Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 5 [Drunk…And Still Creepy]

Just when I thought this girl couldn’t get any creepier, they proved me wrong and she gets even creepier. Nice job show. Now, what could I possibly mean by that? Well, I’m sure if you’ve been reading my reviews on this show you’ll understand by now, but I might as well elaborate.

So the episode starts out with the creepy girl drinking with her friends. Of course, she has no interest in hanging out with them now that she’s drunk and thinks every little thing is a reference to the fat guy, from phone calls, to conversations, to asking why he isn’t at a girl’s night out. She even thinks that her friend with the foam mustache looks like the fat guy now that she’s drunk

Seriously, girl. You got some problems.

Seriously, girl. You got some problems.

Later she then decides to go see the fat guy who is still working at the office. She’s still drunk and decides to talk to him and offer him marshmallows and then proceeds to take off her shirt (rubs bridge of nose) sigh….

(sigh) not funny

(sigh) not funny

He just assumes that she’s drunk and gives her some water telling her that she should stay there until she feels better. She starts squeezing his stomach and falls asleep and dreams aloud literally saying “gonna make a baby”


Look. i’m sorry. That’s really really really creepy. I would not want to be ANYWHERE near this crazy chick. She has gone from pretty creepy to flat out stalker. She isn’t cute, she isn’t funny, she’s REALLY CREEPY. If there was a girl following me around and molesting me saying how she wants to make a baby, i’d be more than a little freaked out. This isn’t funny. At all.

The episode ends with her running away realizing what just happened.

It is safe to say that this girl is not right in the head. There is something wrong with her to the extent that she needs to see a psychologist. Being as he’s the only person on her mind, she can’t function without fantasizing about him, and comes up with creepy plans to seduce this guy, something’s not right. It has more of a horror movie vibe to it then a comedy show.

cause that's not creepy right there

cause that’s not creepy right there

I do not know how anyone could find this girl endearing. At least, she’s a delusional weirdo. At most, she’s a yandere stalker. Either way, she needs help. I actually miss the episode about the marshmallow factory as it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

Her coworkers even tried to ask her why she likes him and she refuses to tell them. So we don’t even get the satisfaction of knowing WHY. It’s almost as if she doesn’t have a REAL reason and just latched onto him for something small and stupid as she needs someone to obsess over. It’s kind of sad really.

All I have to say is, thank god this show is only 3 minutes long. I can only stand being uncomfortable for so long.

I really hope another girl comes in soon and takes her place. Because she…ugh….i’m done this week. bye.

Episode 2/10


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2 Responses

  1. Nikolita says:

    Ughhh so uncomfortable. x_x

  2. gorgonzola says:

    It’s pretty shit. Why not dropping and tagging with someone on some other show.

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