Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 58: Playfully Faint


I love cute things.

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  1. Plinfan says:

    Shirazu no…..
    Isida trully knows no chill. But I have to admit shuu`s father is extremly badass, i guess the CCG thougt he was a scrub and were buisy following shuu, so they had just weak defences for him. And he just breaks out like a boss. Other than that I guess their was a short timeskip in this chapter, juging by ken`s new look. We are going to see the change the quinx went through soon. On the front of Futura, I guess being a clown doesn´t stop him from alls giving info to aogiri. If he really is Souta, Kanou might have paid him in the Past to get rize as well. The Clowns aren`t a strict organicastion, they are more like a club of people with simulare intrests, which of course is creating chaos. And giving Aogiri knowleg how to improve their one-eyed prodution is devinitly creating chaos.

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