Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 55: Alice&


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  1. I… have no rights to say anything here… How foolish I was to not consider that one of them may pass away.

    • Vantage says:

      It was always a possibility. Shirazu went overboard with defeating Noro. I’m not sure how many frames were released, but I think it was implied he damaged a kakuhou or two. It’s just that because Noro died, we all assumed he’d won and would get away with being injured instead of dying. Ishida disagreed.

  2. Plinfan says:

    This chapter broke me. Shirazu`s death was so incredilly sad, with his confusion and his last words being the wish that they should swich off Haru`s life support and let her die. I said in the past that their where hints of Urie`s development, but god dammit, this chapter prity much puts him in my favorit character list. I wouldn`t say that Ken slicing of part of Eto`s Kakaju is that much of a indication, she is obviosly just playing around with him. Speaking of Eto, how twisted can she be, turning her parential figure in a zombie that is controlled by her kagune and, juging by the last chapter, Noro still loved her dispite that. I am really intressted in Eto`s backstory and what turned her into this monster she is now.

    • Vantage says:

      I think it was implied that Noroi died when Eto was growing up. ‘Noroi’ is his real name, but baby Eto probably couldn’t pronounce it fully and it became ‘Noro’. At some point, Noro was killed and that’s when Eto turned evil. She probably couldn’t bear the grief and turned Noro into an animated corpse using her kagune. Given that it’s just a skull under the mask, Noro must have been dead for a long time now.

  3. This is… probably the kind of thought that should be forbidden. But what if, what if Haru could somehow… bring back Shirazu with that growth? Kind of like what Eto did. Was Noro really just a puppet? If he had full thoughts and feelings… but that’s insanely wishful thinking. Hmm. Insane, huh? Perhaps I’ve just gotten a littler closer to Eto.


    I still can’t help but wonder what the details of that zombification are. Is the amount of mental awareness dependent on how well preserved the corpse is? These are questions that need answering. Fortunately, I think we’ll get them mainly due to learning more about Eto herself, as well as the nature of RC cells.

    • Vantage says:

      I read something elsewhere recently, about a parallel between Shirazu and a certain other character. And we all know how much Ishida likes his mirror effects.

      Both characters are Rank 2. Both have younger sisters, and are blood type A. Both use an experimental ukaku, and were in back support during their final raid. Both were shown writing and handing in a will before a raid. Both selflessly charged in with a do-or-die attack to protect their comrades, and both received extensive injury from an attack by Noro in mid-air. Both had an antagonistic relationship with a rival classmate, and that classmate only showed the true extent of their feelings towards them after their death.

      The other character? Takizawa.

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe it would be better if Shirazu stayed dead.

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