Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? Episode 3

Beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.

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I lost to Megu this episode.

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Gochiusa 3 Img003I’m not doing too well. But it was really nice surprise to learn that it wasn’t just Chino, but that they’d vary the featured Chimame-tai every episode! If I can play against Maya next time, my life will be complete. Tell me nothing about Episode 4, these are serious spoilers. I haven’t seen it yet, it’s not the appropriate time for me to use it up yet. But my work productivity was much greater today than it was yesterday (i.e. after watching the episode followed by a good night of sleep) so I can continue to endorse the magical healing properties this gift from god is providing me with. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I don’t know why I keep making these posts, but a factor is probably that I have more e-resources to share: http://watch.gochiusa.club

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No idea who keeps creating these, but they have patrician taste in anime. No one who likes Gochiusa enough to create free online flash games for it can be a bad person. It’s basically Game & Watch, except it features Tippy, Anko and Wild Geese, and you have to bounce them off a trampoline using Chino and Cocoa. It’s harder than Flappy Tippy, so be prepared!

Gochiusa 3 Img004I also now understand the twirling Megu in the ED. I think it was a Megu episode in general, which is strange because we’ve never really had one before. And I was convinced halfway through that she was voiced by Nakahara Mai, but it turned out to be Murakawa Rie, who most recently did Hotarun – she’s pretty good for a newbie seiyuu. Gochiusa is nurturing Minase Inori too, who is probably now my favourite newbie seiyuu after her stunning performance as Carol last season. Anyway, I thought Megu’s Tippy drawing was really good! I mean, it was normal, yeah, but that was because it looked the most like Tippy – which is the point, right? Rize’s was just too perfect though.

My favourite scenes were when Tippy said ‘Chino is home!’ at the end, as well as when Cocoa ran up to Chimame-tai at the start and went ‘KAWAII IMOUTO-TACHI’ (because that’s exactly what they are, hnnnggg). ‘Team Blood Blisters though… really, HS? I don’t know what it is in kanji, but isn’t it just supposed to be the first syllable of Chino, Maya and Megu in that order? No need to turn it into Gakkou Gurashi. Also, that scene were Cocoa had Tippy on her head was really cute, as well as when she was all happy at being told she was a good onee-chan. It was a good episode for Cocoa.

But I was really sad that Chino didn’t end up using the choreography in the ED for their little dance thing. Another way of looking at it is that all’s well and good, because I don’t think my heart would be able to take a live performance of them doing it. Incidentally, my favourite bit is Maya bobbing up and down during the chorus, although the single most overpowered frame has to be that one. You know which one I mean. That one.

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PSA: The FULL ED is OUT NEXT WEEK. So a date for your diaries: Nov 11 2015. BE THERE.


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Several things about the ED suddenly made sense after watching this episode. Megu doing a pirouette, Maya standing by a tree doing a leg-lift, the fact that the girls are doing a dance routine at all… I must have watched the ED a dozen times looking through all the stuff in it for connections, and OMG THAT THING IS ADORABLE I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE ASLKJDHFLBVN<EYQAG!@&

    …Ahem. In regards to the naming of Chimame, it may indeed be the first syllable of their names mixed together (in fact it very likely is), but it also IS a word, which does indeed translate as "blood blister." It's a linguistic joke with double meaning: the suggestion was probably made intending to use the first parts of their names to make a group-name, but the word that resulted is something unpleasant in Japanese, so it was rejected.

    PS: In Janken I missed episodes 1&2, but as of episode 4 I've won twice. I've either worked out the pattern, or they're about to switch things up on me and I'll lose miserably this next time. Don't worry, I won't say what was thrown, or spoil anything for the next episode. It sounds like you're saving these to watch when you really need them, which I can entirely understand.

    • Vantage says:

      It’s a word?! But they’re such adorable lolis! I’ve watched the ED lots of times too, but with no such scholarly intentions :D At this point I’m actually slightly worried that the full version won’t live up to my expectations. In the meantime, the bigger question is: which is better between KOKORO PYON PYON and POITTE POITTE?

      I hope the Janken won’t end up being formulaic. If they’ve taken the trouble to even put this feature in so we can play (and switch the Chimame) then I’m sure they’ll vary things up at some point.

      • Wanderer says:

        Well, in episode 5’s janken I got a draw, so they are, fortunately, not just playing the pattern that it looked like to me at first.

        As for the OPs… that’s a much tougher choice than the EDs. I’ll have to withhold judgement. I’ve been watching the DVDs of the first season recently, and seeing the translation of the lyrics for Daydream Cafe has made me like it even more. But the new OP has the girls in lovely non-standard outfits…

        I’ll have to wait and see. Over time one’s impression of a song can change. Also, I want to know what’s actually being sung in the current OP.

        • Vantage says:

          I did love their non-standard outfits. I’m not even particularly inclined towards Chiya, yet her outfit and smile instantly killed me right before the chorus. Both the OP and ED are cases where the song and visuals combine to create something too good for this world. And yes, I do get bored of a song sometimes as time passes, though Daydream Cafe is thankfully not really one of them.

          Vivid may help you with the lyrics of the TV-size OP, I recall seeing some of their torrents floating around. I think it’s something along the lines of… world peace?

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