World Trigger Episode 50 [Helping the Jerk Out]

Ah smell that? That my friends is the scent of filler all over this series. I know I’ve said so before, but sometimes an arc just OOZES filler. Even if you had no idea this was filler going in…you’d figure it out quick enough. Oh well… this episode had Konami in it! So…that’s…good. What else happened? Well. I will tell you as I have been.

So the episode starts up and the girl neighbor tells the boy neighbor to release Chika. He, being a giant raging douche tells her no. So now the three are kind of stuck with them. Unfortunately that’s when they get attacked by the weird villain guy of this arc, so they escape to the border place they’re staying at. There we find out that both the lying guy and Konami are there. Hooray! However, they have no idea what is going on in terms of the neighbors.

No matter WHAT the situation, more Konami is ALWAYS appreciated

No matter WHAT the situation, more Konami is ALWAYS appreciated

We discover during dinner though that the girl with the glasses knows that they’re neighbors because Jin’s side effect told him so and he told her. They try to cover it up as saying they’re some people that found Wet Blanket’s wallet but no one really buys that. Before it can go much further though the group is attacked by the bad guy’s neighbor robots again. Lying guy and Konami transform and take a bunch of them out.

It seems they attack by sound so they tell everyone not to move, but of course douche mcidiot moves and Wet Blanket has to save them by luring the neighbor to the water where it’s weaker and defeats it.

Curses! Defeated by wet blanket!

Curses! Defeated by wet blanket!

Everyone quickly learns that these guys are neighbors, and the bad guy gets pissed off that he lost this round.

Wow. That was a REALLY short recap.

The thing is…I just watched this episode yesterday and that’s all I can remember from this episode. Absolutely nothing stuck in my head about this episode. The only three clear things I remember are that 1. Wet Blanket took out a neighbor robot by himself. 2. The male neighbor was a GIANT douchebag, and 3. Konami was in it and was funny. That’s…really about it.

I don't know, how many times do I have to see that you're a giant asshole?

I don’t know, how many times do I have to see that you’re a giant asshole?

This whole episode kind of just blurred together for me and I can’t say even the smallest details are going to stay for very long. There are some episodes that stay with me for a LONG time, but this is not one of them. Do I REALLY need to remember that the guy was a douche or that the bad guy wants to…do something to them? No. NO i really don’t. The girl is nice enough but she’s kind of a doormat and the male is such an awful horrible person I don’t even want this character to LIVE let alone have a happy ending. Seriously. This guy has done NOTHING good so far. Let’s take a look at the things he’s done.

1. attacked random people and stole their trion
2. planted a bomb on Chika after she tried to help them
3. Refused to take bomb off
4. Called attention of bad guy to himself and therefore the others.

And the thing is, he’s not even the villain so you can’t play it off as “This is cool because he’s the villain.” No, this show is trying to show him as the “misunderstood good guy”. How about FUCK THAT this guy’s an asshole. This guy better get better. Seriously. I can’t stand this guy right now. Still, gotta say, I like the extra Konami thrown in here. Everything’s better with more Kirie Konami.

Seriously. Makes EVERYTHING better

Seriously. Makes EVERYTHING better

There’s really not a whole lot to say about this episode. This guy’s after the two of them, they run, they fight some robots….that’s about it. Oh yeah. and Jin and the guy in charge of Border talk about how they’re going to send people to the area to do recon. Yay. Exciting.

I am so lethargic after watching this episode I really don’t know what to say. It’s…there? I guess that’s a thing to say. This episode sure does exist.

Episode 5/10


Duckface Counter: 4

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