Ushio and Tora Episode 17 [The Ushio Fan Club Arrives!]

Well we come to the next part of the “Good guy turning evil” segment and that is, saving him through the power of the people he helped out before. And lucky for him, all the people he helped out before happened to be cute girls his own age….huh… what a coinkydink! Was this episode good? Well, I think you’ll figure it out as we go.

So the episode starts of with Ushio going crazy and turning into the monster because of the excessive use of the beast spear he used last episode. The gang tries to stop him but he escapes. It’s then that a chinese ghost shows up and talks to the old lady who’s in charge of the spiritual stuff in Japan and tells her that the only way to save Ushio is… okay. I want you to guess. Seriously. Take a second and guess.

Shit. that was my second guess!

Shit. that was my second guess!

Oh..oh of course. All the girls whose lives he has affected has to comb his hair with the special comb that was given to him by his mother. Wait….what? What kind of stupid solution is that? That’s like me saying “I’m afraid your friend has become a lizard man. The only way to save him is to have all of his elementary school teachers each feed him a burrito”…it really makes about as much sense. And then the magical Chinese ghost disappears. Um..thanks random magical Chinese ghost?,

sorry, but I have magical chinese ghost shit to do

sorry, but I have magical chinese ghost shit to do

She then appears before all of the filler girls from the previous episodes to tell them what they have to do to save Ushio, so they all rush to Hokkaido to do so including hamburger girl, bitch girl, Plane girl, suicide girl, and white haired girl. Yes I spent so long learning their names. Ushio’s dad arrives and takes them away in a helicopter.

Meanwhile Ushio’s having weird internal discussions while trapped in the spear with other people who wielded the spear before but it doesn’t amount to a whole lot.

Da Fuck's going on over there?

Da Fuck’s going on over there?

Gathering everyone they say how they’re going to need the girls to comb the hair and the priest people to create barriers as Hakumen no mono is using this opportunity to send those weird eye demons to attack Ushio while he’s in this form.

So you know how this is going to work now. The girls in order of their importance will comb his hair and talk about how he helped them and blardity blardity. However. I do have to say, there is one scene I adore in this episode. Bitch girl’s being her usual bitch self and Yu (aka plane girl) (yes I learned her name because I like her now) calls her out on being a bitch to Ushio for no reason and it makes her cry. I liked this scene. A lot. are my new favorite character of this show.

Yu…you are my new favorite character of this show.

Yes. I know. I really really hate bitch girl. Hm though…I wonder what else she’s in. Maybe I’m not giving her VA a fair shot. Maybe she’s been in something good. Let’s see here…..

Hang on a second...

Hang on a second…






Welp, forget everything I said. Fuck her.

First up is suicide girl who internally monologues about how he helped her from killing herself. Next up is white haired girl. Afterwards it will be Yu, but the episode ends before that can happen.

This episode….man it is trying REALLY hard to justify these girls being in this show. They’re like “See! See! They weren’t filler! They DID SOMETHING!” and i’m like (pat pat) “show. It’s all right. You don’t have to justify your filler girls.” and yes. That’s my story and i’m sticking to the fact that they’re filler.

However, I DID enjoy Yu bitching out bitch girl. That was good. Because I hope bitch girl dies in a fire. Well..she DOES get hit by evil Ushio. And I did laugh. Maybe not as much as when Evil Tomahome punched Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi but….pretty close.

This scene makes me feel all warm and tingly

This scene makes me feel all warm and tingly

To me, this episode was like a well done flashback episode. It only took up a few condensed seconds, and that’s all you really need. Granted, this episode DID bring the plot to a GRINDING halt in terms of the mother and Hakumen no Mono storyline, but i’m sure we’ll pick up with that soon.

The only thing I don’t like about this episode is it’s trying to show Bitch girl in a positive light like SHE’S the most important girl. But seriously. FUCK HER. I HATE HER SO GODDAMNED MUCH I WANT HER TO DIE. She’s not interesting, she’s a violent tsundere and a fucking bitch. I wish I could spit on her right now. I like EVERY OTHER GIRL. I can’t deal with Violent Tsundere BULLSHIT. GAHIOEIREAILJRDKSAFKL


Episode 6.5/10




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