Watch Dimension W if you need a good action with a fairly cool built up world, but if you’re looking for an original ending or a concept that you haven’t seen while being a veteran watcher, the show won’t be anything new to you.

Rating: 7/10




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9 Responses

  1. I totally agree with you! This show wasn’t too bad, but I feel like I’ve gotten really jaded to the basic storyline as well. The characters just didn’t feel very multi-dimensional, and all the inner turmoil Kyouma was facing got solved pretty quickly. I also didn’t even consider Haruka the villain until you mentioned it, and now that I think about it, you’re right.

    In addition, I think another huge problem the series has is not properly explaining what Dimension W is and what it can do. We see it fucking people’s bodies up; we see it possibly reviving someone; we see it “materializing” and sucking things into it. But we don’t actually know what it does, what the dangers are, etc. That’s convenient for the producers, but it makes it hard to feel any urgency since we have no idea what the risks of tampering with the dimension even are. >_>

    • Oki says:

      Maybe this show could’ve succeeded on a 24 episode timeline? I don’t know, I’m really sick of this idea! Dimension W itself was so clever and here we go, bullcrap! Glad I’m not alone in my disappointment.

  2. For me – the biggest disappointment of the season. Espessially the last episodes – so many people who just show up and then disappear. Who are they? Why did the authors decide to put them in? Everything looked like it was preparing us for a fighting game based on the anime.

    • Oki says:

      I agree completely. The entire final arc was just unnecessary and could’ve been done in a much different way.

    • Selorm says:

      Hahaha like Darker Than Black (same Author btw) anime production started got head of the manga & original plot changed…by 3-4th episode its started deviating from the manga so its expected. But unlike Darker Than Black Smaller budget & scheduling issues, planning etc may have rushed the ending. Sad, The DImension W world would have been brilliant to explore

  3. Berry says:

    Yeah I basically agree with everyone else. It really would have been better if it was a two cour show. Seameyer being introduced very late was the biggest turnoff for me. Though I did enjoy the characters, Mira’s the bae. I gave it the same rating as you. Was a fun watch but there were problems.

  4. kinigget says:

    I’ll definitely grant that this is a show that would have benefited greatly from having more episodes, but in the end the resolution kinda worked for me, or maybe it was just that the show had built up enough goodwill for me to be able to look past the flaws. Either way, I ended up really liking it and wanting more from this world and these characters

    • Oki says:

      I still like Kyoma and Mira, but the show definitely dropped because of my issues with it.

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