Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 56: The Second King


I love cute things.

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  1. A~hhhhh


    I was waiting for this. This post. These delicious thoughts of yours.

    How satisfying it is to feed on your apprehension towards Eto, Vantage… from your awe at the ship slowly creeping out from the fog, upon a sea once filled with love and hope, now awash with blood and the stench of heartbreak… to the very question, and in reality the undeniable truth, of whether Eto lives on.

    I’ll stop being creepy on account of how much I was looking forward to this post *deep breath*

    One must wonder what outright eating someone for the first time will do to Kaneki’s psychology, after all Eto’s lower half is still in there and I don’t believe he’s eaten anything but Kakuja off a body before, since he used to get packaged human meat from Anteiku. I mean, there’s still the possibility he ate Hide, I guess, but he wasn’t exactly conscious of it. Then again he may have eaten the meat straight from the bones of humans who committed suicide before.

    More importantly, power ups aside, could Eto have anything planted in the Kakuja just for Kaneki to consume if he passed her test and won? That’s a dangerous possibility, I believe.

    Actually, let me touch on the whole power up aspect quickly. Wouldn’t her kakuhou be need to make a new quinque, which is definitely still with her as Ukaku-type’s is by the shoulder area? That said I’m sure much could be done with her Kakuja in other ways.

    As for Eto herself, I wonder if “I love you” was yet another form of attack. I actually don’t doubt that she’d mean it for real. BUT I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to play at his desire to be loved deeply. Granted, she wouldn’t know that’s a desire as a surefire fact, but she has been noted as being very perceptive of peoples’ desires and using those educated assumptions to her advantage.

    Of course that line being a double-edge sword only matters if she lives. I’m sure she is both well and alive. OKAY. Even to her losing half of her true body is likely a big deal, but I wouldn’t put it past her to enjoy pain. I’m not confident about her getting away though. I know her smaller self moves so fast she seems to teleport and sure we could say she can move quite quickly with two hands (flash-back to Half-Life 2 legless Headcrab zombies)… but a lot of CCG are still down there, I’d think.

    She’d make an attractive interrogation target for the CCG.

    Or an atom bomb baby waiting to go off in Cochlea.

    • Vantage says:

      I didn’t think about the possibility that Eto planted something in her kakuja for him. If it was anyone else but Eto, I would have laughed it off, but… yeah, with her it’s a dangerous possibility as you say in light of what happend with Noro and Kanae. It would make sense if her kakuhou are near her shoulders, but from what I could see it looked like the top half of her body (down until her waist) was what fell off Lunatic Eclipse, and the big Owl ‘carcass’ was left on the roof. I… I guess I hope she’s both alive and well? It feels like Eto still has a part to play in the story, and having her killed off immediately after Kaneki awakens feels like a bit much even for Ishida.

      If her bisected body can still produce a kagune, she can probably get away from whoever is downstairs. Ui and Washuu are nowhere near there, and everyone who matters is either dead (i.e. Hairu and Kijima) or grieving (Urie, Saiko, Takeomi?) so they won’t chase after her. If she wasn’t an ukaku, I would have imagined that she’d latch onto the side of the building and swing to safety like Haise did when he climbed the sides on his way up, but she’s an ukaku so that’s that.

      Also I think the CCG would just kill her outright. They’ve lost too many men to Eto, and it’s probably not worth keeping her alive for intel she’s unlikely to give up easily. Imagine if she meets Hinami in Cochlea though!

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