Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 57: Regretting Smile


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Probably just my hopeful wish, but I really hope that Kaneki kicked Tsukiyama to give him a chance to be alive and free, betting Kanae to save Tsukiyama and of course he gives no fuck about her, and I don’t think that heartless for Kaneki since well, he went through a lot. Even if he claim the ownership over Tsukiyama, Tsukiyama with his pride would never let Kaneki do that as the previous chapters showed, and may try to break from the jail. And would be slaughtered by Arima there or sth…

    The confession is kinda unexpected but sweet…Her mounth was sealed because she does not wish to reveal he feeling but now, she can say it…

    I am looking forward to see how Tsukiyama would react, but I doubt he would be angry with Kaneki. He probably understand what Kaneki chose and why.

    • Vantage says:

      I hope so too, but it did seem like Kaneki didn’t care all that much. He had to take the initiative in front of Ui, but if he was really concerned with Tsukiyama’s life he wouldn’t have taken such a risky gamble. What if Kanae wasn’t strong enough to jump after Tsukiyama? Or what if Ui didn’t miss her (one more failure in a long line of many) and ended up killing Kanae? If Kaneki was planning a jailbreak from Cochlea anyway, he could have just told Tsukiyama to suck it up for a little while. Tsukiyama got his wish in the end, I guess – Kaneki has all his memories back now.

      It’s a rollercoaster of pity for Kanae, even until the very end. I was never fond of her, but it was nice that she could see and hear again during her very last moments. This chapter and the one where she was revealed as a girl were pretty heartfelt.

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