Dimension W Episode 3 [ Moe Moe Headloss~ ]

Argh, everytime I mention something negative in a review a good show usually does what Dimension W does. Just last week I argued that Mira was slightly stale and I was hoping to see something more from her soon. Well, episode 3 does something that is very hard for most anime to do: It sold a character to me solely by making her incredibly cute, nice, and a good person. While Mira has been little more than a Deus Ex concept and a nice person respectively in the last episodes, episode 3 does a wonderful job showing us just how organic Mira seems to be in a myriad of ways. So many processes that she possesses mimic human life and you begin to wonder how far it extends: Mira never seems to rely on protocols and she does more than simply exist in pursuit of the illegal coils. Mira actively exists with a sense of good things, friendliness, and a critical system of thought. Thanks to this episode it is harder and harder to see Mira as simply a robot and not just as a cute faux-cat girl.

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There is a lot that Mira does this episode, but that is not to say she is the only person doing things. The great thing about Dimension W is that you aren’t usually bored and you’ll probably need to rewatch the episode if you look away for a minute. What I find peculiar is despite his hatred of coils, I can’t say Kyouma actively behaves like a deplorable jerk who hates Mira openly. He actually accommodates Mira more often than not and is never beyond demanding: for someone who was forced to house a robot he doesn’t like, he behaves decently. He is more considerate in other ways as well, as we see when he warns Mira not to let a bunch of children near his car because they keep coming back despite his warnings.

fackin kids

fackin kids

Mira’s plot in this episode is obtaining a camper, then furniture, then adjusting to life with Kyouma as she tries to meet her needs in order to keep functioning properly. I am not at all a fan of cute girls doing cute things but Mira is incredibly endearing. She ends up playing with a little girl and meanwhile, her friends play with the cars. This almost results in disaster and Mira ends up getting decapitated by cars in order to save the children, who are actually cool with her being a robot and keep it a secret. . .even from their grandma. . .the COO of New Tesla. . .

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I will say from the moment of the crash after there is a time saving juxtaposition where they say they need Kyouma for questioning about his suspected irresponsibility over his scrap cars and then rather than have any interview at all they just show him leaving at night with a yawn. This is explained later when he discusses it and it even goes on to be important, so it is forgivable, but that transition felt a little sloppy. Kyouma finds Mira at home with an injured body and a decapitated head, which is hilarious because that means Mira can still function without her head attached. What, is her head wireless?

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Here is the weird thing, the COO of New Tesla is completely different from the blonde guy we’ve been seeing. Her aura is significantly different and a lot less evil, but she certainly doesn’t give off innocent vibes. If anything, she seems to imply that there is a lot of danger and the world may soon be at the mercy of whatever the Doctor left behind, or perhaps not. She is very cryptic but unlike her counterpart from New Tesla she actually seems concerned about the welfare of the world: but we’ll see how deep that grows. Her granddaughter kept Mira’s secret and she gets repaired, and the children are happy she recovered. It’s very funny because it’s thanks to the New Tesla COO that Kyouma basically gets off without any incident, making Mira both an asset for her connection to the children and a huge liability for the same reason. But seriously, how hard would 10 seconds of someone asking a question to Kyouma and then someone interrupting to say he was being released be??

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The implications of everything in this episode all continue to stack. We learn more about numbers, which connect deeply to the Dimension W and are the original coil prototypes. I think there might be a possibility that what the Doctor was working on dealt with the numbers, and someone even suggested the idea that Mira’s coil might be a number. Well, if anything, that would explain the explosion seizures she had. Still think the Doctor didn’t think it through when he did all that, did he realize Mira would burn out or just hope for the best when it came to matter defying explosions??

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Number coil or not, Mira is definitely more interesting. There’s nothing to reaffirm your love of a character like seeing their moe timid head in their lap. It’s okay Mira, your brain is a wifi hotspot. Also someone died at the end of the episode, woops~

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  1. One thing I loved was how miras voice changed after she lost her head it sounded more robotic warbled she actually sounded broken and it’s an awesome touch

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