Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 47: Match

“Fuccccckin’ kidding.”

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In celebration of Tsukiyama’s new English swear words, I think it’s time to start planning some obituaries for the end of this arc. A few epitaphs would be nice, too.

  1. Shimoguchi (‘Who Even Is This Guy?’) – Death by Kanae ‘Noro #2’ von Rosewald
  2. Matsumae (‘Based Maid’) – Death by Ihei ‘Best Edgelord’ Hairu and Kijima ‘Mado #2’ Shiki
  3. Tsukiyama (‘Goodnight, Sweet Prince’) – Death by Sasaki ‘CCG’s Ninja’ Haise

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I also love how this is one of the chapters in which the title makes more sense by affixing ‘re’ to the start of it – because this week really does mark the start of a few ‘rematches’, including Hairu vs Matsumae and Haise vs Tsukiyama. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanae ends up finding Urie and Shirazu again after he kills Shimoguchi and his cursed squad. Are we supposed to call him Noro, now? A key factor in all this, though, is that despite how accurate the CCG have been with pinpointing the existence of ‘an heir’ to the Tsukiyama group that they must kill at all costs, they don’t know who he is nor what he even looks like. And Kanae, happily enough, bears enough of a physical resemblance to Tsukiyama that he probably could be passed off as him if necessary. So, I’m predicting that Kanae will find his way to the rooftop somehow, and will end up dying in his attempt to kill Haise. Haise will then let Tsukiyama go and testify that Kanae is the heir, because just like with Hinami, he believes Tsukiyama was an important existence to Kaneki. I doubt there’ll be any ‘ownership rights’ this time with Tsukiyama, because Washuu seems to want him dead very much.

A few issues do remain with that theory though, not least of all the fact that Kanae now looks like a mutilated corpse under his mask, with his eyes and mouth stitched up. I don’t think the CCG would readily believe that this charred lump of pity is the bona fide heir to an entity as huge as the Tsukiyama group. Haise may also stop Tsukiyama from leaving, because he wants the answers now – it’s yet another hyped reverse parallel to the original manga, as their last rooftop face-off had Tsukiyama try to stop Kaneki from leaving to help Anteiku. The whole Haise and Kaneki conflict will definitely get somewhere during this raid, especially as Haise was lashing out at Akira very recently – and memories of a ‘rooftop’ are making his head hurt, too. It was also unreal that he looked so similar to Kaneki when he was climbing the building with his kagune, which I’m sure is a deliberate detail – Ishida seems to love altering the amount of black and white in Haise’s hair to represent his various different identities.

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Meanwhile, Hairu really, really, really wants to be praised by Arima. Even Haise looked really grim when he saw all the corpses she left behind. I don’t want either her or Matsumae to die, but in all honesty it’ll probably be Matsumae. I think she seems to have some sort of plan, given that Hairu is using the same quinque as before, but the difference in power seems like it’s way too much, and if Matsumae isn’t bringing her mask she knows she’s going to die anyway. Rest in peace, you were the best onee-san we never knew.

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I love cute things.

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