Ajin Episode 7: I Will Definitely Suppress Them

This episode was a slow down, but that’s okay because it’s giving us the beginning of the storm we’re going to get. Also, from what I heard people say, we’re finally at the moment where the anime has reached the end of the first movie and now we’ll be seeing new material. Now yeah I know I could have just done a review of the movie, and I had been thinking about it in the beginning, but I’m glad I went with reviewing the separate episodes. Grabbing all of these episodes and mushing them together, I would have a hard time talking about the whole thing because so many things happened in these seven episodes that I don’t think it would have been a good review. Mainly because I like to talk about every little thing. So now we’re at the point where people that have seen the movie and have not read the manga have no clue what to expect. Well, I predict big things. Big things.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 07v2 [720p][AAC].mp40038Satou is one hell of an actor. The Oscars just aired this past Sunday and I think Satou would have been a good nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role…well, no maybe for a Supporting Role since he’s not the main character. He’s given up his pursuit for Kei and is now moving on to his real plan. He makes Tanaka dress up in hospital clothes and is wheeling him on a wheelchair, making Tanaka pretend to sleep. Satou walks out with him to where the media is and makes a “heartfelt” speech. He announces that he is an Ajin, and that what the government has said what they do about the Ajin – capturing them and protecting them – is all a lie, and in fact they perform inhumane experiments on the Ajin. Which is all true, of course, but the people aren’t too sure since this piece of news has always floated around as a rumor. There have also been fake videos of Ajin experiments uploaded onto the internet, making this even more harder to believe. But Satou says he uploaded a real video of the experiments online, which he did and many people are watching. Satou then announces that he would be organizing a protest in a couple of days and pleads for everyone to go there and join in the protest, and think about the Ajin. He then secretly sets off explosives from the building and he and Tanaka escape when no one is looking.

His plan is going perfectly, as only a few people make it to the protest area. But his little stunt wasn’t to gather regular people, but to gather Ajins. All of a sudden we see a bunch of black ghosts standing in front of the building and Tanaka’s black ghost tells them of a meeting place for all of them. That day comes, and they all meet up with Satou, which is where the episode ended. Looks like Satou wanted to round up an Ajin army to wreak some havoc, and I know really bad things are going to happen. Knowing how charismatic Satou is, I’m sure he’ll reach out to these Ajin to carry out his wants, and since Satou just loves killing and destroying things, the government is going to have to watch their backs because an Ajin army is about to bust their butts.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 07v2 [720p][AAC].mp40022And finally, we also got some insight on Tosaki’s character. Deja vu, for a second there I thought I was watching Dimension W for a second, but Tosaki wants money to help his sick fiancee. He’s working for some people that sell out Ajin to certain groups in exchange for cash. They sell out Ajin to pharmaceutical companies to test out new drugs, to the military, and people like those that need to test out stuff that could cause possible pain and death. With this kind of awful and shady business you can make lots of money, and Tosaki immediately took the opportunity to take the open spot to raise the money to help his fiancee. But now after all this Kei business Tosaki is in a desperate situation where he might be killed by these men that took him in. He goes after the professor and holds him hostage to get all kinds of information out of him.

More captured Ajin means more money for Tosaki, but with Kei gone he’s in trouble. He seems to really love his fiancee, even saying that he’d do anything to help her. And I believe that, this guy looks merciless. Honestly everyone in this show is messed up in some way. Through Tosaki’s kidnapping of the professor, we’re going to learn more things about the Ajin, which is a good thing but I can’t really find myself feeling for Tosaki’s situation, probably because I don’t really have any opinion for him since he’s kind of been in the background, but maybe these next few episodes can change that.


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  1. Wanna keep reading the manga
    Gonna keep reading the manga

    I can’t resist! So many anime this season compel one to read the source material (time permitting) out of sheer desire for MORE~!

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