Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut – Episode 2 [The Weakest Drag-Knight]

The irony is strong with this episode. As viewers probably guessed, the “weakest drag-knight” is none other than one of the strongest, if not the strongest, in the entire damn kingdom. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

So Lux is the new kid in class, and he’s already got his own fanclub, because this show is a freaking harem that’s why. He’s happy to see one of his childhood friends, Philuffy (or Phi as she insists he call her) in his class and chooses to sit beside her in class. Lisha gets jealous, and tries to recruit Lux to be her own exclusive personal assistant. Members of royalty have assistants right? Philuffy and Lisha go head-to-head over Lux, who is rescued by another classmate named Krulcifer. vlcsnap-00003

However Krulcifer has ulterior motives. She wants to grill Lux about the “Black Hero” who brought down the Old Empire with only his dark Drag-Knight, and her final request is that Lux find the Black Hero. As you might imagine, this’ll get awkward later in the episode.

We get a flashback of Lux with his older brother Fugil, who is planning to massacre a large group of people, despite Lux protesting that he wants to minimize the casualties.

When Lux wakes up, he’s in bed, with… Philuffy?! And yes she’s nearly naked and falling out of what barely qualifies as a sleep shirt. (That’s what happens when your boobs are almost as big as your head.) It turns out Philuffy is not only his classmate, but his roommate because there are no more spare rooms. Philuffy’s older sister, the Academy’s matchmaker Headmistress, Reiri, approved the arrangement. However when Lux’s sister Airi finds out, she gets a little huffy. Because- oh god, is this show going to have incest overtones too?? Seriously?! Well, I guess that explains the light blush that’s always on her cheeks when she’s talking to her brother…

Afterwards Lux goes to fill one of his work orders, and he discovers that Lisha is the workshop’s manager. Huzzah for at least one female character in this show being about more than just big breasts and piloting a mecha! Lisha informs Lux that she fixed his Wyvern for him because he’s going to be a part of the school’s Chivalric Order, a Special Forces unit made up of the best cadets. She asks him to help defend their new country, and Lux says he will do what he can.

vlcsnap-00016Lisha and Lux proceed to go out for a meal to “get to understand each other better” (as they will both be part of the Chivalric Order), but it’s obviously also a means for Lisha to get to spend one-on-one time with Lux. She’s got a crush on him so big it can be seen from outer space. When Lisha starts to feel odd because of the physical manifestations of her feelings for Lux, he takes her to the bell tower to rest. There Lisha reveals that she was branded by the Old Empire when she was held as a hostage against her father.

That night, Lux’s flaskback from the previous night continues. We see a younger Lux confronts his brother Fugil, who is clearly unstable, about why he killed everyone. Fugil says that it was necessary so that no one would attempt to assassinate him later.

Upon waking up in the morning, Lux finds out that shit’s gotten real. Another Abyss has been spotted, and Lisha along with the rest of the Chivalric Order have been sent to assist the New Kingdom’s Drag-Knight security force… finding instead a man named Ragreed, who says he is part of the former Arcadian Empire’s Chivalric Order. Lisha’s Drag-Knight is easily overwhelmed by the swarm of Abyss which Ragreed commands, and Lux swoops in to save Lisha. When his Wyvern’s wrecked by Ragreed’s Drag-Knight. Lux pulls out his black sword and calls upon Bahamut. Game over!

My thoughts: The style of this show reminds me a little bit of the anime TV series The Vision of Escaflowne, in that their noses when you can see their side profile are very similar. It’s not a style I’m particularly fond of, but I just think it’s neat that a new “modern” show is using that kind of character design. #okIwillstopbeingrandomnow

Despite the fanservice in Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut,  there are a few things that intrigue me enough to keep watching. In the short-term, I want to see what fallout there will be from Lux revealing that he’s the Black Hero. In the long-term, I’m curious why Philuffy has the ability to hear the Whistle that Ragreed uses to command the Abyss creatures, and whether it’s an ability other characters will share with her. Philuffy’s presently a little too vapid for my liking, but I hope that changes as the show progresses.

I’m not super in love with the show, but I like it enough to keep watching and blogging. Stay tuned for next week’s episode!



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7 Responses

  1. Shiki says:

    I feel kinda sad that it was so rushed and that they skipped quite a bit (liz mod. on his dragnight with a drill because they are amazing, fight against the other members of the defense staff where they even explain about 3rd years and their standing, lux asking krul to help him out and where she finds out about him having the black dragknight, and they skipped the whole fighting lisha vs ragreed + lux vs ragreed) but i guess its for the purpose of more plot afterwards.. at least thats the least to expect

    btw.. Philuffy… Filthy.. yeah just wanted to leave it here xD

    • Nikolita says:

      Ah, and see I’ve never read the light novels, so I have no idea what’s missing. I guess it’s to move the plot forward like you said, which I appreciate because if this were a slow show I’d probably be dropping it.

      LOL yeah the scene with Philuffy was a little dirty, but this is an ecchi so I’m not complaining because I honestly expect it. xD

    • WandererYS says:

      I’m wondering if this is kinda a reverse marketing strategy for these shows.

      Make the anime suck by skipping many of the good scenes (like the two fights you mentioned) and make story super rushed. So, for those who watch it, please go buy the source material (ie. light novel).

      Yeah….. personally, if they didn’t skip so many things and span it from two to three episodes, the pacing would be a lot better.

      • Nikolita says:

        If they’re in Japanese, then I’m hooped. ;~; (can’t read Japanese well enough to tackle a light novel)

        • Shiki says:

          Maybe its only me but i noticed the trend of dropping complicated stuff (yes plot counts) just to make it simple, easy to understand and if you got the money put a lot of fights, because in japan ppl are too focused on working and can only watch anime late in the evening when they are tired.. and not even everyday. Besides that many ppl complain in comment sections about “too much talking/plot, not enough senseless fighting”

          You can read the first two novels on bakatsuki

          • Nikolita says:

            Unfortunately I do get it. Even I prefer lighter shows sometimes that aren’t too complicated. Oh well, not everyone’s going to be happy all the time right?

            Never heard of bakatsuki, but I will check it out. Thank you! :)

  2. zztop says:

    The weakest is really the strongest? It’s like watching Rakudai Kishi, but without the one true love pairing at the start.

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