Ushio and Tora Episode 21 [NO! NOT GRANNY!]

So we’re back to Ushio and Tora. Now instead of all that useless wacky time traveling, we’re going to go back to school. Thank god. Because…going back to school is always interesting. Honestly…i’m not even sure if that’s sarcasm as the time travel stuff sucked so much. Um…let’s…let’s just go right into the episode.

So the episode starts up with Ushio going back to school ignoring that whole “meeting the mother and/or stopping Hakumen No Mono” thing. I guess they figured he needed a vacation or something.

However to the surprise of absolutely no one, shit immediately hits the fan about 4 minutes into the episode. Wow. Who would have though that ignoring Hakumen would have…you know..NOT been the thing to do as the temple where all the big wigs are get attacked by a vessel of Hakumen.

Oh yeah....probably shouldn't have ignored that should we have?

Oh yeah….probably shouldn’t have ignored that should we have?

While this is going on, A little shitty new character with a weird looking spirit that lives in his/her scythe pops out and says they want to fight Ushio for absolutely no reason other than he/she is a chosen successor of the spear

Seriously, I don't know or care if that thing's a dude or a chick

Seriously, I don’t know or care if that thing’s a dude or a chick

However that battle gets cut off as Ushio’s dad shows up to tell him that things went to shit and picks him up and takes him to the battle with Hakumen’s avatar. So…you know…that fight scene was all the important.

As they’re holding up the demon with the barrier the old lady wants to have a private talk with Ushio. So during the raging battle they decide to go inside and have a nice little chat. She explains to him that she was the second person to hold up the barrier for Hakumen and she’s about 400 years old.

"Hey bitch, remember me from last episode?" "aw fuck"

“Hey bitch, remember me from last episode?”
“aw fuck”

The monks outside all suck at their jobs and after the old lady has a talk with Ushio she goes outside and throws massive energy at the thing, effectively killing it.

Some fucking Genkai shit right here

Some fucking Genkai shit right here

but of course, the thing defeated, the strain was too much on her and she dies of being old-using all her power-itis.

angsty anime death #263838484

angsty anime death #26383848

Everyone’s really sad except for the new dick character who just continues to act like a dick. And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode actually had a few good moments. As much as I make fun of the death of the old woman as I didn’t get too much time to hang out with her, it still was sort of sad. They did their best to make this scene powerful and emotional and I did think it was pretty well done….that being said, it was kind of undermined by fucker mcnewcharacter being like


Seriously. I hate this character already

Seriously. I hate this character already

This new character is definitely the worst thing of the episode. The only thing it adds to this episode is a headache for me. I don’t care about this character and I don’t want anything to do with them. We already got past the whole “guys who were supposed to wield the spear” episodes and now we have more important shit to worry about. You know, like defeating Hakumen no Mono. We don’t have time for your weird mother pleasing shit.

"Mother, can I be a main character?" "pfff no, of course not"

“Mother, can I be a main character?”
“pfff no, of course not”

Other than him/her it was an okay episode, it’s just hard to get past it because you know they want you to think that character’s important. And if he/she is, that will just be even more annoying as I hate them already. Fuck that character.

Episode 6/10 (lower because of that fucking annoying idiot)


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