Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 61: The ENT


I love cute things.

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  1. Plinfan says:

    Ishida`s wild ride never stops!
    I really fund the talk of Eto intresting. Apperently a centery ago a One-eyed Ghoul did something so big, that V funded the CCG for the sole purpes of stoping any new one-eyed ghoul`s. I guess this was the true One-eyed king. That explains why we always see a Skelleton on a throne, he is long dead. Knowing Eto she know this and delibratly named the “ruler” of Aogiri the same. Arima being part of V isn`t to supricing, he was always a mistery. Furuta on the other hand is really confusing, if he is with V, why did he leak the info about Shirazu`s corps to Aogiri? Giving Aogiri improved mean´s of creating One-eyed Ghoul´s is the last thing V wants. And about the new Quinx….I agree, I doubt Shao and Higemaru are going to survive long. I really don`t care about Hige, Shao is a bit more intressting (dem legs) and Aura is the most likly candidate to surviev. Oh well, let`s see what Ishida trows at us next week.

    • Vantage says:

      I want to get off Ishida’s wild ride!

      Actually I don’t, things are getting even more exciting. I’ve always wondered whether the One-Eyed King was just a metaphor for something or a figurehead that didn’t really exist, but from Eto’s speech it really does seem that one existed, and that the CCG was created for the purpose of suppressing it. On the surface it’s always felt (up until now at least) like Eto was the pinnacle of strength in this series, but the signs always were there I guess – like how Cochlea has a floor dedicated to the imprisonment (and probably kakuhou farming) of SSS-rated ghouls. V feels like the Illuminati of the TG world, and might have even been the true inventors of the quinque and other innovations like that.

      Don’t get attached to Shao, it’s not worth it. Her death flag is already there, it’s just a matter of time.

  2. TheVoid says:

    There is pretty much no way Takizawa will be on Aogiri’s side if Eto tries to make Kaneki king. He hates to be number 2 and his torture has effectively brought out his worse traits along trying to be as monstrous as he thinks ghouls are in a way to cope with what he’s become. And if he does betray them I’m guessing Tatara will as well as they were both on the calendar for the day of betrayal.

    The Sunlit Garden itself is obviously related to V because that’s where Arima was raised and trained to eventually fight ghouls.

    Furuta’s place is a mystery. People think he’s Souta of Pierrot, he clearly gave Aogiri Shirazu’s corpse on a silver platter, and now V connections.

    • Vantage says:

      Tatara seems to have always only worked with Aogiri for his own ends. Aogiri are the enemies of the CCG, and the Chinese CCG were responsible for the deaths of all his comrades. Even if he does betray Aogiri eventually, it won’t happen before a Tatara vs Hoji fight, maybe with Takizawa involved somehow.

      Arima came from the Sunlit Garden? Holy shit, I missed that somewhere. He always felt like he started off as a citizen collaborator in Jack.

      If V are aiming to destabilise Aogiri in order to restore balance, why did Furuta give Aogiri Shirazu’s corpse? Unless he’s Souta (which I do think he is, given that the Clowns seem to have a presence in each of the major factions and given how he knew Tsukiyama was MM from the Ghoul Restaurant) in which case his aim is to fuck things up as much as possible and enjoy the carnage.

  3. Moonlight says:

    I was mentally screaming through the whole chapter. HYPED!

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