Haikyuu 2!! Episode 19: [The Iron Wall Can Be Rebuilt Again and Again]


This week we witness Aoba Johsai’s match against Date tech. It’s already the second set, Aoba has won the first one and the sore is now 07-09 in favor of Aoba Johsai.


There’s a new setter in Date Tech’s team: Koganegawa. He’s a first year and since he’s tall, he’s useful for blocks. But he’s is still a “baby “so all the team has to care for him. His toss aren’t perfect yet, his plays are obvious and easy to counter. He even sends a toss right into his manager’s hands, out of the court. So yeah, he’s a bit clumsy and hot headed. In other words, I’d say that he lacks of training, which is perfectly normal since he’s a first year. However his big stature is an asset for the team cuz it adds another part to the “Iron wall”. Although he came late to form the wall, he was able to block Oikawa’s toss. Also, at some point he managed to do a nice combo where the spiker hit the ball right where the setter left it. This combo was really quick and unpredictable, only possible because of the setter’s height, and it left everyone amazed.

However, the match is won by Aoba Johsai, 25-22 when Iwaizumi broke through the wall, aiming at the space between Koganegawa’s arms. Date Tech’s senpais that have been watching the match says that they have a lot of potential and that someday they will build the ultimate Iron wall. Then, Koganegawa makes a speech saying that he’ll train until he’s able to stop all the tall opponents. However, Aone thinks that opponents that are hard to stop aren’t the tallest ones. He says that right when Hinata arrives. Brrr So dramatic. They did not have the chance to fight against each other, that’s a bit sad. Karasuno vs Go Go Datekou would have been nice though.


All hail to the trash king #OikawatilltheendUsweetmotherfucker

BBBBUUT ain’t nobody got time for that cuz it’s time for Karasuno’s match against Aoba Johsai.

And that folks, is what we’ve all been waiting for.


Too.. Way too cute

There’s a nice flashback of the last tournament when Karasuno was eliminated from the competition by Aoba Johsai. So, now it’s clearly revenge time for Karasuno. Everyone in the team is nervous. Yamaguchi asks Yachi if she has some stomach medicine because he’s really not feeling well. He explains her that he’s nervous cuz last time he screwed up some serves and he’s afraid that might happen again. She gives him advice on how to manage his stress, since she’s a nervous person herself. According to her, it’s better to voice your nerves and I agree. This technique is quite known and has been employed by the greatest, like a lawyer in a red suit with strange hair. U know Yamaguchi-kun, sometimes you just have to shout ” I’M YAMAGUCHI, AND I’M FINE!” and I’m sure you’ll be fine then. But somehow he manages to pass his nervousness to Yachi… And that’s quite an impressive ability I must say.

There’s also a small talk between Hinata and Kageyama. The latter is a bit worried about the match and is remembering stuff that he heard when he was in the same team as Oikawa in middle school. Kageyama is still fearing Oikawa and his ability to bring out the best of his team members. Maye he’s still comparing himself to The Trash king… I dunno.. But anyway, stop it you Kageyama, it’s not the time for that.

I don’t have much to say about this episode, everything was quite focused on Date Tech’s new member but I got the feeling that things were a bit rushed. I don’t really care that much about Date Tech anyway but I dunno, I feel like this episode was just there to announce Karasuno’s new rival, even though we all knew that it was going to be Aoba Johsai. It had to happen, after Karasuno’s defeat during the previous tournament, their revenge time had to come. So it wasn’t a memorable episode I’d say. But that’s not really important, cuz the big stuff is about to come.

So next week will be the match






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