Dimension W Episode 5 [ A Dead World ]

Last episode was a little confusing so to put in simple perspective the beginning of the episode: Mira is suddenly in a ‘dead’ world where reality is different, and it is bound to the past. We learned last episode the past has a lot to do with the issues of this place, and it makes a lot of sense that this ‘other’ world is directly connected to the past. The Shijuro Sakaki is a phantom from the past and he declares he will exterminate anyone, including himself, in order to protect this ‘dead’ world that has been created. Well, alright then!

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This entire set of episodes is so freaky. We’ve seen the literal hell gate that the illegal coils opens and seeing the nightmare landscape of suffocating phantoms that peer in from another world is nothing short of terrifying. I can’t get over how Dimension W makes this whole world seem like it’s teetering on the edge of sheer destruction, you know, which certain members of New Tesla have heavily implied.

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Kyouma investigates, as does Albert, and ultimately they figure out that water is the phantoms weakness. While this does happen earlier on in the episode, as well as Mira overriding her predicament with her logic, it is almost a little sad to see the terrible situation that seemed absolutely lethal overriden with simple water. It kind of makes me think of Signs, where ultimately the plot of the episode could be undone by the logic that our atmosphere contains water. Then again, maybe not copious concentrated water, so I’ll try to give it a pass.

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What we learn is that Sakaki’s phantom is protecting a numbers, which a girl he calls Enamori is clutching in halted space. This all leads back to the past and the incident involving all of the students, clearly, and Mira and Kyouma head to the location immediately.  I also have to admit defeat to Dimension W because the show destroyed me in terms of my complaints about Elisabeth- who is actually Loser’s assistant / daughter. Woopsie daisy, guess I can’t sit there and call her a boring side character now!

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The intricacies behind this episode definitely go on to elaborate from the last episode, even defining the dead world as an alternative where everyone was able to be saved and thus Sakaki’s / Kamaki’s determination to save it even at the cost of his future self’s life- he could care less. We see a flashback and pretty much can understand why: the coils were the last hope Kamaki had to save his ailing village and were a pet project of a girl he (very clearly loved) knew since childhood.

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The flashback makes the episode incredibly sad- I don’t actually want to explain how the plot twist happens but it all comes down to the world’s determination not to reveal coils, Enamori’s unfortunate fate, and Kamaki’s decision at the end of the story that caused him to hate and kill himself, yearning for a different world than the one that existed.

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Dimension W proves in yet another week that it can do everything you think it can and more, I loved the explanation and I can’t wait to see what will happen next time. Plus, always good to know Loser is around! But how close was Albert to figuring out what Mira is, or everyone, for that matter? It’s going to be..interesting.




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  1. This episode was practically perfect in my opinion! It delved into every point of interest previously brought up by the series (not that I mind episodes that don’t), even addressing in the very end that they didn’t know who swapped out the water in the dispenser. Saying that, it’s unfortunate how many people just couldn’t deal with this episode and chose to criticize it rather than asking for an explanation in the comments >_>

    Going back to the point of water, and I know this will sound strange, but I thought of it like how electricity isn’t conducted by all types of water. Since the Numbers coil was immersed/frozen in lake water it could only transfer its energy through the lake water in order to manifest the phantoms. Having the drinking water poured on messed up that connection is what I’m thinking.

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