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This week’s episode starts with the end of the match against Fukurodani Even if Bokuto, is still in his “emo” mode and doesn’t do anything, the rest of the team is still active and take the advantage. Bokuto is actually the little baby of the team, and because his mood can change pretty quickly, his teammates are used to deal with it and are pretty competent on their own. He’s really selfish in his way of playing but because the rest of the team is a strong base he can allow himself to be that way. So it’s more like the team who’s puling Bokuto.

Capture 8Karasuno has figured this out during the match, so they’ve released their attention off the Ace. And that allows Akaashi to toss the ball to Bokuto and mark the final point pretty easily. So the victory goes to Fukurodani. But at the end of the match Bokuto still looks a bit down so Akaashi asks the other members of the team to cheer him up saying that he’s so cool and stuff. Bokuto starts bursting into a huge laugh saying that he’s the best after all. Everyone can read in Bokuto like he’s an open book. Ahaha I love him so much.


I like Sugawara too

And Akaashi

And Kuroo

Wait I’m not forgetting you Oikawa!

Too many husbandos. I won’t make any choice, I want them all. This will be my Volley ball Harem. I don’t care ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

The match against Fukurodani was the last match of the training week. Coach Ukai and the Sensei (I always forget his name sorry) decide to have a little talk with the Karasuno team. The Sensei brings up a really nice metaphor in my opinion. Karasuno’s team is like a color mix. First, when you start mixing different colors it’s not beautiful to see and might look like what’s going to happen to you if you eat too much for Christmas. But if you keep on mixing and mixing those colors the final result will be black and no other colors will be able to overtake it. Snif, sensei… He’s always the best to make inspirational speeches. Quick! Let’s write this down in my “Sentences to say in real life so people think that you’re a cool and clever person” book.

Capture 11

Awwwnn, why is he so nice ?!

Before the Barbecue, Asahi, Nishinoya and Tanaka were going to practice again when Sugawara (that I like to call Sugar-wara because he’s way too sweet) asks to join. He wants to hit some balls. Wooow…Yes please, if he can change his way of playing and be able to hit balls he might have more time to shine during matches. Because now that’s a bit sad, he’s just on the replacement bench all the time with Yamaguchi, supporting the team but not playing with them. Also, the Spring Tournament will be his last tournament. So please let Sugar-wara play a bit.


I don’t understand why the leek guy form Aoba Josai is 9th… Where is my Akaashi?! Number 14th? What?!

Also I found this “favorite character” poll. Which was published in the jump with the chapter 123 of Haikyuu!! Of course this was only based on the manga and time has passed since but look, who can you find at the second place ? Sugar-wara. I’m not the only one who like him, please give him more time to shine. Also, I really wonder why he is so popular…

Now it’s time for the long awaited Barbecue. There are nice little scenes where all the different players are fighting for food, joking around and other nice stuff. Special mention to Nishinoya, Tanaka and the guy from Nekoma with the Hawk for making extra creepy faces and dancing while talking about Kyoko.

Capture 22

What happened to you Noya ?

We also learn from Kuroo the names of the top three high school Aces. It’s Ushikawa from Tohoku region, Kiryu form Kyushu, Sasuka from Kanto.

Another quite important thing; during this episode, everyone starts to bring up the topic that we all knew but didn’t want to talk about: the fact that it’s the 3rd years students’s last matches. Aaaaaahnnn… this is so depressing. I don’t want them to go away… I’m sure when the time for them to leave will come I’m going to cry like a pussy ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Capture 25

I’m not crying… I just have a dust in my eye…

Time for our Volley ball crew to leave Tokyo. Back to their High school they don’t lose any time and start training again. Apparently, Yamaguchi’s secret training is starting to pay off. His serves are begging to be hard to receive and that’s a nice thing. He might finally be able to leave the replacement bench too.

Also, Tsukishima talked to his brother who is still playing volley ball in a team and even doing tournaments. He explains his brother why he is still playing volley ball after what happened in High school. It’s basically because he likes the “moment of success” too much. When you can get a spike in and hear all the cheers, that’s priceless. And I agree with that. Although I personally prefer to defend, because I don’t have any strength in my arms so  I can’t really spike, but when you’re able to save the ball at the last moment, rolling on the floor, it tastes like success. It hurts so much though, I always get back with massive bruises all over my legs but I like to think that I’m such a warrior.  So yeah, I understand that feeling when playing Volley ball, even if it might be the same in every sports ʅʕ•ᴥ•ʔʃ

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Everyone is doing their last training before the Spring tournament. We get to see players from different teams like Aone from Date Tech or Oikawa from Aoba Jousai who is practicing harder than ever. That only makes him more dangerous. We are also vaguely introduced  to two new teams that might be competing against Karasuno in the Preliminaries. Well, I know the answer because I read the manga but, you know… hype 

Like the Sensei said: The first preliminaries of the Miyagi Qualifiers is going to start next episode.

Next episode will be hype ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨




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